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MVIR Cleaning is established to provide all their clients located in London top quality cleaning services. Both private customers and businesses can take advantage of professional cleaning performed by experienced MVIR carpet cleaning specialists.

The company covers all London areas, including East, South, West, North, North West, South West and Central London. The following cleaning services are offered:

  • Carpet Cleaning – Families that use carpeting on their floors can find carpet cleaning to be a problem. It is especially true if there are children or pets in the house. Because of the pets’ accidents and children’s spills of drinks and foods, the carpets lose their original appearance. They cannot be properly cleaned with DIY carpet cleaning techniques or solutions. MVIR carpet cleaning experts use certified cleaning solutions and industrial-strength vacuums with strong suction for performing deep carpet cleaning. They remove all the stubborn spots and embedded dirt and leave the carpet completely clean and healthy.
  • Upholstery Cleaning – MVIR Cleaning offers effective furniture cleaning services done with special harmless cleaners. As a result, the furniture will look like new.
  • Stain Removal – Many people try to remove the stains on their own not realizing the loads of chemicals the cleaning products contain. These toxins can harm the health of all family members and the environment. Additionally, most DIY stain removal tips are ineffective, so the need of professional carpet cleaning experts becomes obvious. MVIR Cleaning is experienced in stain removal and guarantees the best possible results.
  • Rug Cleaning – The rug cleaning services done by MVIR carpet cleaning experts guarantee that the treasured heirloom will be treated with care. The rugs can last for generations if regular maintenance is provided preserving all the rug’s dyes, fibers, and construction.
  • Mattress Cleaning – Professional mattress cleaning is necessary, as the human body continuously sheds dead skin flakes. The body warmth and the hair also play a role in germs and mites growth. MVIR Cleaning Company provides professional mattress cleaning services applying green products that reduce allergy problems. They leave the mattresses clean with no stains, dead skin cells, mites and germs.
  • Curtain Cleaning – Curtains are in constant contact with the surrounding air that contains dust, smoke, odor, etc. These particles are filtered into them and make them dull looking. MVIR Cleaning can take care of your curtains returning their bright colors. The company also removes allergens that might cause allergies and even asthma.
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning – This carpet cleaning service differs from the home carpet cleaning with the more rigorous efforts needed for cleaning. It is applied to office buildings, restaurants and businesses due to their higher traffic. The MVIR carpet cleaning professionals not only remove the traces left from the dirty shoes. They also eliminate the grease and spills that might happen on a daily basis.
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning – When the occupation agreement expires, there could be a lot of debris, clutters and wastes in the vacant premises. They need to be removed before the next occupants get into the rented office or apartment. MVIR Cleaning offers professional End of Tenancy cleaning services that help tenants and home owners save cash, time, and hassles. These services are performed by experienced carpet cleaning staff using all necessary tools to guarantee quality work. 

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Dirty carpet or rug cleaning requires a lot of hard work that is why people quickly get bored. However, this tedious work should be done in order to keep the whole family’s health safe. Cleaning will also keep the house’s interior appealing and beautiful.

Advantages of Using MVIR CLEANING

Probably, you are a busy person working hard for 5 or even 6 days a week. You just have no time, strengths, and desire to deal with the dirty carpets on your own. In that case, you can turn to the professional cleaners from MVIR CLEANING Company. Being in operation for many years, they have the required knowledge and skills to resolve that problem for you. Moreover, they are always at your disposal for any type of cleaning, including rug, carpet, mattress, and furniture cleaning.

Cleaning Results

MVIR CLEANING professionals will ensure that they leave your home completely clean. The results will be:

  • No dust or stains on the furniture
  • No debris, dirt, harmful bacteria, stains, and other hazards on the carpets and rugs
  • Clean curtains with no bad odor, dust, and smoke
  • No mites, germs, stains, or dead skin cells on the mattresses.

If you live in London, MVIR CLEANING is the right company to turn to for carpet cleaning. They offer affordable prices and a wide range of services to cover all their clients’ needs.

Qualifications and Guarantees

Their workers are professional cleaners with the right qualification and training. Their services are well trusted, as the company is insured and certified. These cleaners supply all their services effectively and properly, as the company takes full liability to ensure your peace of mind. Being confident in the services they provide, the MVIR CLEANING experts offer a guarantee for the cleaning results.

Eco-Friendly Products and Professional Equipment

MVIR CLEANING uses only green solutions and cleaning products that don’t harm the health of their clients or the environment. These products also prevent carpets and rugs from damages. Additionally, they use professional equipment that is much more powerful and efficient compared to the domestic one. Their state-of-the-art tools ensure that your dirty carpets and rugs are in excellent hands.

Trustful Staff

MVIR CLEANING also guarantees the excellent character and honesty of their employees. Even if the clients are not around, they will be able to entrust their property to the cleaners. They are professionals that our clients may hire on a regular basis. And each time they will get the same cleaner who is already acquainted with all the work that should be done. Home owners do not have to explain their requirements again and again each time they need cleaning services. The cleaning process will take just the right amount of time to ensure that it is thoroughly implemented.

Who Can Use Their Services?

Apart from private clients, MVIR CLEANING also offers services to all London based businesses. They can take advantage of affordable commercial carper cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning. Offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, pubs, public buildings, etc. located in all London areas may use their cleaning services. Professional MVIR cleaners are eager to meet all your cleaning needs.

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Carpet Cleaning 

One of the most common methods we use is hot water extraction, also known as steam carpet cleaning. Here’s how our technicians clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery. For more details please visit our carpet cleaning page

Upholstery Cleaning

Soft furniture gives a personality to your home. The placement, colour and shape of armchairs, stools and sofas are the distinctive features of your residence. For more details please visit our upholstery cleaning page

Stain Removal

Removal of all stains regardless of their origin. Best price for quality ratio – we always aim at 100% customers’ satisfaction! We use environmentally friendly and allergen-free products depending on the type of the stains. For more details, please check our Stain removal page.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Our team will be happy to prepare your property for the next tenant, including making it shiny and fresh to insure you get the best price on the properties market. For more details please visit our End of tenancy page


Our cleaners are always on the time.



We take extra measures to keep your home allergen free and use no harsh chemicals in your process.



Knowledge is key, but knowledge with experience is even better, and our certified cleaning technicians have both.


We operatе 7 days a week and even on bank holidays. We can send cleaners at a short notice in convenient for you date and time.


Our carpet cleaners provide coverage in all London boroughs.


We thoroughly clean rugs, carpets and upholstery using professional equipment.

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