Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Professional in London

If you live in London and you need your carpet to be professionally cleaned, probably you are working for professional carpet cleaning company that would provide the best carpet cleaning services at affordable prices. People themselves cannot keep on the carpet on the top of the cleanliness even if they apply vacuum cleaning every other day. Unfortunately, this maintenance is not enough to keep the new look of their carpets. They will need professional carpet cleaning services that will ensure their carpets will become indeed mites and dust free, that any stains will be removed from the carpet’s surface and they will prevent different kinds of allergies.

Why do you need to hire a professional carpet cleaner?

Companies in London that provide professional carpet cleaning services get use of state-of-art technology that people don’t have at their homes. The effectiveness of their equipment many times surpasses the effectiveness of household cleaning tools. This means that you can expect from them professional deep carpet cleaning that is effective for all types, sizes and shapes of carpets regardless of their current condition.

Search for a company that has extensive expertise in stain removal. They deal with this issue on a daily basis, so they have learnt how to remove stubborn stains effectively.

Professional carpet cleaners in London will take care not only of your carpets but also of your upholstery, mattresses, oven, curtains, and more. They will ensure that the dirt will not present any longer in your house.

What guarantee they provide?

Never choose a carpet cleaning company that provides no guarantee for their services. This means that they are not reliable and responsible for their work. Choose a carpet cleaning company that offices 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. This ensures that you will be happy with their services. If not, they will redo it for free until you are satisfied.

What is the advantage of choosing a green carpet cleaning company?

Environment movement is highly popular now and it is important to choose companies that take the environment problems seriously. By choosing a carpet cleaning company in London that uses only eco-friendly products, you actually choose to invest in our planet’s future. This is non-hazardous cleaning technique used reduces the carbon footprint and keeps people, children and pets safe.

Other advantages of professional cleaners

Professional carpet cleaning companies do not offer too expensive services, neither too cheap. They are competitive and provide their clients with affordable price without charging them for inspection. They opt for a fair price without hiding extras and fees.

Professional company that offers carpet cleaning services in London have to be fully insured. This means that in case something goes wrong during the cleaning procedures, the insurance company will cover the damage instead of the client.

The more years of carpet cleaning experience the company has, the more confident you can be in the quality of the services provided.

One of the carpet cleaning companies in London that provides reliable services for both private and business clients is Mvir Cleaning.

Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Professional in Lanbeth

Lanbeth is a borough located in south London that is very populated. Moreover, here the most important and popular tourist attractions are situated, such as London Eye, the Garden Museum, The four “Waterloo Churches”, The Oval cricket ground, etc. The region is proud with multiple parks and open spaces that make the life of both citizens and guests more comfortable. These include Norbury Park, West Norwood Cemetery, Archbishop’s Park, Kennington Parks, Larkhall Park, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, to name a few.

If you are among the lucky people who reside in this central London borough, you probably search for a good carpet cleaning company that can ensure the cleanness of your house. All those walks in the parks, especially during the rainy days are great for your health, but harmful for the condition of your carpet. Since you would like to keep your carpet for many years to come in a great condition, it is required to use professional carpet cleaning services at least once per year and maintain it regularly in the remaining period.

If you are still not sure why exactly you need professional carpet cleaning in Lanbeth, here are 4 reasons to hire a carpet cleaning company like Mvir Cleaning right away.

The Carpets Come in Different Types

People who are not professional cleaners tend to think that all the carpets are the same, just like women think that all the babies are the same before they give a birth to their own child. For this reason, carpet owners cannot use universal carpet cleaning solutions that would go to all types of carpets simply because your carpet could be damaged by harsh chemicals these solutions might contain. On the other hand, professional carpet cleaners are well-acquainted with the different kinds of carpets and know which cleaning solution to use in each specific case.

Dealing with the Stubborn Stains

Stains always can appear no matter how hard you try to avoid them. If you take some wrong steps, you risk to ruin permanently your carpet. That is why, it is recommended to call professional cleaners immediately, who will know exactly how to remove the stain the best way. Just take in mind that the older the stain, the harder it is to remove it. Ensure to call carpet cleaning professionals in your area right after its appearance.

