What is the Best Carpet Cleaning Product?

All people, who have tried to clean their homes on their own, know how hard it could be to clean the carpet. Actually, this is the hardest thing to do in DIY home cleaning. In addition, some kinds of carpets, such as the softer ones, tend to easier attract and retain dust and dirt. And if you have pets in the house, the problem with their fur and paw stains may add to your troubles.


While there are vacuum cleaners that may help in carpet cleaning, the biggest part of them are ineffective in this challenge. To make your life easier and to achieve a better result, you need to choose among the most efficient carpet cleaners available in the market today.

Basic Tips on how to use carpet cleaning products

Some basic tips should be considered before starting to use these carpet cleaning products. Remember to test a small area before use. The stains should be wet first and you need to use a dry cloth to blot them. Then, apply the solution directly on the stain and let it soak in for 2-5 minutes. Use a damp cloth or sponge to blot the solution and if appropriate gently rub the area. If necessary, repeat the process again to remove the remaining smell and stain. After the cleaning is completed, let it dry and vacuum.

Here is a list of the best cleaning solutions with a short description, so you can easier choose the most appropriate one for your case. These three products are proven to be the best ones for 2017.

Hoover Platinum Collection Instant

Being one of the most popular carpet cleaning brands, this product is a bestseller on Amazon due to its amazing results and affordable price. It can easily cope with the fresh wine or coffee stains, as well as with spaghetti sauce and remove them completely from the fibres. Besides the carpet’s application, it can also be successfully applied on upholstery.

Weiman Carpet Cleaner

Most stains can be easily dissolved if apply this solution immediately after spill. Besides spaghetti sauce and coffee stains, it also can remove a chocolate syrup if left overnight. It also removed oil, grease, mud, ink, food, soda, etc. It is fast-acting and is used for deep-cleaning. It features one-of-a-kind formula for multi-action and it is completely safe for children and pets. No VOCs, solvents or phosphates are used and it dries quickly after applying. All bad odours completely disappear after applying this cleaner leaving a fresh smell instead.

Bissell OxyPro

This solution can be applied on stains up to 24 hours after spillage and effectively removes them. The accurate application is ensured by its targeted sprayer. It is equally efficient for carpets and upholstery. No harmful propellants are added, so the product is completely eco-friendly and perfect for people with health issues that cannot use any harsh chemicals. The application is simple via spraying. You can remove as stubborn stains as coffee, cola, wine, motor oil and pet faecal could be. It can be applied on nylon acrylic and wool carpet.

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