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Advantages of Using Professional End of tenancy Cleaning Wimbledon

Some tenants are not diligent in keeping their rented properties, whether a flat, an apartment, a studio, a house or a mansion clean. They will haphazardly clean the few areas they deem necessary and ignore other corners or rooms altogether.  The problem comes when they are either moving out or their lease agreement expires. Then the property owner or manager throws at the tenant one of the most scrutinizing check-out report, indicating the inside of the apartment is literally a dumpsite. And then demands that unless it is cleaned thoroughly, the tenant may as well forget the deposit security they left with the landlord.  (more…)

Steam carpet cleaning in CR0 area on living and dining room, double bedroom, hallway and toilet, Cotelands, Croydon

How to clean clay off carpet

Someone has just knocking on your door. On checking through the keyhole, you notice it is your uncle who stays nearby standing at your doorstep. You open the door and politely usher him in away from the pouring rain outside. He walks straight to the nearest couch and sinks in. He never bothered to remove his shoes, which have muddy clay, before walking on your crisp clean carpet. After an hour of chatting he announces suddenly that he has to leave because the rain has subsided. You escort him to the door, say bye and close the door as he walks away. (more…)

carpet cleaning

How to Use Armor All Carpet Cleaner?

Your carpet, be it in your house or car, needs good care. The amount and nature of traffic, which it has to withstand each day, means it has some dirt almost daily. Some of the dirt -from your shoes after you stepped in mud, a coffee spill in the morning or crashed vegetable remains – may end up leaving a stain on the carpet. You may opt to go for a professional cleaner such as Mvir Cleaning. Alternatively, if you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, then you need to follow our directions below. (more…)

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Balham

You have a task at work that will take you long hours. Your family is demanding that once you are done, you will all go out for a lunch outing you have been postponing. You realise there are other important things that need your attention. Yet, your landlord is demanding that you must clean her flat before you move out for her to give you your deposit. (more…)