7 Questions to Ask Carpet Cleaning Services

7 Questions to Ask Carpet Cleaning Services

There is a reason why your carpet looks so dull. The discoloration occurs when the dirt is built up because of long neglecting of the carpet’s condition. To determine the right carpet cleaning company to use, you need to ask them some questions. The answers to these 7 questions will show you which one of all of the carpet cleaning companies in your location to choose.

Question #1: How long are they in the carpet cleaning business?

It is much more advisable to choose a cleaning company that has been in the business for 5 or more years rather than one that is just recently established. The reason for this is that they would not have the required experience. A company that operates from 10, 20 or more years would have a depth of knowledge about all kinds of carpets, cleaning materials and techniques that should be applied in each specific case. The more company operates the more customers are happy with its services.

Question #2: What proof of satisfied clients can they provide?

If they can provide you with a list of customer testimonies along with contacts, you will be able to call these people even if you do not know any of them personally. You can ask them about the quality, the price, attitude and punctuality these carpet cleaners provide.

Question #3: What kind of cleaning techniques the company uses to ensure the best cleaning results?

The more cleaning methods the company uses the better, as this means that you can choose from different options. For example, steam carpet cleaning offers deep cleaning with long-lasting results; while the dry carpet cleaning is able to clean the carpet’s surface with a minimal amount of water, so the drying time is significantly reduced. In order to develop, the cleaning company should use the most modern technology that is intended to provide the most effective cleaning.

Question #4: What kind of cleaning solution do they use?  

One of the biggest considerations are whether the chosen chemicals are safe for the clients. Today, there are too many non-toxic eco-friendly cleaning solutions and there are even companies that make them on their own. To ensure your safety, choose a company that will use only such cleaning solutions.

Question #5: Do they offer a guarantee for the services?

This is important question if you do not want to pay double more money in case the carpet is not cleaned as per your expectations. Choose a cleaning company that gives a guarantee but ask them upfront what exactly is covered by their guarantee.

Question #6: Do they offer free quotes?

A company that can give you an idea of the overall costs they are going to charge you can save you much trouble. Before you start working with a certain cleaning company, make sure that you get the final cost from them. This will allow you to compare the prices of different carpet cleaning companies and choose the most affordable from them.

Question #7: Do their professionals are fully trained?


This is quite important, as you do not want to entrust your valuable carpet, into inexperienced hands. Ask the company to show you certifications and credentials of the carpet cleaning technicians, so you could be sure of the great quality they can provide.

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