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All Natural DIY Carpet Cleaning Solution for Machine Cleaners

There are some rules that should be observed by all carpet owners to ensure the good condition of their valuable carpeting. The key point is prevention. To keep your carpet clean and beautiful, you need to defence it well. This includes regular care for the carpet’s appearance. Here are some preventive measures that you could take to keep it clean for a long period of time:

Do not step with shoes on your carpet!

Entering at home in shoes will greatly increase the amount of bacteria, dirt and grime in your entire house, including the carpet. Take off your shoes as soon as you enter the house.

Use the vacuum cleaner regularly!

It is especially important if the carpet experiences a high traffic. To provide proper vacuuming, vacuum the entire surface in one direction, then change the direction until all four directions are covered. This will move the fibres and will expose the dirt to the air flow. To reach the deeper layers during the vacuuming, set the vacuum to the right height. To effectively remove the bad odour, just sprinkle a carpet freshener, allowing it to sit for 10-15 min and then vacuum it up.

Do not postpone cleaning!

It is especially valid in case of spills or other accidents that require immediate actions to prevent making the stain stubborn. You can use a carpet stain remover to help you lift the stain up. If that will not help, you might need to call professional carpet cleaners in your location. They will know what to do taking into account the carpet’s kind, fibres, etc.

How to make deep cleaning?

If you do not want to use the services of a local cleaning company, the other option is to rent a carpet cleaning machine at least once a year to perform deep cleaning. Thanks to the high pressure water jets integrated in it, the machine injects the cleaning solution deeper to remove the dirt and debris from the bottom of the carpet.

How to make an all-natural DIY carpet cleaning solution for machine cleaners?

It is simple to make effective carpet cleaning solution from common household ingredients. These include 7-10 drops of dish soap, equal parts of white vinegar and warm water and 6 drops of essential oil of your choice. To make the cleaning even more effective, you can pre-treat the carpet by sprinkling some baking soda on the carpet’s surface. Let it sit for 15-30 min and vacuum it thoroughly. Then, use the prepared solution, fill the container of the cleaning machine and clean the entire carpet. You will be amazed with the results!

What alternative can be used for the DIY carpet cleaning solution?

There is even simpler homemade carpet cleaning solution that involves only two ingredients: Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds mixed with water. This is a perfect cleaning solution for deep cleaning.

Before trying any of these options, always make a test by applying the solution on a small invisible area. If no colour change is observed and the fabric remains intact, you are safe to continue with the rest of it.

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