Carpet Cleaning Bromley – Get Best Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

Carpets are among the costliest assets that their owners have to maintain. Yet, it is hardly to imagine any house or office without a carpet.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Bromley


Carpets play a fundamental role in any commercial facility or office to build a good image of your business. Therefore, it is especially important for the businesses to have perfectly clean carpets. Besides the professional look, the commercial carpet cleaning will prolong the carpet’s lifespan. This means that the companies will save a lot of money instead of spending them for new carpets.

Companies in Bromley like Mvir Cleaning use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to ensure the health of all the employees and clients is safe. And they use the steam carpet cleaning method thanks to which they are able to clean the carpet’s fibres the best possible way. There will be no dust, dirt, mites, bacteria, soil, allergens nor residue in the carpet when they finish the work.

Specially formulated cleaning detergents are used to treat the stains and areas of a higher traffic. They contain higher pH balance, which removes the chance of soon dirt attraction. The carpet will have to dry for a few hours before being used again and looks like completely renewed and restored afterwards.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Bromley

If you are among the happy owners who have a carpet at home, you need a professional carpet cleaning service to be performed once or twice per year to ensure the carpet is properly maintained. Mvir Cleaning is licensed to offer you this professional service offering a guarantee for quality. Their carpet cleaning work includes several steps:


The Mvir cleaners would inspect the carpet on place to determine the right cleaning approach and to get acquainted with its condition. All the problem areas and spots will be identified to ensure they all are addressed in the process of cleaning. At this stage, you will learn about the price you need to prepare for this cleaning procedure.


Then, the technician thoroughly vacuums the carpet’s surface to remove all the soil and dirt that is there. His goal is to prevent it from falling to the lower layers causing tearing and damage of the delicate carpet’s fibres. The cleaning agent will use a vacuum cleaner of industrial strength that is far more effective than the one people use at home. Yet, he will advise you to regularly vacuum the carpet using your vacuum cleaner to prolong the cleaning effect. Then, he will apply a detergent and leave it there for some time to get activated and to get in contact with the dirt.

The process of steam cleaning

Next step would be to start the carpet cleaning using a steam cleaning machine. It will kill all bacteria and allergens that are hidden in the fibres, so people with breathing issues will find some relief from this condition. All the dirt water and mites are gathered into a container using a special suction machine. No residue is left on the carpet that will look completely clean.

After the cleaning

The carpet should dry for a few hours before you could use it again.

We are sure you will enjoy the results!