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Advices from Local Carpet Cleaners on How to Remove the Stains from The Carpets

Carpets could be a masterpiece in your home, if they look good and are maintained in a great condition. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try, sooner or later inevitable just happens and your valuable and expensive carpet gets stained. It is good to be well-prepared for such disappointing moments. Today, we will present you some helpful tips given from a London based carpet cleaning company called Mvir Cleaning. These local carpet cleaners have a big experience in this field that they want to share with us.

What You Should Know, When Your Carpet Gets Stained?

First of all, remember that time is of essence when it comes to stains on your carpet. The first thing to do it to immediately take something to blot. Remember, to not rub at all, just blot to remove the moisture as much as possible.

How to Clean Different Stains on Your Carpet?

Stains could be of a different origin, so a different approach should be taken to deal with them effectively. Let’s consider below what to do in case of different stains on your carpet.

If The Stain Comes from Alcohol or any Soft Drink

To clean such stains, you can use a homemade solution made of 4 teaspoons of white vinegar, a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent mixed with 1 l of warm water. You can apply this detergent directly on the stain and then rinse it. Blot to remove the moisture. If you see that this method is not effective enough, repeat the procedure with a commercial spot carpet cleaner.

Coffee or Tea Stains

For these stains, exactly the same solution described above should be applied. You have the choice to try with the homemade first or to opt directly with the commercial one. Just remember to act fast, as the old coffee stains are next to impossible to remove, as they penetrate deep into the fabric.

Stains That Come from Different Fats

If butter or margarine is dropped on the carpet and has left a stain, you need to use a dry spot carpet cleaner to remove it.

What About Gums

If you have the misfortune to have a gum on your carpet, peel off as much of it as you can, then get ice cubes from the fridge, place them in a plastic bag and place it over the gum to harden it. As soon as it freezes, use a dull knife or spoon to scrap off the rest part of the gum. If needed, you can also use a dry spot cleaner and thoroughly vacuum the area.



Stains That Come from Acrylic, Oil-Base or Latex Paint

If your carpet is stained with acrylic or latex paint, act fast while the stain is remains wet and apply a detergent solution directly on the place. If there is only a little effect, you can dab it with rubbing alcohol. In case you have to deal with oil-based paint, use odourless mineral spirits to sponge it carefully.

Tomato sauce

In that case, you can use a citrus-oxygen cleaner and rinse with a homemade solution made of water and white vinegar in a ration 2 parts to one. Remember to blot until it completely dries.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep your carpet beautiful and stain free!



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