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If you have a pet at home, you might know well all the hassles and challenges connected with cleaning. The carpets suffer worst from dogs and cats as they leave ugly things on their surfaces. Some pets also develop the bad habit to chew the carpet’s corners or to sharpen their claws, which further deteriorate its condition. In fact, if you don’t make use of professional carpet cleaning services in Lewisham, you have almost no chance to have a good-looking carpet at your home.

Professional carpet cleaners in this region like Mvir Cleaning company are ready to provide a whole range of services to meet your specific needs. They are able to deal with the stains and can restore the deteriorated areas. Services like these will save you much money, as you don’t have to buy a new carpet.

After their coming, they will give you some personal advices of how to keep your carpet well maintained. Yet here is a list of some basic advises, which will help you maintain the better condition of your carpet.

Keep the carpet clean by keeping your pet clean

Every time your pet is coming in from outside, you have to carefully wipe off its paws to keep the dirt away from the carpet. Take off your shoes as well. You can be double guaranteed that your carpet will stay clean after coming from a walk with the dog, by placing a towel in front of the room where the carpet is located. Regular grooming of your pet will prevent hear build-ups, as this procedure significantly reduces the amount of falling off hair.

What kind of carpet cleaners to use?

If you have a pet at home, you have to choose a carpet cleaning product that is completely safe for your pet. This will guarantee that your health will also be protected. The best option would be to buy an eco-friendly cleaning solution that will effectively deal with the stains.

What to do in case of a stain?

The most important thing to remember about dealing with stains is time. You have to act right away after the stain appears, so it won’t penetrate into the carpet’s fabric making it next to possible to remove it. The steps for stain cleaning are as follows:

  • Get a paper towel and remove as much of the moisture as possible;
  • Remove the debris with a dry sponge;
  • Pour the carpet cleaning solution on the affected place and wait according to the instructions on the label for it to get activated.
  • Remove the solution carefully and try to not over wet the carpet.
  • If the stain is still there, you might have to apply some more solution.
  • At the end, leave the carpet to air dry before using it.

To maintain the good condition of the carpet, you have to regularly vacuum it to prevent the dirt on the surface to settle down on the very bottom. Vacuum the carpet at least every other day to keep it clean longer and not have to call professional carpet cleaners soon.

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