Never Overwet the Carpet

This is the common mistake that the people usually do when they try carpet cleaning on their own. In that case, they are unable to properly dry out the carpet and it starts to grow mould. As a result, mould can result in carpet’s total damage and big money loss. To prevent this, just call carpet cleaning professionals, who will use the right amount of moisture during the cleaning process.

You Do Not Own a Professional Cleaning Equipment

Even if you decide to opt for a rental equipment, it still cannot be compared with the professional equipment that your professional carpet cleaners will use. As a result, deep-cleaning provided with these modern tools will ensure long-term carpet cleanness.

Best Carpet Cleaning Solution in London

You will be able to find multiple carpet cleaning solutions in London, but not all of them are effective enough to ensure perfect cleanness of your valuable carpet. The most expensive ones are not necessary the best. Here is a list of 4 best carpet cleaning solutions that you can find in London. Read on to find out which of them is the best.

1001 3in1 Auto Carpet Shampoo

If you have dirty carpet and upholstery, this is a perfect solution for you. It is effective in many ways, as it removes the stains, odours, grease, and grime and copes with dirt from the deepest layers. According to the tests applied, this solution is able to kill 99% of all harmful bacteria that thrive in your carpet. After the cleaning, a fresh scent is left and the indoor air is purified. Moreover, it can be safely applied on woollen carpets with no risk of damage. This carpet cleaning solution effectively defences the carpet further thanks to the fibre shielded polymer protection. It is easily available and can be found in all the stores.

Vax stain shot cleaner

It is a perfect stain remover that comes in a handy spray bottle. If your carpet suffers from household stains or spills that are caused by red wine, tea, coffee, sauces, etc., this cleaning solution will effectively break down and remove them all. It is tested for woollen carpets and it is found out to be safe for all of them, including the delicate wool. So if your carpet is stained and soiled, make your carpet bacteria free and clean with this exclusive product. 
 AAA Carpet Cleaner

If you own a VAX carpet cleaning machine, you can use this product to gently lift out the stubborn stains on the carpet. Besides the carpets, it can also be used on upholstery and leaves a beautiful fragrance of orchid. Solution is concentrated, so you can use a small amount of it for cleaning large areas. Certified as wool safe, it can be used on delicate upholstery and carpet. Although offered at a low price, the results of cleaning will be outstanding.

Prochem Natural Carpet Cleaner

The collection of Prochem products contains variable cleaners, protectors, spot and pre-treatment products. But Prochem Natural Carpet Cleaner is considered simply the best in the industry. It is preferred by most professional carpet cleaning companies because it helps them to efficiently clean the stains and dirt from the deepest levels. Moreover, this eco-friendly solution is safe for pets and children and gives off a fruity smell that is well liked by all.  If the solution is heated up to 120 degrees in a professional carpet cleaning machine, it is proved to kill all the bacteria, mites and germs in your carpet. Do not use it with any other machine besides a professional cleaner.

It is well worth to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpet using this solution, as they have the required type of professional carpet cleaning machine that can be used with Prochem Natural Carpet Cleaner. If you are not sure where to turn for professional carpet cleaning, call Mvir Cleaning company now.

Best Carpet Cleaning Solution in Chelsea

In case you are interested in do-it-yourself carpet cleaning in Chelsea, you might search for the best carpet cleaning solution in the region. Let’s examine four of the most popular ones and why the customers prefer them to all other available carpet cleaning solutions on the market.

#4 AAA Carpet Cleaner

This cleaning solution is perfect for those who have their own VAX carpet cleaning machine. It can successfully lift up even the stains that are stubborn along with the bad odour. It is effective for cleaning the upholstery as well. The customers love the orchid aroma that it emits. The bottle contains a concentrated solution. Only a small amount of it is enough to clean a large carpet, which means that you are going to use it for a long time. This is a money saving product that is wool safe and delivers outstanding cleaning results.

