Carpet Cleaning Richmond – Get Best Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Richmond – Get Best Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

There are many drawbacks when it comes to the DIY carpet cleaning. First, it is very time-consuming and can take your valuable time that can be otherwise used for more fruitful tasks. Secondly, it can be a money-losing instead of money-saving procedure. The reason for this is that if done improperly, you might damage your carpet to the extent that it cannot be restored even by cleaning professionals. Imagine how much money you need to pay for a new carpet.

This is why, most people in Richmond opt for professional commercial and residential carpet cleaning services. One of the companies in Richmond that provides both of these services is Mvir Cleaning. If you would like your carpet cleaning to be done by real professionals, you can call them regardless of whether you are a company owner or house owner who needs to give a fresh look to your carpets.

Is there any difference between the residential and commercial carpet cleaning?

In fact, residential carpet cleaning is very different from the commercial one. It differs by the following factors:

Cleaning time

Commercial customers prefer to hire professional carpet cleaners during the weekend or non-working hours. They cannot stop their business because of the cleaning. This is why, most carpet cleaning companies work during that time. On the other hand, residential carpet cleaning usually is performed during a business day or after work when the carpet owners are at home.

Specifics in cleaning

Residential carpet cleaning is focused on different details such as recovering the fibres, restoring the original colours, eliminating the mites and allergens, removing the stubborn stains, etc. The commercial cleaning should be performed fast to save time and make the business ready to operate again. This is why, the methods used for commercial and residential carpet cleaning are different.

Cleaning methods

Since the time is of essence in commercial carpet cleaning, most commercial clients prefer to apply a dry carpet cleaning method. It involves chemicals and its drying time is very short. In fact, cleaned carpets can be used within an hour or so after the cleaning process is completed. However, dry carpet cleaning does not provide thorough cleaning with long lasting results. It cleans the carpet only on the surface, so the dirt from inside appears again on the surface after a short time.

Most residential clients prefer to apply a steam carpet cleaning method, which is considered safe to both clients and carpets. It involves no chemicals, as it is performed with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Although the drying time takes about 4-5 hours, this method provides long-term cleanness and eliminates all mites, allergens and harmful microorganisms along with dirt and soil.

Communication with professionals

Residential carpet cleaning provides opportunities for the clients to closely communicate with the cleaning professionals, explaining them their needs, requirements and expectations. Commercial carpet cleaning does not provide such an opportunity. When choosing a good carpet cleaning professional, private people in Richmond usually choose a company with great communication skills.

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