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Which carpet cleaning method is the best?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are two main methods that conquer with each other: the relatively new steam carpet cleaning method and the old chemical method of carpet cleaning. Which one is better and why? Let’s reply to this important question after investigation of what both of these methods offer and their cons as well.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning has multiple benefits over the other cleaning methods. Not without reason it is called deep cleaning, as it is able to remove up to 97% of bacteria and dirt accumulated in the carpets. This achievement is unbeatable by other cleaning methods so far. It is able to reach the lowest layers in the carpet, so you can be confident about the results. Additionally, the method is very effective on stains as the steam helps in dissolving the dirt.

One of the cons include longer waiting period for the carpet to dry after the cleaning procedure. The exact period may depend on the extraction system quality. The more advanced the steam cleaning equipment is, the faster the carpet will dry after cleaning. Typically, this period lasts from 45 minutes up to a few hours. People, who don’t have time to wait that much, consider the chemical carpet cleaning method.

The main consideration of choosing the right cleaning method should be health. If anyone in your house has any allergic reactions, or you have children and pets, steam carpet cleaning method is the right choice, as it doesn’t impose any danger on their health.

Chemical Carpet Cleaning

This method uses chemicals to remove the dirt. It uses the so-called dry shampoos. There is a small amount of water used in this method, but it is much less than in steam carpet cleaning. For this reason, the carpets are ready to be used within a very short timeframe after the cleaning.

The cons however include the use of chemicals that may impose a danger on your health. Additionally, chemical cleaning is not as efficient as steam cleaning, as it works only on the carpet’s top layers. Stubborn stains also cannot be treated effectively by this method.

If you hire a company to perform chemical carpet cleaning on your carpet, make sure you know in advance what kind of chemicals they are going to use. If you or anyone in your family have any health issues when exposing to chemicals, the best option is to choose steam carpet cleaning instead.

What to choose?

Steam carpet cleaning has much more advantages compared to chemical carpet cleaning and is highly recommended. It saves your health, effectively copes with a dirt and is a reliable method for making refreshment of your home atmosphere.

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