Carpet cleaning in SW9 postcode area, Stockwell, Lambeth

Carpet Cleaning Services in London by Mvir Cleaning

MVIR CLEANING serves London and all vicinities to provide premium carpet cleaning services. Thanks to the great quality they provide, they quickly grow in popularity and become one of the leaders in the carpet cleaning industry London.

Their professional staff knows how to provide comfort, freshness, and cleanness in your home removing the bad odour and stains from the carpet. They use deep steam carpet cleaning method that brings a new life to the dirty rags and carpets.

What does Mvir Carpet Cleaning Services Include?

Before the actual carpet cleaning begins, the cleaning professional will come to inspect the condition of your carpet, the fabric it is made from to determine the right cleaning detergent that should be used and to tell you the final price. Mvir ensures that all the cleaning solutions they work with are eco-friendly, so they are completely harmless for anyone in house, including the kids and pets. Determining the right cleaning approach based on your carpet fibres and condition is very important, as the carpet cleaner needs to be sure that the carpet will not be ruined during the cleaning process.

Mvir Cleaning has required experience and all their staff are trained and insured. The company stands behind their services and offer a guarantee for full customer satisfaction.

The actual cleaning process consists of 3 steps:

Step 1 Vacuuming

The carpet has to be thoroughly vacuumed at the beginning to remove all big particles, loose dust and soil from the surface and to prevent them to penetrate deeper into the carpet causing damages to the fibres. The company specialists advise people to maintain their carpets by vacuuming them at least once every other day to prolong its life.

Step 2 Steam Cleaning

Using their powerful professional steamer, the technician will then start cleaning the carpet with allergen-free and green cleaning solution. The steam that comes out from the machine penetrates deep till the very bottom of the carpet killing all allergens, mites and other harmful microorganisms that cause bad odour and impose health hazards. On the other hand, the steam also dissolves the dirt and loses it to help easily remove it afterwards. This is the most effective method of deep carpet cleaning that has long term results.

Step 3 Water Extraction

This is achieved using a powerful vacuum machine that has a container where all dirty water is collected. No residue is left on the carpet that looks like new after this procedure. All the killed mites and bacteria along with the dissolved dirt and dust are extracted. In case of stains, Mvir Cleaning will take care of them locally. They will apply detergents to dissolve them without harming the fabric.

People need to be aware that the carpet cannot be used right after cleaning. It will need some time – typically between 3 and 5 hours to completely dry and only then it can be used. Mvir Cleaning technicians will give you tips on how to accelerate the drying time and how to maintain the good condition of your carpet longer.

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