Carpet Cleaning Tips from The Pros

Carpet Cleaning Tips from The Pros

There are many professional carpet cleaners around but not all of them are willing to share their cleaning tips for free. They prefer to keep their secrets as this will make the customers to turn to them when they need professional carpet cleaning. Yet, there are some cleaning companies that do not mind to share their cleaning secrets with the customers who try to perform DIY carpet cleaning. Here is what you need to know, if you intend to try carpet cleaning on your own.

How to remove the stains from the carpet?

The top secret about stains you need to know is that they shouldn’t be allowed to sit around but have to be handled out as soon as they appear.

How to remove the moisture from the stain?

Do not scrub the affected area, as it will damage the fibres. Use a sponge or a cloth to blot and pull out as much liquid as possible. The stain’s size and spread should be limited, so try to blot with a small amount of pressure, enough for the stain to soak up. To prevent spreading stain into new areas, always start blotting from the outside inward the stain.

What type of detergent to use for stain removal?

Do not used too much of the cleaning product. To ensure that the drying time and risk of staining is limited, use only a small amount of stain removal product. Instead of buying it from the store, you can use dish soap or club soda, which work as an ideal carpet cleaning solution. Sprinkle only a fine mist of it on the affected area. This solution will be completely safe and without any harsh chemicals, so you can be sure that no toxic reaction will affect any member of your family.

Why it is so important to completely dry the area?

After applying the cleaning solution, blot it thoroughly. You can do that by using a towel. Ensure to dry the place well. If the carpet remains damp, mould can grow and ruin your carpet. Accelerate the process of drying by using a fan of hair dryer that will help you eliminate the risk or of mould formation.

What to do if all your efforts go in vain?

If no matter what you try to do, no improvement can be seen, the best option would be to call professional carpet cleaners to handle the situation. In fact, do-it-yourself carpet cleaning is not completely safe. Besides the mould and mildew growth that are a result of excessive use of solutions, the bad cleaning results might appear because of a lack of professional carpet cleaning equipment. With household cleaning machines it is next to impossible to remove stubborn stains. Allow local carpet cleaners to do their work and perform this task up to the highest standards of the carpet cleaning industry.

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