#3 1001 3-in-1 Auto Carpet Shampoo

This carpet shampoo is perfect for dirty upholstery and carpets. It is well liked by customers because of its versatile uses. The product not only will help you clean your carpet and remove the stain and bad odour, but it also will kill almost all harmful bacteria that reside in your carpet and cause various diseases. Thanks of its effect, indoor air becomes much fresher than before, which helps people with allergies and other lung related diseases feel much better. If your carpet is woollen, you can safely apply this product. Thanks to its polymer protection, your carpet will be well protected for a long time ahead.

#2 Vax Stain Shot Cleaner

If you have to deal with stubborn stains, this is the best carpet cleaner for you. The spray bottle is very convenient to use. Whatever the origin of the stain or spill is, you can be sure that it will be completely removed, even if it is caused by coffee, red wine or ketchup. It is safe to be used on woollen carpets and other kinds of delicate fibres. This exclusive solution kills effectively all the mites and bacteria and leaves your carpet perfectly clean.

#1Prochem Natural Carpet Cleaner

Prochem brand is popular for the quality products they offer in the cleaning industry. Among their different spot treatment, protection and cleaning products, the most preferred one is considered to be Prochem Natural Carpet Cleaner. Even professionals choose to work with this carpet cleaning product, which testifies to its strength. Moreover, it is eco-friendly, safe for children, people with different health issues as well as pets and it smells delicious. If you have to deal with mites, allergens or different bacteria that carry diseases, this product is highly recommended, but it should be used only in a professional cleaning machine.

If you find the stains on the carpet too challenging for you to remove on your own, you can hire professional carpet cleaners in Chelsea, who will do this work for you in the best possible way. Call Mvir Cleaning, if you would like to have high quality and guaranteed professional carpet cleaning services.

How to Remove Carpet Odour?

Besides being very beautiful floor pieces at home that attract the attention of newcomers and keep our feet warm, carpets also absorb the odours from the indoor air. Moreover, mites and bacteria that live inside make the carpet even more prone to bad odours. They even more make the indoor air bad and unhealthy. Instead of calling carpet cleaning professionals every time you feel bad indoor odour, it is better to learn some do-it-yourself methods of how to remove the odour yourself from the carpet effectively.

You will probably already have everything you need at home. These are white vinegar, baking soda, broom, clean and soft clothes, dustpan, water, vacuum cleaner and spray bottle.

What steps you have to take in order to eliminate the odour from your carpet?

The method with baking soda

Take some baking soda and sprinkle it over the carpet’s surface. This is a good way to remove the surface odour and replace it with a fresh aroma. To make the effect of baking soda deeper, try to work it down to the bottom of the carpet using a broom. After doing so, you will need more baking soda to sprinkle on the carpet’s surface. If you have some stubborn stains and spots, you will need a thick layer on the surface, as the thin layer will not work.

After placing enough quantity of baking soda in and on your carpet, leave it overnight. The more time the better. If you are planning to go on a hotel for 2 days, you can safely do this before leaving and finish the rest of the procedure when you come back. What you should ensure is that no one is walking on your carpet while it is in the process of cleaning.

To remove the baking soda from the surface, you should use a stiff broom to sweep it. After that use a vacuum machine and vacuum thoroughly the carpet to extract the baking soda from the lower layers.

You can safely repeat the procedure as many times as required to eliminate the odour entirely.

The method with vinegar

Another way to do so is by using equal parts of water and white vinegar. Just spray this mixture over the surface and let it sit for about 15 minutes. The vinegar is considered one of the most effective odour removers, as the acid it contains kills the bacteria that produce that bad odour.

After waiting enough, you can blot it with a clean cloth or paper towel. Then, rinse with clean water and blot again. Let it dry before using. If the odour is still noticeable, you can repeat the procedure again.

What if there is a deep odour?

If the liquid spilled on the carpet penetrated deeper into the carpet’s padding, you might need a cleaning solution to remove the bad smell. It could be pet enzyme digester or another kind of odour remover. After trying its effect on a hiding place, you can continue with the rest of the carpet applying this cleaning solution with your carpet cleaning machine. If you don’t have such, you might consider renting one from the local shop. Or you might consider calling a local carpet cleaning specialist like Mvir Cleaning to deal with the bad odour once and for all.

