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Carpet Cleaning Tips from Experienced Cleaning Professionals in Battersea

People, who have expensive carpets in their home, would need to know how to maintain them properly in order to prolong their lifetime and reduce the number of professional carpet cleaning required. Following the tips below given by professional carpet cleaners in Battersea will ensure that your carpet will keep its new look and will prevent tear and wear.

Vacuum Clean on a Regular Basis

Don’t forget to vacuum clean your carpets at least once every 7 days. However, if there are pets and kids in the house, it is advisable to clean it on a daily basis. This will prevent accumulation of unseen dirt and dust that is gathered on the carpet’s surface. The vacuuming will also ensure that the carpet fibers will stay intact.

Immediate Treatment of All the Spills

Immediate removing of spills is required as soon as this happens. You can use a paper towel to blot the affected area up or a homemade stain remover if a stain appears. The best chance to completely remove the stain is by acting right away towards its removal. Do not rub the stains, as this will make them spread into new carpet fibers.

What about wax from the candles?

Be aware that improper treatment of candle wax may tear out the carpet’s fibers. Snipping away the candle wax with scissors is not recommended. To avoid that, you can just cover the wax with paper towels and run an iron on it. After the wax is melt, it will stick on the towel paper and can easily be removed without any cuts.

How to Make a Stain Remover at Home?

Stain removal can be easily made at home. The most common ingredients for that are backing powder and white vinegar. It is much more efficient and safe compared to the detergents that can be found in the market.

Avoid Using Excessive Amount of Water

Should you choose to complete the carpet cleaning with a rental machine, avoid using too much water. Ensure that the house is well ventilated to reduce the drying time. The excessive water in the carpets may cause mold and carpets can shrink.

Why Professional Cleaning in Battersea is Needed?

The use of professional carpet cleaning services ensures that your carpets will extend their life. Additionally, the cleanness of carpets is preserved for longer time. The professional cleaners maintain the health environment in your house keeping the allergens away. It is advisable that people use professional carpet cleaning services at least once every 18 months. Of course, if the carpets are in area of high traffic, or there are pets and children in the house, the time for cleaners’ visit can be reduces to once per 6 months.

Carpet Protectors

Using carpet protectors of high quality also guaranteed that you can avoid stains and spills on your carpet. This way, the dry stains will not bond to the carpet’s fibers. It is highly recommended to use such protectors, if the carpet is placed on hallways or stairs.

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