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5 Myths About Professional Carpet Cleaning in Westminster That Are Refuted

One of the most convenient and widespread flooring options in Westminster is carpets. And it is not without a reason, as they are both soft and warm and provide extra convenience to the whole family, especially during the fall and winter. Yet, it is not easy to maintain this piece clean. Unfortunately, vacuuming the carpets every week is not enough, as different wearing activities influence them every day.


Why professional carpet cleaning in Westminster?


To maintain the great condition, they have had when they are brought into your home, you would need to call professional carpet cleaners at least once per year. Many companies provide carpet cleaning in Westminster, but Mvir Cleaning is one of the best in the region that offers flexible time and attractive prices. Moreover, they ensure that your carpet will obtain brand new look again after they apply the effective steam carpet cleaning.


Many people abstain from using professional cleaning services because of the following myths they believe are true. Let’s take a look at each of these myths.


Carpet Cleaning Myths

Myth #1 Professional carpet cleaners work with dangerous chemicals.


This might be true for some companies, but more and more professional cleaners use eco-friendly cleaning solutions. They don’t harm your health yet they are very effective in eliminating bacteria, dirt, dust, and mites.


The steam carpet cleaning method has become widely used and preferred because of the hot water extraction it uses. The heated water removes the dirt and kills the dust mites, making your carpet perfectly clean and healthy.

Myth #2 Professional cleaning leaves a residue.

Well, if you choose a steam carpet cleaning method, no residue at all will leave after the cleaning process.

Myth #3 Professional carpet cleaning is not appropriate for all kinds of carpets.

If fact, professional steam carpet cleaning can benefit absolutely all types of carpets regardless of the material they are made from. Whether your carpet is made from barber or shag, whether it has decorative patterns that should remain intact, professional carpet cleaner will know how to approach each specific case.

Myth #4 Professional carpet cleaning makes no difference to your health.

Again this is a wrong statement, as reducing the level of allergens in home is one of the major advantages of professional steam carpet cleaning. The carpets get contaminated in different ways: by dirty shoes, from pieces that come in from the opened windows or front doors, from pets or children that play on the carpets, from accidently dropped food crumbs or spills, etc. All these things if neglected can increase lung related health issues and allergies. On the other hand, regular professional steam carpet cleaning reduces these health risks to minimum.

Myth #5 Professional carpet cleaning does not preserve the carpet

With the time, the carpet depreciates as a result of dirt, stains and other microbes that may be accumulated there. Professional carpet cleaning gives the carpet its real value back and restores as much as possible the damaged areas. The carpet cleaners remove the stains and dirt thus extending the carpet’s lifespan.



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