Carpet Cleaning in Orpington- Local Carpet Cleaners in Orpington

There are many reasons why professional carpet cleaning services are important for people in Orpington. At least once a year they should hire professional cleaners to remove all the dust, soil, and mites from their carpets in order to hygienize their homes. Apart from the good look of their interior, the entire indoor environment will become healthier without allergens and other microscopic treats. The air will also improve its quality and the house will become a pleasant place to live in.

Companies and public facilities can also take advantage of these services, as the cleanness of their carpets presents the reliability of their brand. The recommended frequency for the commercial carpet cleaning is twice per year. The local carpet cleaners in Orpington will improve the working environment that will help the employees to be more effective and concentrated during the working hours.

There are two specific methods of carpet cleaning that carpet cleaning companies in Orpington usually offer. These are the steam carpet cleaning method and the dry carpet cleaning method. If you are not sure which of them to choose, let consider here their pros and cons to determine the right option for you.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method in Orpington

Let’s start with the pro: this cleaning method is convenient for many businesses, as it doesn’t involve much water and ensures a quick drying time. This means that people can start using their carpet within an hour or so after the carpet cleaning is performed.

What are the cons? The problem is that most cleaning companies use chemicals to clean the carpets with this method. This makes it inappropriate to be used by people with any health issues, kids or pets, as these chemicals can deteriorate their health even further. One more con of the dry carpet cleaning is that it provides only a short-term cleaning result. The reason for this is that this method is unable to penetrate deeper and clean the bottom of the carpet. After some time, the dirt and soil accumulated there reappear on the carpet’s surface.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Method in Orpington

This method has multiple pros:

  • It eliminates all the mites, bacteria, allergens and other harmful microorganisms with the high temperature of the steam.
  • It removes the dust and soil providing deep cleaning till the very bottom of carpets.
  • It has a long-term cleaning effect that lasts for months.
  • It does not involve any chemicals that are hazardous to people or pet’s health.

What about the cons? The only con of this method is more time required for the carpet to dry completely after cleaning. It usually takes between 3 and 6 hours to dry, but the best option would be to leave it unused overnight.

As you can see from the description of these methods, the steam carpet cleaning method seems to be much more advantageous for people who would like to have qualitative cleaning services and safe home environment. Mvir Cleaning provides such professional steam carpet cleaning in Orpington.