Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Owning a pet is a great privilege that many home owners enjoy. But along with having your furry friend, you take a responsibility to take care of its health and yours, too. Cleaning is a daily process that pet owners have to get used to. While the pet is small, there are frequent accidents that occur every now and then and should be removed right away. Keeping your carpet clean during that period is a big challenge, so here are some carpet cleaning tips for pet owners given by Mvir Cleaning, experienced cleaning experts that serve London and vicinities.

The pet owners have to deal not only with urine stains, but with accumulated hair and bad odour. Let us see how they can effectively resolve these issues.

Coping with hair

Carpets accumulate much of your pet’s hair, especially during their shedding periods. At that time, the hair can be so much that the vacuum cleaner can eventually get clogged. A good option in that case would be wrapping an old paint roller with a masking tape. Then, you can attach it either to mop handle or old broom to pick up the excessive pet hair before you start vacuuming.

You can also rake the carpet using a rubber-bristled rake for carpets that will collect the hair in clumps. Thus, you will be able to easier remove them by hand before starting to vacuum the carpet. Then, vacuum the carpet’s surface three times to remove any hair left.

Coping with urine

When an accident occurs, it is very important to react immediately to minimize the damage as much as possible. Lay an old cloth over the spot to remove the moisture and use a liquid dishwashing detergent to clean the area. For best results, make a mixture of warm water with a few drops of this detergent and work it into the spot. Then, use a clean towel to remove the moisture and rinse with water.

To prevent any further accidents on the same place, mix one part of white vinegar with two parts of water and blot the surface. Then, remove the moisture with paper towels or cloths.

Coping with stains

Whether it is a stain caused by faeces, urine, blood or vomit, its removing can be a real challenge. It is a good idea either to hire professional carpet cleaners or to rent a carpet cleaning machine that would force clean water into the stain and will extract the dirty water. In this case, it is not good to use a steam cleaner, as the high temperature of the steam will set the stain instead of removing it. You can also find some special products on the market that will remove pet stains.

Coping with odour



With the help of extracting carpet cleaning machine, try to clean the carpet as much as possible. If you used chemicals in the previous runs, now you can clean with water only to clean and remove them. After the carpets dries, use a powdered odour eliminator that is available on the market to remove the odour. The other option is to use a liquid odour eliminator that can be added to the carpet cleaning machine.


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