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Carpet Cleaning Thornton Heath Tips For Removing Stains

All people, who have carpets in their houses, know how challenging their proper maintenance could be. That is why, we provide you with some great carpet cleaning tips that can make your life easier and at the same time extend your carpet’s life. Yet, do not forget to call professional carpet cleaners Thornton Heath if you need an expert to completely re-establish and restore your carpet’s appearance and value.

The first rule to know is to immediately approach the stain after it occurs. This will save you much hassles and efforts. So let us take a look at some effective cleaning tips that homeowners can take advantage of.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips

Make sure to consider these cleaning tips when you deal with a cleaning problem.

  • Blot the fluid and spills immediately to prevent the liquid to penetrate into the fibers. This is the golden rule for effective cleaning. If you start scrubbing the stain, this will push the particles deeper into the carpet’s strands. As a result, the stain will become stubborn and really hard to remove. Additionally, the surface will start to decay quickly and your precious carpet will be ruined.
  • When you blot the stain, start from the edges instead of the center. If you do that, you may expel the greater part of it without using any cleaning products.
  • If the stain is caused by a wine or beer, you can use some club soda to remove it. For this purpose, apply some of the liquid over the stain. If you cannot notice any difference, add to it a few drops of white vinegar. Then, apply it again on the stain and let it stay for 20 minutes. Next, blot it up with a clean cloth and a change will become obvious.
  • If the problem is that a candy or gum got stuck in your carpet’s fibers, before applying a cleaning solution scratch carefully it using a blade. You can also freeze it using an ice cube to easier remove it. After freezing, it should fall off without causing much damage.
  • If you have to deal with a blood stain, you need to apply hydrogen peroxide to remove it. Removing these stains from the carpet are really important to prevent any kind of health issues. So to remove it quickly, just apply some hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Solutions

If you still cannot achieve the desired result, you might need to try a good cleaning solution known to effectively deal with the stains. This could be Hoover Platinum Collection Instant that is one of the best stain removers when the stain is still fresh. It can remove the stains from wine and coffee and may be used on upholstery, too. Or you can opt for the Bissell OxyPro, which is another excellent choice for removing wine stains that are not older than 24 hours. If in spite of all your efforts the stain is still there, you should turn to professional carpet cleaners in Thornton Heath for help.


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