Perfect DIY Carpet Cleaning Method

Perfect DIY Carpet Cleaning Method

The bad condition of the carpet can easily be noticed if it is neglected for a while. For this reason, regular maintenance is necessary to provide not only the good look of the carpet, but also the good quality of the air and even a better health. Here are a few DIY carpet cleaning methods that can help you in this work, if you do not want to spend much money on using professional carpet cleaning services regularly.

How often to perform vacuum cleaning?

Regular vacuum cleaning is essential for keeping your carpet in a good condition. It is recommended to perform this procedure at least three times a week, but if your carpet suffers high traffic, you might consider to extend it to 5 or more times a week.

Thanks to this simple DIY carpet cleaning method, you will be able to remove a big portion of dust, soil and other fine particles that are accumulated on your carpet’s surface every single day. If you neglect this procedure, the indoor air will start to contain particles that are harmful for your health and the carpet will start to emit a bad odour.

How to react when a stain appears?

The soonest you take the right actions the better chance you have to completely eliminate the ugly stain. Do not rub the affected area, as this will damage the fabric and will extend the stain to new territories. Instead blot it with a clean colourless cloth or sponge toward its centre, so the outer edges will not spread further.

If blotting is not enough and the spilled liquid is not water, then you might need to treat the stain with some diluted white vinegar. Another option is to make a mixture of mild dishwashing detergent (1 tbsp.) and water (2 cups). Then agitate the mixture until foam is produced and apply it on the stain. This will prevent overwatering the carpet.

What to do if your carpet is wet?

You need to urgently start to dry it or it might start to develop mould, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. There are a few ways to do so. Use a hair dryer or air conditioner. You can also absorb the excess moisture by sprinkling some baking soda all over the wet areas and let it dry, then vacuum clean it. This will also effectively clean the surface and will make your carpet to smell like new.

If you still would like to buy a carpet cleaning detergent…

If so, try to find which one is recommended by the carpet’s manufacturer. Opt for an eco-friendly version, since you would not like to put your health at risk by harsh chemicals, especially if you have kids or pets at home.

When to call a professional carpet cleaning company?

If you regularly maintain your carpet, you will need professional carpet cleaners to perform deep cleaning to your carpet once per year or so. However, if you do not have time to regularly maintain your carpet, you might need to call them once every 6 months. Call Mvir Cleaning whenever you would like deep carpet cleaning to be performed to your carpets.

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What you should know before you hire a carpet cleaning service

What you should know before you hire a carpet cleaning service?

While all the carpet cleaning companies out there claim to perform best quality cleaning services; you should know that not all of them can actually provide it. To save yourself from disappointment and eventually money loss, choose a cleaning company that offers a guarantee for quality. It will give you the right to ask them to redo the work, if it is not done faultless or the results doesn’t satisfy you completely.

Here are a few more tips on what to look for when choosing your carpet cleaning service:

Certifications and training

Ensure that the chosen company’s staff has all the required certifications and have gone through extensive industry training. This will ensure that they can handle different kinds of carpets and it is less likely that they will ruin the fabric. The most popular carpet cleaning institution that provides training and certificates is the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, so if the chosen company could show you certifications from this institute, the better.


It is far better to choose a company that operates long years in the industry than a starting cleaning agency. Even if both have the needed knowledge, the experience can also teach technicians how to deal in each specific case and this gives them a confidence that they could complete the task in the best possible way.


Regarding the feedback, you could ask your friends or neighbours about their opinion with the carpet cleaning companies they have used. Remember that getting one or two negative feedbacks does not necessarily mean that you should not choose this cleaning company, as everyone could make a mistake or a client could be very particular. But when there are many negative feedbacks for the same cleaning company, it is better to stay away from it.

Insurance and licenses

Ensure that the chosen cleaning company has the required licenses that legitimate their work in the region. Insurance is also important, as the company and not the client should carry liability if the technician suffers injuries while he performs the cleaning work.

The price for the cleaning service

Do not opt for the price that is too low. It is obvious that you cannot expect superb quality for that price. However, you can choose the average price for cleaning, as the quality for it is usually the same as that offered for the highest cost. After all, the companies try to be competitive, as this is a highly competitive industry. If the price is too high, it is likely that the company has too many clients and will not be able to spend enough time on your carpet or you will have to wait for days for them to come.

These are some of the important things to know before you hire your carpet cleaning company. Hopefully, they will help you to make the process of selection easier for you. If you live in London or vicinities, you can call Mvir Cleaning who will offer you a perfect carpet cleaning service.

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