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Available Cleaning Techniques in Carpet Cleaning Barnes

You should take into account a few factors when you consider what company to hire to perform your carpet cleaning Barnes. Since different cleaning companies offer different cleaning methods, you can choose between their cleaning approach. More than one method is recognized in the cleaning industry. So let us consider these methods below in order to choose the company with the best cleaning approach.

Dry Cleaning

This cleaning technique mainly involves mixing a solvent and powder. This cleaning solution is applied on the surface and left for some time to get activated. The dirt is then taken up with a vacuum cleaner. Next, a water-based solution is applied with a clean pad and a pump sprayer. The dirt particles are transferred into the pad.


This method is applied with a brush scrubber to dispense a shampoo in the carpet fibres. Since the shampoo is affordable, most industrial clients prefer this method. However, it has some drawbacks, such as the big residue that lefts afterward along with the long drying time that takes several days. If the carpet will not dry completely before using it again, this would predispose growth of mould inside the fibres.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

The cleaning professionals firstly prepare the surface of the carpet with a portable machine. After that a steam is sprayed all over. Next, the experts use a suction machine to remove the moisture along with the dirty solution. So all the residue is gathered into a tank that is disposed of.


This method can be completed at home by yourself, although some cleaning experts also apply it. The difference is that they use industrial strength machines that are far more effective than the vacuum cleaner you have at home or that are offered for rental in your local store. The vacuum cleaner removed all the dry particles including the dirt and after that the carpet is washed.

How much time the carpet cleaning process takes?

Another thing to consider when choosing the right cleaning company in Barnes is how much time the carpet cleaning would take. This will actually depend on a number of additional factors such as how dirty the carpet is, what is its size, are there any stains on it that require additional attention, is there a furniture that has to be moved before starting the cleaning, etc.



The most time consuming and tedious part of the process starts when the carpet cleaners come to your house. It is the so-called set-up procedure that includes preparing the machines for the work, dry vacuuming the areas and moving the upholstery, which usually takes up to 20 minutes.

Next, they start the actual cleaning work that begins with pre-spray followed by some waiting time, then stain cleaning, washing and sanitizing a carpet protector. Lastly, they place fans to accelerate the drying process. So, usually the carpet cleaning Barnes takes about 30 minutes per room. Adding the time for preoperational work to it, the carpet cleaners would spend about 1 hour in total to clean the carpet in your first room and about 30 min more for each additional room.


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