Which carpet-cleaning machine is best?

You are a do-it-yourself (D-I-Y) fanatic and mostly clean your carpet yourself. Hiring a carpet-cleaning machine every time you want to clean your carpet is getting expensive for you. Worse still, you have gotten tired borrowing one from your neighbour.  You have decided to buy your own but you are not sure which carpet-cleaning machine is best. To settle for a good carpet-cleaning machine you must consider the following factors:

Consult widely

You may need to consult people who have knowledge on or used carpet-cleaning machines to guide you. It may be a neighbour, a colleague at work or better still a professional Mvir Cleaning consultant.

Nature of your cleaning

It is important you identify your nature of cleaning for which you are looking the cleaning machine. If you have a lot of people in your house or office, or a few people but who walk over the carpet a lot, then you need a powerful commercial carpet-cleaning machine model the professional cleaners use. Similarly, if you have a large busy home or office or have a number of pets such as dogs and cats you need a good carpet-cleaning machine.

Commercial models, however, use chemicals although there are environmentally friendly ones available nowadays.

Nevertheless, if you are two or three grown up people in your house or office with no pet, then you can go for a portable carpet-cleaning machine.

Types of Carpet-Cleaning Machine

You may need to choose what type of carpet-cleaning machine you need. Is it a vacuum cleaner, carpet sweeper, carpet shampooer, or steam cleaner? This is because each one of these four carpet-cleaning machines cleans the carpets differently and their prices are not the same. So depending on the nature of cleaning you need the machine for and your budget will influence which one you opt for.

Size and Weight of the Carpet-Cleaning Machine

Larger and heavier carpet-cleaning machines may be ideal for commercial cleaners as opposed to your household use. If, however, you opt to go for a heavy-duty steam carpet-cleaning machine for example, settle on a self-propelled one to make it easier for yourself when using it.

While big machines may have detachable parts to enable you access hard-to-reach places when cleaning, portable ones may not be powerful though they can be easy to use in certain trick surface s like on stairs and upholstery.

Special Features of the Carpet-Cleaning Machine

Look out for special and extra features of the machine that will make it easier and enjoyable to clean your carpet such as cord and hose length, tank size, etc. Also, go for features that are necessary to your cleaning. This is critical because you may waste your money on additional feature that will not add any value to your work.

Location of Your Home or Office

You may need to consider the distance of your home/office to the carpet-cleaning machine’s model service center. Some manufacturers require that you take your machine to the nearest service center for any repairing in their warranty.


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