What you should know before you hire a carpet cleaning service?

While all the carpet cleaning companies out there claim to perform best quality cleaning services; you should know that not all of them can actually provide it. To save yourself from disappointment and eventually money loss, choose a cleaning company that offers a guarantee for quality. It will give you the right to ask them to redo the work, if it is not done faultless or the results doesn’t satisfy you completely.

Here are a few more tips on what to look for when choosing your carpet cleaning service:

Certifications and training

Ensure that the chosen company’s staff has all the required certifications and have gone through extensive industry training. This will ensure that they can handle different kinds of carpets and it is less likely that they will ruin the fabric. The most popular carpet cleaning institution that provides training and certificates is the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, so if the chosen company could show you certifications from this institute, the better.


It is far better to choose a company that operates long years in the industry than a starting cleaning agency. Even if both have the needed knowledge, the experience can also teach technicians how to deal in each specific case and this gives them a confidence that they could complete the task in the best possible way.


Regarding the feedback, you could ask your friends or neighbours about their opinion with the carpet cleaning companies they have used. Remember that getting one or two negative feedbacks does not necessarily mean that you should not choose this cleaning company, as everyone could make a mistake or a client could be very particular. But when there are many negative feedbacks for the same cleaning company, it is better to stay away from it.

Insurance and licenses

Ensure that the chosen cleaning company has the required licenses that legitimate their work in the region. Insurance is also important, as the company and not the client should carry liability if the technician suffers injuries while he performs the cleaning work.

The price for the cleaning service

Do not opt for the price that is too low. It is obvious that you cannot expect superb quality for that price. However, you can choose the average price for cleaning, as the quality for it is usually the same as that offered for the highest cost. After all, the companies try to be competitive, as this is a highly competitive industry. If the price is too high, it is likely that the company has too many clients and will not be able to spend enough time on your carpet or you will have to wait for days for them to come.

These are some of the important things to know before you hire your carpet cleaning company. Hopefully, they will help you to make the process of selection easier for you. If you live in London or vicinities, you can call Mvir Cleaning who will offer you a perfect carpet cleaning service.

How to Remove Crayon from Carpet?

Crayon stains on the carpet could look like a disaster that requires professional carpet cleaning services. In fact, there are some ways to remove the crayon from the carpet with household methods. So if such an accident happens at your home, do not panic, but try one of these simple methods recommended by the specialists.

#1 Remove crayon with soapy water

The crayon could be effectively removed from the carpet’s surface by scraping it with a knife that is not too sharp. In case, it is hard to be scrapped because of the soft condition of the crayon, you can freeze the place with an ice cube. After freezing, you will find out that it will become much easier to scrape up. The tiny pieces could be then vacuumed. Next, make a mixture of warm water and liquid dish soap and apply it on the spot. Remember to test this solution on a small area before applying it. If no discoloration is noticed, you can safely apply it on the affected area and wait for a few minutes to get activated. Then, take a clean cloth to absorb the moisture. Remember to never wipe or rub the stain directly to prevent pushing colours deeper into the carpet’s piles that could be damaged permanently.

Finally, after removing the mixture with soapy water, you can rinse the place with some clean water and dry it with another cloth. To make the drying process faster, you can vacuum it or use a fan.

#2 Remove crayon using an iron

Another very efficient method of removing the crayon is the method used for removing gum from the carpet. Just take an iron and try to melt the crayons at a low temperature, by placing a cloth float between the carpet’s surface and the iron. After melting, the crayon should stick to the cloth surface and be easily removed from the carpets fibres. To remove all the residue, use some soapy water and using with clean clothes blot the area to make it area dry. In case the stain is not completely removed, try to repeat the procedure with ironing after it is completely dry.

