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What Carpet Cleaning Method in Orpington to Choose?

There are many carpet cleaning methods around in Orpington, so when it comes to cleaning carpets, people are probably confused which method to use. Each method is different and is suitable for different applications. The best method is the one that fits the home and carpeting specifications.


Available Methods:


  • The dry shampoo method cleans using foam. First, professionals put the foam on the carpet and then a brush in the shape of circle sets the foam in. People don’t have to take off any liquid after cleaning with the dry shampoo method. This method has a good effect in low pile carpets. The advantage is that after the procedure people do not need to extract any liquid mess left after the cleaning.


  • Dry extraction cleaning also known as absorbent powder cleaning uses detergent in powder form that is organic and is put on the carpet using a rotating double brush. This is great for loosening up dirt and soil that may have stuck in the carpet fibers. Once they are loosened up, the process needs to be followed up by vacuuming to get rid of the loosened dirt. The advantage of this method is that it is very thorough and there is no dying necessary.


  • Hot water extraction is one of the most popular methods, which uses the steam coming from heated water to loosen up dirt, dust and stains from the carpet fibers and immediately extracts them. This is made possible by special equipment such as a steam vacuum cleaner. This carpet cleaning method is really effective and leaves carpets feeling fresh and smelling nice. Most carpet cleaning professionals in Orpington like Mvir Cleaning use this method.


  • Bonnet cleaning is an alternate version of shampoo cleaning. Rather than use a brush, a bonnet is attached to the buffer. The bonnet is dipped into the shampoo solution  and put on the carpet. Once the bonnet gets soiled, it is either cleaned and reused or replaced with a clean one. After using this method the carpet needs only 30 minutes to dry.


These are some of the best methods that carpet cleaning companies in Orpington provide.


Tip On How to Choose The Best Carpet Cleaning Method in Orpington


Choose one depending on your carpet type, as each carpet requires a specific method of cleaning. There are some that can only be cleaned with a particular kind of way, so it is important that the experienced cleaning professionals consider what kind of carpet do you have at home. Choosing the method will depend on the type of carpet. Mvir Cleaning Company are professionals with years of experience in the cleaning business in Orpington, so you can confidently rely on them.


Why Is It Important To Choose The Latest Carpet Cleaning Methods In Orpington?


The latest cleaning methods are eco-friendly and non-harmful for your health. Most people get worried because of the fact that the carpets get soiled quickly after being cleaned. This was a common problem in the past, but it is no longer now, because the latest detergents are better in every way, including eco-friendly. Improving the carpet cleaning technology has allowed Mvir Cleaning to provide the best cleaning methods in Orpington.

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