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Carpet Cleaning: Repair Your Carpet After A Water Leak


Carpets can be easily damaged by water or other leaks. If a water leak is happened and you really don’t like to lose a fortune for a new expensive carpet, you may eventually minimize damages if you know how to properly react to this kind of accidents.
Residential Carpets

Most of these carpets have a thick pad underneath it. If there is an accidental leak, the pad absorbs the liquid like a sponge, which might cause serious problems. The pad is intended to provide the feeling of softness to the feet, but it can hold a big amount of water and practically does not offer any water resistance.

Since water likes to travel, the liquid from the leak will migrate through the fibers and the pad and will reach the floor. The brief information below will help you prevent damages in case of leak on your valuable carpet.

Myths for carpet leaks

There are a number of myths related to that situation, so let’s take a look at them.

  • Do nothing, as it will dry by itself.

If you do that, you may end up having a bad smell and mold accumulated into the carpet’s fabric. Because of the high humidity, carpet cannot properly dry and becomes a base for bacteria to grow and breed. If the carpet is not completely dry in 72 hours, mold begins to grow.

  • Remove the wet pad to dry it out.

This is another myth that is ineffective. The reason is that even if you have commercial extraction tools, which are usually used for carpet cleaning, it is impossible to extract the water from the pad. These tools are intended to pull out the water from the fibers and clean the residue. But they can do nothing about the water in the pad.

  • You can prevent the bad smell.

Unfortunately, this is untrue, unless you use very effective carpet cleaning equipment.

The Best Choice

Steam carpet cleaners are able to resolve easy the problem with deep extraction tools specifically designed to remove deep leaks. You can just let carpet cleaners do their work and give you peace of mind, knowing that your carpet is in good hands. Their special carpet cleaning equipment cannot be compared to the machines that you can find in the local store.

The cleaning professional will take care of the bed smell, adding safe carpet cleaning solutions and extracting them afterward with high pressure and suction. Instead of discarding your expansive carpet and losing a lot of money, take advantage of the affordable services that carpet cleaners may provide. That will save you a lot of hassles, time and money.

A professional carpet cleaner has big experience with situations like that and will quickly determine the best method to approach the situation. The results will be far more satisfying than if you try to do it on your own. You might end up damaging your carpet with wrong approach that later on cannot be repaired even by professional carpet cleaners.


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