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Which is better dry or steam carpet cleaning?

There are two main methods of carpet cleaning used by professional cleaners. These methods include dry and steam carpet cleaning and are intended to remove all the dirt along with the stains from the carpets. Both of them offer similar results, but they are performed in quite different ways. Let us look closely at each of them and make a comparison. It will help us determine which one is better and what to prefer when you plan to clean your carpet.


Steam Carpet Cleaning


Steam carpet cleaning is also known as wet cleaning method. As opposed to the dry cleaning, more water is used in the process of steam cleaning. The steam is formed by heating water that is pumped onto the carpet’s fibres using a powerful hose. That way, the water mixed with a cleaning agent is forced to penetrate deeply into the fibres down to the very bottom of the carpet. No wonder that after such cleaning, the carpet obtains a brand new look.

The water that rushes through the fibres pushes the trapped particles and dirt out. Because of the high temperature, all the mites and microbes that thrive there are killed and removed with ease. That is done using a suction machine that works with industrial strength to extract as much water as possible. Then, you need to leave the carpet to dry for several hours before using it again.

Dry Carpet Cleaning


Although the steam carpet cleaning is more common, dry carpet cleaning method is still widely used. The process involves the use of dry chemicals. Cleaning experts apply them directly on the carpet’s surface and spray with small amount of water to activate them. People usually think that dry cleaning doesn’t involve any water at all, but they are wrong. Yet, the amount of water used in the process is so small, that people can start using the carpet right after the cleaning is done.

After applying the chemicals, the cleaners vacuum and pile lift the carpet to remove the chemicals along with the dirt from the carpet.

Which of them to prefer?


After knowing more about the way both of these methods are performed, let us compare them to choose the better one.

The method that provides more thorough cleaning is a steam carpet cleaning method. While the dry cleaning method cleans the carpet only on the surface, the steam cleaning method penetrates down to the bottom and cleans all the dirt from inside. Its downside is the longer waiting time for the carpet to dry after the cleaning procedure is completed.

While some consider the dry cleaning method to be very efficient, especially when it comes to removing certain kinds of stains, people should be aware that it also may cause damages to both the environment and the carpet. Moreover, people who have health issues may get sensitive because of the chemicals used, as they are very harsh and unsafe. This method is not recommended to be applied at home, especially if there are kids, pets or people with allergies in that house. Probably, you now understand why most carpet cleaning agencies prefer to choose the steam carpet cleaning method, don’t you?


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