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What Carpet Cleaning Method is the Best?

There are different methods of carpet cleaning used by cleaning professionals, but obviously not all of them are equally efficient, safe and worth the money you pay for them. If you know a bit more about each of the specific carpet cleaning methods the companies use, it will be easier for you to choose the best of them. So let’s take a quick look at them to find out their pros and cons.

Dry Cleaning Method

This method is widely used and extracts the dirt with cleaning solutions that contain harsh chemicals. Based on the type of these solutions, dry cleaning is divided into:

  • Dry foam known also as a rotary shampoo method. The cleaning professionals apply a shampoo over the carpet that is intended to suspend dirt. A special equipment is used that helps reach into the fibers with the counter-rotating brushes. Then, the carpet is diligently vacuumed to ensure that no residue is left. The carpet can be used soon after the cleaning process, but the method is not very efficient for the dirt accumulated in the lower layers that are below the surface.
  • Dry compound is another kind of dry cleaning that uses a powder instead of shampoo. It contains chemicals that are spread over the carpet’s surface and the same kind of machine with brushes is used to spread the powder as deep as possible. The chemicals are left for 10-15 minutes to attract the dirt and then are vacuumed. Advantages of this method include the fast drying and easiness of this method, along with the possibility to choose different chemical concentrates to reach the optimal result. But this method cannot cope with the stains and too dirty carpets.

Although dry cleaning has some advantages, probably the most disturbing fact that prevent people from choosing this method is the use of chemicals that deteriorate or put in risk people’s health.

Bonnet Cleaning Method

Also known as an absorbent pad, this type of cleaning begins with carpet vacuuming. The next step is spraying a chemical solution over the carpet and after a while using a floor machine with bonnet that spins over to help the chemicals go into the fibers. The carpet is left for a few hours and then is vacuumed. Although the method is relatively cheap, just like the dry cleaning method, it cannot clean well the bottom of the carpet, so people cannot expect perfect results. And again, the use of chemicals is inadmissible for most customers, who would like to avoid health hazards that might come as a result.

Steam Cleaning Method

People also call these method hot water extraction as it uses hot water to produce a steam that is injected into the carpet to clean and disinfect it. The dirt and grime is loosed and vacuumed without using harmful chemicals. Usually, the cleaning professionals use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that do not contaminate the environment neither impose people’s health on risk. Moreover, this method successfully copes with the stains and very dirty carpets. The cons include the relatively longer drying time that takes a few hours along with the heavy-duty special cleaning machines used that make DIY steam carpet cleaning next to impossible.


After this brief review of all cleaning method, we can recommend you to choose the steam cleaning method that is the most effective and safest from all. If you are searching for cleaning professionals in London who apply this method, turn to Mvir Cleaning Company.



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