Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Program in Peckham

Many carpet cleaners in Peckham offer a maintenance program to their customers that includes a schedule for their organized services in the attempt to provide long-term carpet maintenance. The idea is good, especially if you live in a town, such as Peckham, where due to the weather carpets get easily contaminated.

In fact, the carpet cleaning professionals will determine the frequency of carpet cleaning schedule based on its type and additional factors. This will prolong the life of your precious carpet for years to come and you will not have to spend a lot of money for its replacement. Moreover, they will come with the right cleaning equipment that will target different surfaces and problem areas. Their professional equipment will include industrial strength vacuums, truck mounted carpet cleaning heavy duty machines and steam cleaners. They also have at their disposal a variety of eco-friendly cleaning solutions for different types of surfaces and stains.

So, let us take a look of what such a maintenance program offered by your carpet cleaners in Peckham could include.

Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Program

The maintenance plan of professional cleaning companies usually consists of four processes:

  • Prevention. As people tell, prevention is the best treatment. The goal of the carpet cleaners would be to prevent the soil from penetrating deeply into the fabric and damaging it.
  • Daily maintenance. The carpet cleaners will give the customers detailed instructions of how to maintain the carpet on a daily basis to minimize the risks of damage. This step would include vacuuming the carpets, taking off the shoes before stepping on the carpets, avoiding eating or drinking on the carpets, etc.
  • Interim maintenance. The purpose of this step is to use minimum moisture and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to preserve the great look of the carpet. The procedure will require a short drying time and will probably take place once per quarter.
  • Restorative maintenance. This procedure includes deep cleaning and it is required when the carpet gets heavily soiled due to neglecting of the above three points. The carpet cleaners’ goal in this case is to prevent the carpet from ruining by removing the deeply embedded soil. This process will take much time, efforts and the drying time will be extended.

Taking Preventive Measures

This maintenance plan is intended to achieve the desired carpet cleaning results. Customers should be aware that they can significantly improve their carpet’s condition and maintenance by doing the following:

  • Cleaning the outside of the house from dirt, debris, fallen leaves and snow.
  • Regular cleaning the floors inside the house.
  • Regular vacuum cleaning.
  • Reminding your guests to take off their shoes before stepping in the house.
  • Placing mats in all the areas that lead outside.


How to maintain your carpet effectively?

It is essential to use a good vacuuming machine in your daily carpet maintenance. It will be able to remove a large part of the dirt before it could get deeply in the carpet. Using a commercial-grade vacuum is preferred although it is a bit more expensive. However, it guarantees great results in DIY carpet cleaning and maintenance.


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