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How Can Professional End of Tenancy Cleaners Lewisham Help You Pass the Cleaning Check?

The checklist is one of the main worries of the tenants, who are planning to move out. What exactly this cleaning checklist is? It is a written document that the landlord gives to the tenants when they move in. It contains all his cleaning requirements. So when the time for leaving the house come, the tenant has to ensure that all these requirements are met and the property is clean. Sometimes, owners take photos of what the home was before the tenants’ moving in to compare it with the current situation.

What is Included in the Checklist?

Usually, this document includes upholstery, doors, windows, walls, ceiling, wall hangings, lighting system, mirrors, fire place, carpets, radiator, rails, corners, accessories and appliances in the bathroom and kitchen, counter tops, skirting, furniture, banisters, mattresses stairs, beds, and more in addition to any other specific requirements that the landlord may have.

Since the end of tenancy checklist is considered very important by the home owner, the tenants have to ensure that all the points that it contains are fully met before moving out. That will significantly facilitate the parties and the landlord will give the tenant deposit back.

Why Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Lewisham?

It is clear that a person cannot handle by himself all of these tedious tasks. There is so much work to be done that an unexperienced person can lose weeks and still do not have a guarantee for the results. Let’s not forget that he needs additionally to pack and move out all of his belongings into the new house. That is why professional end of tenancy cleaning Lewisham is so essential. On the one hand, cleaning experts can help the tenant to move out without any hassles, on the other hand, if the tenant fails to do that, they can help the landlord to prepare his house for the next tenants.

Mvir Cleaning is a reliable end of tenancy cleaning company in Lewisham that will ensure in either case that the property is perfectly clean. They make sure to go through the checklist and to cover all the areas mentioned there. They are experienced enough to complete their work efficiently and without unnecessary protraction. Moreover, they work 7 days a week, so you can call them at your best time.

Obviously, if the property doesn’t pass the cleaning check, the landlord will keep the deposit to pay for the losses or for cleaning services. Obviously, professional cleaners will help the tenant to avoid conflicts and to maintain a good relationship with a landlord. This will not only relieve the level of stress from moving out, but can also leave the landlord so pleased that he may write recommendation for his tenant, which will open new options before him.

One more benefit of using professional end of tenancy cleaning Lewisham is the quality guarantee that Mvir Cleaning provides. This means that in case re-cleaning is necessary, it will be done for free by the cleaner. It is a well-worth deal!



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