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Why Carpet Cleaning Is Important?

Most people will clean their carpets only when they must do it-something has spilled on it, someone has walked on it with muddy shoes, it has an unpleasant smell or just a long period has passed since it was last cleaned.

There are, however, many compelling reasons why you should clean your carpet whether you are doing-it-yourself of you are using professional cleaners like Mvir Cleaning.


Your health and that of your family is at risk whenever your carpet is not cleaned well. A dirty carpet provides an environment for harmful organisms such as bacteria. Equally, the carpet’s fabric stores other matter such as dust, which is not good for any one in your household, especially if one is asthmatic. Cleaning the carpet enables you to get rid of them.


Even if you vacuum clean your office or home yourself regularly, you will not get rid of dirt or nasty germs deep in the carpet using a majority of the domestic vacuum cleaners, shampooers and steamers, even the most powerful ones. You are, therefore, better off as a matter of necessity to call the carpet cleaning professionals such as Mvir Cleaning, with their state-of-the-art equipment and chemicals and backed by their training and experience to know how, when and where to apply it. This will not only ensure all dust is cleaned, but also harmful organisms are killed.

Clean home or office look

A well-cleaned carpet with steam is not only hygienic, but also removes all stains even the very stubborn ones. This ensures that your home or office is cleaner and shinier. This improves your home’s or office’s ambience.

Carpet’s lifespan

You may have invested a good part of your hard-earned cash in purchasing your carpet. So, you will need it to serve you for a longer period. Cleaning your carpet, especially with the help of professionals such as Mvir cleaning, will remove or kill dust mites, termites or bugs and other insects residing in its inner surface and pores. Good cleaning may also assist you to maintain the texture and endurance of your carpet. This way, your carpet will last longer.

Unpleasant smells/odours

Your house or office may be having an unpleasant smell, such as an odor from dirty shoes, socks, food, drinks or cigarettes. But you may not be aware of it because you have gotten used to it. A visitor will pick it immediately when they walk in. Timely and thorough cleaning using modern equipment and chemicals will remove the smell once and for all. We hit hard on the source of odour and blow away the odour.


It is worth noting that, unless you hire professional cleaners in every 12-18 months, many carpet dealers will not honour your warranty. You are, therefore, advised to study and follow your warranty requirements. Carpet manufacturers and dealers also have their specific instructions on how often (schedule) the individual carpets should be cleaned. You must follow these instructions also because failure to do so can lead to revocation of your warranty.

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