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Carpet Pricing Guide in the UK

If your current carpet needs to be replaced by a brand new one, you might be interested in the question how much you are going to spend for this new interior investment. The question to that question is not so easy, as there are many different kinds of carpets on the market and they all vary in prices. Their price is usually determined by square meter.

The prices of the brand new carpets

You can find carpets that cost as little as £5 per sq. meter and as much as £30 per sq. meter. This carpet pricing guide will help you consider different factors associated with your upcoming purchase.

Here are some of the factors that determine the price formation: pile depth, weaves, texture, design, materials used in the carpet, whether it is from wool, polypropylene, cotton or polyester, brand and colour.

The type of carpet you will take will depend on the place in your house where you would like to install it. For example, the stairs and other places of high traffic will require a carpet of robust materials, while you would prefer more gentle materials for your living room.

Carpets for people with a low budget

Many people consider that it is not worth to invest money for the cheapest possible option, but when it comes to carpets, the things are different. As strange as it might sound, you can find a good looking and durable carpet at the price of £5 per sq. meter or even slightly under that price. This makes those cheap carpets a good alternative for people who want something affordable and hassle free just to give it a try.

Carpets for people with an average budget

Carpets with mid-range prices cost between £15 and £20 per sq. metre. These carpets are more qualitative compared to the above group and have a longer lifespan. It is likely that you will find such carpets to come with a guarantee from the manufacturer. For example, the Cormar Sensation supreme, which costs £16.74 per sq. metre, comes with a 10 years stain free guarantee.

Carpets for people with a luxury budget

The expensive carpets fall under the luxury category. They are made of premium materials and are priced about £30 per sq. metre. This is a perfect option for people who can afford it. Not only they provide a long term solution, but also feel warm, comfortable and add a luxury touch to your interior.

The price of carpet’s installation

How much it will cost to install the new carpet in your house? The price will vary depending on the room shape, size, the need for furniture removal, and the efforts required for installation. Yet, the average price in London and vicinities is between £4 and £6 per sq. metre.

This means that for a room with a size of about 30 sq. metres, you will need to spend more than £120 for full installation. This price would include the old carpet removal, placing of underlay, door easing and grippers along with the new carpet.

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