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Carpet cleaning in Peckham: Dealing with Brown Stains

Appearance of brownish stains on the carpet’s surface could be a real disaster. It ruins not only the carpet’s look, but the overall appearance of the room as well.  The reasons for this unwanted phenomenon could be various: spillage, a water leak, or even trying to clean the carpet on your own. Let us consider these causes in details along with some useful tips that could help you in dealing with these brown stains.

The Origin of Brown Stains

Brown stains are a result of physical and chemical reactions that could appear either in the carpet’s backing or its base. If your carpet is made of natural fibres like jute, linen or cotton, its main component is cellulose, which can be easily discoloured. However, brown stains are not typical for the natural fibres only. They can appear on synthetic carpets as well. In this case, the brown stain is not related to cellulose, but it has the same effect. The brown colour transfers to the carpet fibbers’ tips and appear on the surface. If this problem is neglected for some time, it might wick the carpet’s surface and may turn into a stubborn stain.

The brownish coloration may appear in the following cases:

  • When the carpet is heavily soiled with a dry soil
  • When the carpet is very wet
  • If the carpet fibres contain dyes
  • In case, you use a highly alkaline cleaning solution for carpet cleaning
  • A combination of two or more of the above mentioned factors

Methods to Deal with Brown Stains

Since we already know the reasons for occurring of the brown stains, let we consider the possible ways to remove them successfully. Regardless of the type of carpet you have, whether it is of natural fibres or synthetic ones, you can apply the methods below to deal with these ugly stains.

  • To prevent any further accumulation of dirt, dust and soil, frequently vacuum clean your carpet. If you have no issues with the carpet’s appearance, you need to vacuum your carpet twice per week, but when you have to deal with stains, you need to vacuum it thoroughly every day. Before you start the process of cleaning, vacuuming is a necessary procedure that will open the carpet pile, so that the cleaning solutions would easily penetrate inside.
  • As already mentioned above, do not use highly alkaline cleaning solutions. If you have to use them to clean, apply a mild acid spray to neutralize the effect at the end of cleaning. When you choose a bleaching agent, do not choose one that contains chlorine, as it may negatively affect the natural fabric or dissolve the colour completely.
  • Ensure you dry the carpet as soon as possible after the cleaning. If your carpet remains wet for too long, such coloration may appear and ruin its look and fibres. Accelerate this process with additional tools like electric fans, air conditioner, ceiling fans, etc.

In case, you would like to avoid all these hassles, the best choice would be to turn to professional carpet cleaning in Peckham and call the experienced Mvir Cleaning Company.

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