Advises on Oven Cleaning in Tonbridge

Different types of ovens are available on the market. So before you start to clean your oven, you should know its type to choose the best possible cleaning approach.

After cooking the food in the oven, there are usually some leftovers that turn into ash. Usually, you cannot risk to turn off your oven during the baking in case of a spill, so you cannot get rid of the mess right away. To deal with the issue, you need to wait for the oven to cool down and then clean it with appropriate cleaning solutions.

However, not all cleaning methods are safe for your oven. Some might even damage it, which will cost you much money for replacing.

Different types of ovens

There are three different styles of ovens that we will consider below. Find out what type your oven belongs to before cleaning it. This will save you a lot of hassles. And if you think this job is too much for you, you can simply take advantage of professional oven cleaning in Tonbridge.

Ovens that are self-cleaning

It is easy to clean your oven if it is self-cleaning. You just need to run the special self-cleaning cycle that removes the biggest part of the powder and ash. After the process is complete, you can just wipe the residue with a moist cloth. To avoid unpleasant odours or smoke, open the windows when you turn on the self-cleaning cycle. The next step is to wash the frame and door as well, so all the remains are completely removed. Abstain from wiping with the help of abrasive to avoid scratches and other damages on the surface. Use a rag with water and soap to remove the grime.

Ovens that are textured

In case, your oven belongs to this kind, you can use a wet towel to remove the leftovers from the interior. Keep in mind that this oven has a special surface that consists in porcelain layer. It efficiently burns up the fallen food. To not damage the surface, never use coarse solutions or scouring patches.

Ovens that are not self-cleaning

Wipe the oven with a moist cloth each time you spill water or food inside the oven. Additionally, you can cover the oven with an aluminium foil but without clocking the vents. For cleaning this kind of oven, you may use also a brush or a plastic scrubbing pad.

Suggestions that oven cleaning professionals give

To help you clean your oven, you can use the following few advices:

  • Take out the plastic knob before turning the self-cleaning process on. Otherwise, it might melt.
  • If your oven is not self-cleaning, you can use baking soda to clean it. If you have to deal with oil stains, you can also use a light abrasive, too.
  • After applying baking soda, it may stay there for 12 hours for better effect. After that you can wipe it.
  • You should take and use a spatula for scrubbing the paste.
  • To get rid of baking powder that stuck inside, you can use vinegar to remove it.


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