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Best Carpet Cleaning Lambeth

Different professional carpet cleaning companies in Lambeth use various methods in their work. Before choosing the best carpet cleaning Lambeth, you need to know more about each of them in order to make the right decision. You can compare their pros and cons to determine which of these carpet cleaning methods meets all your requirements and needs.

Carpet Cleaning Methods Available in Lambeth

Steam carpet cleaning

Known also as hot water extraction, this is the most popular and preferred method that professional cleaners use. It has a simple principle of operation. Under high pressure, the carpet cleaning machine injects hot water into the carpet to dissolve completely the dirt and to kill the mites. A few minutes later, the technician vacuums the carpet extracting all this dirt along with water into a container. Along with the dirt and mites, this method is also effective in grime removal, which is a big plus. Among the cons of the steam carpet cleaning is use of expensive technique and the long time for carpet drying. Both of these negative sides require hiring professional carpet cleaners in Lambeth, such as Mvir Cleaning, to ensure perfect cleaning results. The best carpet cleaning Lambeth will offer you steam carpet cleaning that applies only eco-friendly detergents to avoid any health risks.

Dry carpet cleaning

Unlike the above method, this one uses chemicals that cleaning solutions contain. Their purpose is to extract the dirt from the carpet. Unfortunately, it is able to do that only from the surface, which means that dry carpet cleaning cannot deliver long-term cleaning results.

The two main types of dry carpet cleaning are dry compound and dry foam. In the first of them, a mixture of solvents is used in a form of powder that is spread over the carpet and after 10 minutes is vacuumed. In the latter, instead of powder, a shampoo is applied to attract the dirt and again it is extracted with a powerful vacuum cleaner. The pro of these methods is the quickly drying of the carpet, but as already mentioned above, they cannot provide deep cleaning, i.e. the bottom layers remain untouched.

Bonnet carpet cleaning

This method is very similar to the dry cleaning but it is performed using an absorbent pad. In the beginning, the technician thoroughly vacuums the carpet, then sprays over it a chemical solution, and places a bonnet or an absorbent pad on a machine to spin it over the surface of the carpet. This way, the chemicals get into the carpet’s fibers and sit there a few hours. The final step is vacuuming for extracting the solution. Although, this method seems relatively easy and is affordable, its downside just like the dry carpet cleaning is that it cannot effectively clean the deeper levels of your carpet.

After reviewing all the popular cleaning methods that professional carpet cleaners use, it is obvious that the steam carpet cleaning is the best of them. It provides complete cleaning with long-lasting results. So when you choose your best carpet cleaning Lambeth, do not hesitate to turn to Mvir Cleaning for help.

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