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How to Apply Steam Carpet Cleaners in DIY Carpet Cleaning?

Steam carpet cleaners have quite different functions from vacuum cleaners. The latter are used for dry cleaning and extraction of dirt and dust from the carpet’s surface. On the other hand, the steam carpet cleaners are used mainly for wet cleaning. These two cleaning methods give great results when they are used combined. Before application with a steam cleaner, thorough vacuum cleaning is needed to be performed. That would guarantee better results.

To start the process of carpet cleaning, you can use a regular vacuum cleaner. It will suck up both the smaller and larger dirt particles that are dropped on the floor. These may include sand, pet danger, left-over crumbs of food or even mud from dirty shoes during the rainy days. If you will not use a vacuum cleaner to remove them before applying a steam carpet cleaning method, they might stuck in the steam cleaner’s suction area and will significantly reduce the suction effect. This will lead to many hassles in cleaning out this area from dirt, hair, lint, and more.

Vacuuming your carpet prior to applying a wet method results in dust free and cleaner carpet. You will not have to change so often the tank with dirty water of your steam carpet cleaner, so you will save time in the process. You will also save time cleaning the tank easier, as no dirt lumps, fur or hair would get stuck on its walls. This will also prevent drying of dirt and lint together with the detergent in the seat cleaner, which will significantly shorten its life-span.

The life of the carpet cleaner can be prolonged by using the instructions written in the manual. It is essential to clean out all the cleaner’s tools after completing of the steam cleaning process. Do not store them before they are completely dried out. If you do, unpleasant odor will be emitted from the machine and the wet tank will be a place for mildew and mold to flourish.

Since the steam machine cannot pick up all wet residue, it is advisable to vacuum the carpet again after the steam cleaning. That would be a final step of the DIY carpet cleaning process and your carpet will look wonderful after that.

However, if you think that this process is too complicated and bothersome to make it on your own, there are many steam carpet cleaning companies in your locality you can turn to. They will choose the right method to apply on your carpet to leave it professionally cleaned.

There are some great advantages of using their services. Apart from avoiding hassles you would have with cleaning up the machines, the quality of the cleaning will significantly differ from the one you would do on your own. That is because the professionals make use of industrial strength machines that are much more powerful compared to the ones you have at home. Additionally, because of the high quality of their services, you will need to hire them only once per year and just maintain the carpet’s cleanness with vacuuming.


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