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What carpet cleaning machines are used for carpet cleaning South Norwood?

Carpet cleaning professionals South Norwood use a variety of carpet cleaning equipment. Such machines could be electric truck mounted machines, gas powered truck mounted machines, electric portable machines, etc. Let’s consider their basic principles of work, their major differences, and efficiency levels.

Gas Truck Mount Carpet Cleaners

In fact, these machines are among the most commonly used by professional carpet cleaners not only in South Norwood but everywhere. They feature either a separate gas engine or trucks engine that is intended to activate the operation on the water pump and vacuum blower. These are considered powerful machines as they provide the greatest possible vacuum strength along with the highest level of heat. Steam carpet cleaners prefer to have them in their equipment, as they are super powerful, efficient and fast. If you choose a carpet cleaning company that uses this kind of carpet cleaning machines, the only thing the specialist will bring to your home is 2 hoses, which means no bulky machines, and decreased amount of noise.

Electric Truck Mounted Cleaners

These are carpet cleaning machine of a different type. Although they have similar features with the gas truck mounts, their water pump and vacuum blower are driven not by a gas engine, but by an electric motor. This type of equipment is also preferred by the majority of carpet cleaning specialists, as it is more environmentally friendly and does not make a big noise. Although, they are not as powerful in vacuuming as gas truck mounts, they also can do a great work. Just like the above described kind, the carpet cleaner does not need to bring with himself bulky machines, but only 2 hoses when he cleans your carpet.

Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines

This is another kind that a lot of carpet cleaning companies use and as their name suggests, the carpet cleaner will come to your house brining the entire equipment with himself. The water pump and vacuum motor are not run by engine, but by electricity. This kind of carpet cleaning machines are not less valuable than the above two kinds, as their portability allows the cleaners to bring them in homes where truck mounted machines cannot reach. These are high rises, apartments or other type of buildings. Although these machines are not as powerful as those described above, they provide enough power to successfully deep-clean your carpet. Although, these carpet cleaners are somewhat cumbersome to use, carpet cleaning specialists are experienced enough to provide people with perfect cleaning results.

Of course, there are some other kinds of carpet cleaning machines that some carpet cleaners use, but these are the most common ones used for carpet cleaning South Norwood. Regardless of what kind of carpet cleaning machine the operator uses, if he is not skilled and experienced enough, he will not be able to provide great results. If you are searching for skilful and knowledgeable carpet cleaners in South Norwood, do not hesitate to contact Mvir Cleaning Company that is from quite a long time in this industry.


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