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Which carpet cleaning company is the best?

We should learn how to test the quality of the cleaning services offered by different companies in order to choose the best one. All the companies claim to be the best, but how can we really be sure in this? Let us check a few points offered us by testers who made a research among the consumers.


These points include:

  • Great customer support and service at the moment of making the appointment
  • Great experience with the carpet cleaners while they are at your home
  • The quality of carpet cleaning made by pros

So let us consider now how to recognize the pros in the carpet cleaning industry.

Preventive Maintenance Program

First, professional carpet cleaners provide a good maintenance program that will help you effectively maintain the cleanness at your home between the visits of professionals. What these preventive maintenance programs provide?

Daily Prevention

Daily prevention will keep the customers’ floors in top condition. Businesses and other commercial buildings especially need this type of services. Along with daily vacuuming, carpet cleaners will place mats at the entrances in order to reduce to minimum the chance of accumulating debris and dirt fast. This daily prevention could be done by pros or by employees working in these companies. The carpeted areas need both daily sweeping and vacuuming. Thus, the soil will not damage the fibres as you will remove it from the surface before it penetrates deeply to the lower levels. Otherwise, the dirt will abrade and scratch the carpet, which will start looking worn out. This is especially valid for areas with a high traffic.

Moreover, if you call professional cleaners to come and perform steam carpet cleaning, vacuuming should be necessarily done upfront, as dirt and water form a sticky mud that is harder to remove.

Proper Vacuuming

The professional carpenters would have industrial strength vacuum machines that are able to extract much more dirt and particles than ordinary vacuum cleaners can do. In the dirtier areas, the cleaners may use dual motor machines. Pre-cleaning is a very important step that cleaning professionals would not miss.

Interim Cleaning

Interim cleaning is also a necessary part of the preventive daily cleaning. It is performed by cleaners with the help of cleaning equipment that uses low moisture. They will use little or no chemicals at all. This procedure is made between deep cleaning and is called light maintenance cleaning that prolongs the periods when you need a thorough carpet cleaning. Additionally, the drying time after this procedure is short and is perfect for restaurants, medical facilities, and other businesses.

Restorative Cleaning

This method should be done once or twice a year. The cleaners would offer to perform restorative cleaning to each client based on the carpet’s condition. The process of restoration is done using the steam carpet cleaning method in order to provide the best quality. After the procedure, your carpet will look like new and its lifespan will be significantly extended.

When choosing your carpet cleaning company, make sure that the cleaners are knowledgeable enough to work with different machines and cleaning solutions and that they know the carpet types very well.


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