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Which is better steam or chemical carpet cleaning?

When the time for cleaning the carpets at home comes, many people ask whether the steam or chemical carpet cleaning is better. Both of these cleaning approaches have pros and cons. We are going to expose them here, so that you can consider these two methods and choose the better one for you. 

Why Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Some people are misled that this method works with steam. In fact, it sprays hot water into the carpet that kills all mites, bacteria and allergens and dissolves the dirt. The carpet cleaning professional applies vacuuming immediately to reduce the moisture. A great advantage of this method is that no residue is left behind. Moreover, it can be done with no chemicals involved. Companies like Mvir Cleaning that serves London apply only the steam carpet cleaning method working entirely with eco-friendly cleaning products. This means that there are no health risks that could come from the carpet cleaning. On the contrary, this cleaning method would improve the health of everyone in the house, eliminating the allergens from the carpet and purifying the indoors air.

The only drawback of this method is the drying time, which usually takes several hours, which may cause inconvenience to people who are in a hurry to use it again. Actually, this method is perfect for private use. Most households have no problem with the waiting time. When it comes to the business carpet cleaning, the long drying time could be a problem for places like restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other industries that need fast cleaning and immediate access for their clients.

There are a few factors that directly work on the drying time after the steam carpet cleaning. These are:

  • The temperature of the air
  • Airflow in the premise
  • Humidity
  • Experience of the cleaning technician
  • The amount of water used in the process of cleaning. Obviously, if too much water is used, the drying time may take several days.

Why chemical carpet cleaning?

Another name used for this method is bonnet cleaning and involves the use of chemicals with a small amount of water. Some people call it a dry carpet cleaning method, but in reality it is not completely dry, as some moisture is involved. After spraying the chemicals all over the carpet, the professionals let them stay for some time to encapsulate the dirt forming crystals. They are then scrubbed and vacuumed thoroughly allowing people to use the cleaned carpet right away.

The issue of this method is that it removes the dirt only on the surface, so the dirt reappears soon after the cleaning. The chemical carpet cleaning is a quick and short-term solution that has some hidden health risks that come from the chemicals involved in the process.

Which is the better?

The answer of this question would depend on your preferences. If you would like a long-term cleaning option that eliminates all health risks and provides deep cleaning, you would definitely opt for steam carpet cleaning. In that case, however, you will have to wait longer for the carpet to dry completely before using it.

Otherwise, you may choose the chemical carpet cleaning, which is not so efficient, and to take on all the chemical related health risks.


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