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Carpet Cleaning Brixton: How Long Does It Takes?

If you require a short answer to that question, the carpet cleaning Brixton may take from a few minutes up to 3 days. Obviously, this answer requires more detailed explanation. The exact time will depend on the carpet’s size, its current condition, the expertise of the staff, the quality of the cleaner and other factors. In this time, we should also include the period needed for the carpet to dry after the cleaning service. So let us take a closer look at all those factors that influence the time that the carpet cleaning Brixton takes:

The Carpet’s Size

Usually, it takes about 20 minutes to clean small rooms and about 30 minutes to clean the larger rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms. However, the cleaning time can be extended because of stains, heavily soiled carpets, neglected maintenance and other factors that will add more time to the carpet cleaning. The more cleaning the carpet needs the more time it requires for drying afterward.

The Carpet’s Condition

Obviously, if the carpet is heavily soiled, with lots of grease and stubborn stains, it will require much time for carpet cleaning. The more soiled the carpet is, the more thorough approach it will require, such as pre-spray, agitation with a specialized equipment and other procedure that can extend the total time with 20 minutes.

The Carpet’s Material

It is not only about the drying time, as the natural fibres take more time to dry compared to the synthetic ones, but also about the difference in treatment. Since natural fibres are much more delicate, they require more attention and it is more difficult for the carpet cleaners to remove the stains and grease from them. That is why, it is required that the owners of such carpets regularly maintain these carpets.

The Number of Solutions Applied

This factor will depend on the carpet’s condition and what are your expectations, too. Because of the additional steps that might be required, such as pre-spray, protector application, etc. the drying time will be prolonged because of the additional amount of time used on the carpet. They can even make the carpet cleaning lengthier by two more hours.


Although the length of cleaning itself is not affected by the weather conditions outside, the drying time does. So you need to be prepared that if the weather outside is rainy or cold, and especially if there is much humidity in the air, that it will take more time for your carpet to dry after cleaning. To accelerate this process, you could use fans or an air conditioner to improve the ventilation.

Air Movement

If the carpet is located in a room that is well aired, which means with more windows or a ceiling fan, the cleaned carpet will dry faster compared to a carpet in a closed room.


Usually, it takes between 1,5 and 2 hours to clean a carpet and 6 to 8 more hours to dry. However, when you plan to clean your carpet, it is advisable to allocate 24 hours because of the above factors that can extend the cleaning time.


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