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Carpet Stain Removal Tips from Professional Warlingham Carpet Cleaners

People say that children are the future, but what do they do to protect them? They need extra care starting from hygiene, homework help, and so on. How can they be healthy when the part of the house they play on, lie on, and do other things they like, is not cleaned properly?

To ensure they have a healthy life, everyone should keep their home clean. The hardest thing to be cleaned is the carpet that has to be maintained all the time so the room will look beautiful.

Of course, it is really hard to find the best carpet cleaning product, as most of them are toxic. If anyone wants to keep their carpets clean, Mvir Cleaning is the company they can trust in Warlingham.

Mvir cleaning services apply the best carpet cleaning products that are made with zeal and care, always thinking of client’s health.

Some people try to keep their carpets clean and to do that they take off their shoes before they step on the carpet. That is actually effective, but whatever measures they might take, the carpet still becomes unclean over time. Additionally, some accidents might cause ugly and hard-to-remove stains.

Here are some professional tips provided by Mvir Cleaners on how to remove stains from carpets:

  • Blot the stains, don’t rub them. If someone rubs the stain that was spilled on the carpet, he makes it get ground into the carpet fibers. Blotting the spilled stain is so much effective.
  • Use a shaving cream. It should be put directly on the stain and be left there for 20 minutes. Then blot it with a white cloth and finally use white vinegar and water to finalize the stain removing process.
  • If someone accidentally steps on a chewing gum and it sticks on the carpet, the best way to take it off is to freeze it. Take an ice cube and touch the gum with it until it gets totally frozen. Then it won’t be sticky again and it will be taken off easily, without leaving a stain on the carpet.
  • For grease stains use dish detergent. Use two or three drops of the detergent and then blot it with a white cloth. It should take off the grease stain from the carpet just like from the dish.
  • Use iron for wax stains. When someone lights up a candle in his home, some melted wax might be spilled on the carpet and then it will take its solid form once again. To take it off, put a towel on the place where the wax was spilled, and then iron the towel. The wax will melt and then instead of the towel use a paper because the wax will stick to it. Continue doing this process until there is no more wax on the carpet.
  • For pet accidents use organic spray available on the market. First, spray it on the spilled stain and then with a clean cloth blot the sprayed place. Finally, vacuum the carpet and it will be cleaned again.

If these stain removal tips won’t work, then you can turn to professionals from Mvir Cleaning that provide effective stain removal services.

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