#3 Remove crayon with a carpet cleaner

To start this cleaning method, take the knife and scrape away as much crayon as possible. Then, apply a carpet cleaner on the affected area. Always ensure that the solution used in the carpet cleaner is safe for your type of carpet. Before applying it, read carefully all the instructions and try it on a hidden area.

If there are no signs of discoloration, you can apply it directly on the spot and let it set for a few minutes. The more stubborn the stain is, the more carpet cleaning solution is required, so apply it generously if that is the case. Using a clean towel blot the area and raise it with some clean water. Do not over wet the place to allow it air dry fast.

We believe that these three methods will allow you quickly resolve the problem with your crayon spot on the carpet. If you still need professional help, you can turn to MVIR Cleaning Company.

Who are the best carpet cleaning company in Kensington?

There are multiple carpet cleaning companies available in Kensington, but probably you are searching for the best one. Maybe you are waiting for some important guests or you just want to restore the beautiful book of your carpet. Whatever the reason is, you would like to hire someone that definitely knows what he is doing to perform this service in the best possible way. The best carpet cleaning company in Kensington would know how to perform safe and effective carpet cleaning, while offering competitive prices for all of their services.  

It is not easy to find the best carpet cleaning service in Kennington taken into consideration the vast number of cleaning companies in the region available both online and offline. Let’s take a look at the 3 most popular of them, to help you make your own choice.


This company offers domestic and office cleaning services. They guarantee that the domestic cleaning service will leave your house tidy and clean. The cleaning services are affordable and performed by experienced and trained cleaners. The areas they operate in include Victoria, Central London, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, and West Kensington.

·         Their domestic cleaning services include vacuuming, wiping and dusting furniture, cleaning, etc. They also clean the kitchen appliances, cupboards, refrigerators, and cookers. They even offer ironing clothes as well as vacuuming and washing carpets, floors, and hardwood floors.

·         The office cleaning services include dusting and wiping tables, cabinets and desks along with mop vacuuming the floors. They wash sinks, disinfect toilets and empty all the bins.

They make their cleaning services even more attractive by offering a trial clean without obligation.


This is another carpet cleaning company in Kensington that is considered one of the best in the region. Some of the services they provide include removing pollutants, bacteria and stains from the piles of the carpet. They offer a special service for stain protection of your carpet called Scotchguard service. It prolongs the life of your carpet and successfully protects it from staining and degrading.

The company offers the steam carpet cleaning method combined with deep shampoo penetration to provide deep cleaning at competitive prices. The services are 100% guaranteed for full customer satisfaction.


This company is one of the best in Kennington, as they provide a wide range of cleaning services that can be booked at discounted prices.

Their services include carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning, stain removal, mattress cleaning, along with commercial carpet cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning. They are experienced and are preferred by many clients because of the eco-friendly cleaning method they apply. All the cleaning solutions they use are eco-friendly and harmless, so they are good for pets, children and people with allergies. The company removes all the mites, bacteria and allergens from the carpet, furniture and the house to significantly improve the indoor air and the health condition of the owners.

Knowing all this information, we believe it is now easier for you to choose the right carpet cleaning companies in Kensington and to take a full advantage of their services.





Who are the best carpet cleaning company in Chelsea?

If you live in Chelsea, you may wonder who are the best carpet cleaning company in the region. Maybe your company’s good name depends on this service, or you expect guests at home and would like them to see perfect cleanness, which is impossible to achieve if the carpets are dirty. The experienced carpet cleaning professionals will help you in these and other situations.

Here are the top 5 most reputable carpet cleaning companies in Chelsea:

Duraclean Master Cleaners

Besides multiple choices for carpet cleaning, this company also offers upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning. They use quality cleaning solutions and the finest tools in the cleaning industry. They already have gained a popularity and the clients leave only positive feedback about their services and attitude online.

Look N Good Cleaning Service

The company works both for commercial and residential clients. Their services include upholstery and carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, etc. The company holds the special IICRC Technician Certifications taking part in additional seminars to learn more about the latest equipment and solutions used in the industry. They attempt to apply environmentally friendly cleaning that is why they use more hand and electric methods to reduce the carbon emissions. The water consumption during the cleaning is also reduced to minimum.

