Best Carpet Cleaning Solution in Fulham

Best Carpet Cleaning Solution in Fulham


If you reside Fulham and have some nasty stains on your beautiful carpet, you probably search for the best carpet cleaning solution in Fulham. Although there is a wide range of carpet cleaning solutions in the market, you already know that not all of them have the same quality and some might even cause damages on your carpet. For this reason, we introduce you top 3 carpet cleaning solutions available in Fulham that you can take advantage of.

VAX Ultra Plus Carpet Cleaning Solution

This product is rated by the customers as top quality carpet cleaning solution. Additionally, there are regular discounts on its price so this is a budget-friendly cleaning solution. It is versatile as it can be used for cleaning both upholstery and carpets and effectively expels the unpleasant smell. It leaves behind a rose fragrance that fills the room with a pleasant aroma.

It is wool safe, so you can apply it on any carpet’s type regardless of its delicacy. So here are its pros: it has a pleasant fragrance, it is highly effective in removing pet stains and is safe and fast cleaning solution. There is only one con about this product and it is that it can properly function only using a VAX cleaner. While you can still use some other cleaning machines, you might not be able to determine the right amount of foam. So although VAX Ultra Plus Carpet Cleaning Solution is best in terms of efficiency and price, you can use it only in case you have a VAX cleaner.

Genuine VAX AAA Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

This is a great cleaning product that is offered at a low price and can easily eliminate the stubborn stains on your carpet’s surface. Its advanced formula deals with all kinds of stains regardless of their origin. It can be used on any carpets and rugs, regardless of their delicacy. Whether your carpet is from wool, fibre or polyester, you can safely use it on it. Its fragrance is floral and leaves a wonderful smell behind.

So among the pros of Genuine VAX AAA Carpet Cleaning Shampoo are its low price, effectiveness, and safety. There is only one con associated with the aroma, which is very light. In fact, some people might consider this con as another advantage.

Bissell Wash and Refresh Carpet Shampoo

Although this solution costs more than the above two products, it also is quite often discounted, so if you would like to opt for it, try to search for a sale price. This product is of impeccable quality. It is highly concentrated solution that cleans and deodorizes the carpets and upholstery by penetrating deep into the lower layers of carpet, so it effectively tackles the dirt. The only con here is about its premium price that corresponds to its superior quality, but if you search for a discounted rate, this is the best option for an effective carpet cleaning solution in Fulham.

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