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Carpet Cleaning and Rug Cleaning Professional Services in Coulsdon

Keeping the house hygiene at home is really necessary, but also not easy. The first step to do is to clean the parts that people are frequently in contact with, like carpets and rugs. Although they both are used to cover the floor, there is a big difference between them.

Carpets are usually up to 2 meters long and are thick, which gives a luxurious feel. Rugs are shorter than 2 meters and are thinner than carpets. Rugs are put under furniture or a bed. Carpets are put to cover the whole floor. Though both rugs and carpets are made of similar materials like cotton, wool, hemp and jute, the difference stands in patterns and textures.

Carpet and rug cleaning methods available today include:

  • The dry shampoo method cleans using foam.
  • Bonnet cleaning is an alternative version of shampoo cleaning that uses a circular bonnet to clean.
  • Hot water extraction also called steam carpet cleaning is one of the most popular methods. It uses steam and hot water to clean without using chemicals.

The common thing about rugs and carpets is that they both should be cleaned regularly and in an eco-friendly way. People in Coulsdon can take advantage of professional cleaning services provided by Mvir Cleaning that uses steam carpet cleaning method as it is effective, eco-frienly and leaves no residue.

Cleaning carpets and rugs with toxic products is really dangerous for everyone, especially for pets and kids. On the other hand, using eco-friendly cleaning solutions will prevent infections, allergies and the carpets and rugs will be cleaned in a perfect way.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Coulsdon

As carpets are thicker, they are also harder to be cleaned. The use of professional cleaning services is a must at least twice a year even if you opt for DIY carpet cleaning. That will ensure that all the allergens are removed, the stains are dissolved and the fabric is clean. Mvir Cleaning uses eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions that are both safe and effective.

Rug Cleaning Services in Coulsdon

There are many problems with rugs getting dirty. The best rug cleaning methods provided by the cleaning company are:

  • Wet rug cleaning uses boiling water and steam just like the hot water extraction, but at the end the rug should be vacuumed.
  • Cleaning with an absorbent pad method uses a pad that looks like a towel to clean the rug.
  • Dry cleaning method uses a non-toxic powder to clean the rug. The first step is to put the powder on the rug. Then vacuum the rug and the process is complete.

If anyone wants to keep their rug clean they should vacuum it every day and try these methods when it gets dirty. It is important to clean the rug once in 6 months professionally hiring Coulsdon professionals like Mvir Cleaning Company. They won’t just clean your rags perfectly, but will also keep them clean for a period of time.



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