Which is Better: Steam Cleaning or Shampooing Carpet?

Being a very comfortable and soft option for floors, carpets are preferred by many house owners. However, as soon as they obtain it, they realize how hard the cleaning and proper maintenance of the carpets is. You can find a label on your precious item that contains instructions by the manufactories. They recommend people to clean their carpets either by a steamer or by a shampooer. Is there any difference between these two methods? Which of them is preferred and more beneficial? Let’s consider the answer together below.

Cleaning with shampooers

The process of cleaning with shampooers includes mixing some hot water with soap. The ready solution is applied on the carpet to remove the dirtiness. With the help of a rotary brush, the foam or shampoo is spread over the carpet to penetrate in the deeper layers. After the solution stays for some time, it is then removed from the carpet together with dirty particles and mites that stick to it. The drawback of this method is making the carpet too wet in the process of cleaning. This means that there would be a prolonged period for drying. If the carpet dries too slowly, there is a risk of mold developing. Moreover, the strong brush may also damage the carpet’s fibers, which are very delicate.

Cleaning with a steamer

Steam cleaners use very hot water or steam to lose the dirt. Then, the carpet cleaners make use of a powerful vacuum machine to extract the dirt in a holding tank. The dirt is forced by the sprayed water to get out of the fibers, while the vacuum cleaner sucks the residue right away. There are different types of carpet steamers that could use water of different degree. Generally, they heat cold water to boiling. The steam kills all the microbes and mites that are accumulated in the carpet and provides complete cleaning with excellent results.

How effective are both methods?

While it is possible to clean only the surface if you use a shampooer, choosing to clean with a steam cleaner guarantee deep cleaning. If you use a shampooer, you will not be able to reach the bottom and remove the dirt from it. Overtime, more and more dirt will be accumulated in the lower levels of the carpet and it will become hazardous for your health. On the other hand, steam cleaners extract the dirt from the very bottom thanks to their force.

How often to clean?

Carpet cleaning experts recommend people to perform steam carpet cleaning at least once per year. The actual period would depend on several factors:


  • Traffic
  • Carpet’s quality
  • The presence of pets or children at home
  • Appearance of stains

If the carpet is in the bedroom, guest room or another place that doesn’t have much traffic, you can clean it less frequently than the one located in the kitchen or living room. If you choose to clean your carpet with a shampooer, do it often before the dirt and soil settle deep in the carpet’s bottom.


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