Carpet Cleaning in Bromley – Local Carpet Cleaners in Bromley

Carpet Cleaning in Bromley – Local Carpet Cleaners in Bromley


It is very challenging for the owners of pets to keep their carpets clean. Besides ugly stains that dogs and cats may leave, they might also chew the carpets or tear them at some places with their sharp claws. In addition, they leave hair that is built up in the carpet overtime. Yet, you don’t have to give up your dog or cat to have a well-maintained carpet.

This is possible thanks to professional work of local carpet cleaners in Bromley. Mvir Cleaning company is always there to provide you with the best cleaning services in the region. Yet, they also give you some simple advices that could help you maintain your carpet on your own.

Using an appropriate carpet cleaner

Ensure that the detergent you are using to clean the stains is pet-friendly and does not contain any harsh chemicals. This will keep not only your pet’s health safe, but yours as well. Act immediately after the stain appears to prevent its penetration deeper into the fabric. First, get the moisture with a paper towel or clean and dry sponge and remove the debris. Next step is to use a carpet cleaner.

Keeping the pet clean

If you pet is clean, your carpet will also be clean. To achieve this, wipe off the paws of your pet every time it is coming in from the outside. The dogs quickly get used to this procedure if you do this constantly after each walk. Also place a towel in front of the door to ensure perfect cleanness of the paws. To prevent hair build-ups, start regularly grooming your pet. This will significantly reduce the hair that falls off.

Regular vacuuming of the carpet

This is a vital step that should not be neglected, if you want to have a clean and good-looking carpet. If not every single day, then do it at least several times a week. Along with the carpet, vacuum also the furniture to keep the dirt away. The reason to do that is that the dirt accumulated on your upholstery can easily fall down on the carpet.

Using the baking soda

This household cleaning solution can help you in some cases to remove minor stains and bad odour left by your pets. However, keep in mind that this cleaning solution cannot substitute deep carpet cleaning.

What to do if your pet keeps messing around?

The best option in this case would be to confine it to one particular place. Obviously, the chosen place for it should not be the room with a carpet. You may consider to keep your pet in that area only when you are not around (at night or when none is home) and the rest of the time to allow the pet to walk around while you supervise it.

Hiring professional carpet cleaning services Bromley

Professional carpet cleaning in Bromley guarantees that the life of your carpet will be extended. If you have a pet at home, call Mvir Cleaning at least twice per year.


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