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MVIR Cleaning have the knowledge and expertise to provide the service that will best suit youug and upholstery cleaning is essential to maintain and extend the life of your carpets and furniture through removal of accumulated dust, soil and grit, which are major causes of reduced carpet life. If regualr carpet cleaning is delayed, destructive anr needs.

Regular carpet, rd harmful mites and bacteria spread reducing the air quality in your home and potentialy leading to the development of alergies or other health problems. Lower air quality also reduces the live and effectiveness of your office equipment and computers. For more details, please check our Carpet cleaning page.

Your sofas, armchairs and other upholstered furniture will benefit steam extraction cleaning to remove all dust, mite and dirt, leaving you a healthy and fresh place to rest and to invite your guests too. Regular cleaning prolongs the life of your loved arm chair or sofa and keep the mites away. If your upholstered furniture gets stained, do not hesitate to call us immediately, because the longer the stains remain, the further into the structure of the fabric are they incorporated, making them harder to remove.

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The carpet or upholstery is thoroughly vacuumed with our professional machinery. It is very important to clean away any loose soil or dust hence preventing it to rub on your carpet before steam cleaning. This will dissolve stains and loosen grit and dirt in and on your carpet.Read more here….  

upholstery cleaning londonUpholstery Cleaning London

After a tiring day of work, you probably like to settle comfortably on the couch in your living room with a drink in hand to watch your favourite TV show or talk to your other half. But did you know that the daily use of the furniture in your home results in the continuous accumulation of dirt and dust deep inside the material? How to deal with this problem? With the professional steam cleaning service of MVIR Cleaning of course! Please visit upholstery cleaning page

Stain Removal Londonstain removal london

Our range of stain removal services covers all types of stains on all fabric and carpet types. Do not hesitate and call us immediately after spillage or staining before the stain penetrates deeper into the fabric structure and becomes harder to remove. Most carpet and upholstery stains can be dealt with via usual home cleaning procedures, but stubborn carpet stains will probably require proven professional stain removal solutions.

Removal of all stains regardless of their origin.

Best price for quality ratio – we always aim at 100% customers’ satisfaction! We use environmentally friendly and allergen-free products depending on the type of the stains. For more details, please check our Stain removal page.

Rug Cleaning Londonrug cleaning london

MVIR Cleaning offers steam cleaning of all common rug types. We use the same method to clean rugs as we do in carpet cleaning.

We guarantee that we will use the correct detergent and thus preserve the richness of the colours of your rug.Please visit our rug cleaning page

Mattress Cleaning London

mattress cleaning londonMVIR Cleaning is a cleaning company providing professional services in mattress cleaning, disinfection and stain removal. We have professional machines that clean mattresses using a combination of environmentally-friendly detergents, very hot water under high pressure and powerful vacuum motors. This method is excellent in removing dust from a mattress and killing all types of bacteria and mites.

Your mattress will benefit hot water extraction cleaning, often called steam cleaning, to remove all dust, mite and dirt, leaving you a healthy and fresh place to rest. Regular cleaning doubles the life of your loved mattress and gives you healthy sleep. If your mattress gets stained, call us immediately for a professional advice. Our mattress cleaning technicians will use the latest cleaning equipment and the most eco-friendly and allergen free detergents to suit your life style. We will apply also ani-bacterial and deodorizing detergents, where necessary.For more please visit mattress cleaning page 

Curtain Cleaning Londoncurtain cleaning london

MVIR Cleaning provides a service in cleaning curtains and shades using the most well-known steaming method. We use completely harmless products that freshen up your curtains and make your home a cosy place. Please visit our curtain cleaning page 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Londoncarpet cleaners london

Make sure your workplace is a healthy and pleasant environment by employing the services of MVIR Cleaning to professionally clean London-based offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, public buildings, pubs, etc. With our help, you’ll be able to work and create in a more productive and pleasant atmosphere. And while you’re focusing on running your company, we’ll send over a team of experienced cleaners to keep your premises clean. Please visit our commercial cleaning page

End of Tenancy Cleaning London

end of tenansy londonIs your tenancy coming to an end this year? Leaving a clean and presentable property behind, will guarantee you that precious deposit back.

If your carpets need cleaning, and you’re worried about incurring the wrath of your landlord, simply call MVIR Cleaning. Based in South Croydon, we offer the most thorough deep steam cleaning imaginable.Please visit our End of tenansy cleaning page