Statewide Cleaning

These cleaning specialists are ready to handle all types of difficult materials that could be found on the market, including but not limited to upholstery, carpeting and drapery. The drapery cleaning includes services like pleated shades, vertical blinds, fabric wallpaper, lampshades, mattress cleaning, fabric office partitions, upholstery cleaning on boats, planes, limousines and luxury autos, and more.

K-A Carpet Cleaning

K-A Carpet Cleaning provides a variety of services, such as mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, rug cleaning, commercial cleaning and hardwood cleaning. Customers can take advantage of their green cleaning service as well.

Mvir Cleaning

This is another reputable company that provides only eco-friendly cleaning using green cleaning solutions. The services offered include carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stain removal, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, oven cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, and unlike all the above mentioned companies, they also offer end of tenancy cleaning. All the services they provide are baked with a guarantee for quality, which ensures the clients that they will get the utmost quality cleaning.

All these companies in Chelsea offer great customer care and dedicate their time and energy to satisfy their clients’ needs. Whenever you notice some stains of your carpet or upholstery, you can call the chosen cleaning company and they will do their best to restore your valuable carpet or furniture and extend its life.  

If you are not sure about what carpet cleaning method to choose, we recommend you to use only the steam carpet cleaning method. It is an eco-friendly method that kills all the mites, allergens and bacteria that thrive in your carpet using hot temperature. Next, they are extracted from the very bottom of the carpet along with the dirty water in a special container so no residue is left. Finally, you can enjoy your completely clean and odourless carpet!

The Best EVER Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution in Kensington

Maintaining your house in Kensington clean is not an easy task, especially if we want to do that in an eco-friendly way. Carpets are challenging to be kept clean due to various factors like: high traffic, children, pets, even the weather outside, but here we can give you some tips on how to make the best ever homemade carpet cleaning solution in Kensington. It will save you money for expensive and harmful harsh chemicals.

Some people wonder whether it is possible at all to remove stains and keep their carpets clean without these harmful chemicals? The answer is YES and here are some useful tips on how to do that.

How to make a household cleaning solution that is eco-friendly?

It is very likely that all the ingredients needed for the stain and carpet cleaning are already at your home.

Using baking soda and vinegar

To remove the stains effectively, first sprinkle generous amount of baking soda on it. Then add some white vinegar to it and let it bubble as long as it stops producing bubbles and dries. You can use a damp cloth to rub the spot carefully and then vacuum it.

Using the snow cleaning method

If your carpet is made of wool, this eco-friendly cleaning method is just for you. Have you ever heard that a carpet could be cleaned with snow? Well, it is possible to make the winter weather outside work for you. If the snow is falling outside, just take your soiled wool carpet outside and leave it for about 30 min or more. Then, using perfectly clean shoes walk on it to cover it with a snow layer several inches thick. Next, take a brush to remove the snow from the carpet. If there are some ugly stains that disturb you, just add a few drops of your preferred natural oil. When it is combined with the freezing temperatures outside, your stains will disappear.

If these two methods do not work for you, you can buy an eco-friendly cleaning solution from the store. Currently, they are available almost in every shop. To apply it effectively, use a spray bottle.

How to clean carpeted stairs?

It is very difficult to vacuum stairs regularly. These are areas of the highest traffic at home, which means they become dirty very quickly. For this reason, this type of carpet becomes worn in several months or so. To avoid this complicated and challenging cleaning, you can apply the following trick: you can just move the stair carpet by a half step. This will move the worn parts of the carpet to the stair verticals and you will have carpet parts on the stairs that are looking like new. This will eventually double the life of your stair carpet.

Despite all your efforts to maintain your carpet’s best condition with household products, you still need professional carpet cleaning at least once per year for performing deep cleaning. This cleaning will not only remove the stains and dirt from the bottom of your carpet, but will also eliminate all harmful mites that are hidden in it thanks to the eco-friendly steam carpet cleaning method. If you wonder what cleaning company in Kensington to turn to, call Mvir Cleaning now.