Why Professional Carpet Cleaning in Kensington is Important?

Some people in Kensington do not understand the real value of professional carpet cleaning services. They think that regular vacuuming and removing the stains and spills is enough for a good carpet maintenance, so they don’t have to give additional money for professional cleaning. However, they are wrong, as their carpets contain things that they don’t realize. These are dust, hair, dirt, dust mites and other harmful microorganisms that you cannot see. They thrive in the bottom part of the carpets where your household vacuum cleaner cannot reach due to its weak strength.

These facts make it necessary to perform a much more comprehensive carpet cleaning performed by professionals in Kensington. Not using this option may result in appearance of some health issues, like allergies and breathing issues caused by bacteria that thrive in your carpet. Professional cleaning ensures at least five things:

  • Your carpet will be completely sanitized and all the mites and other bacteria will be killed
  • The dust and soil will be removed from the very bottom of the carpet
  • The stains will be removed
  • The look and smell of the carpet will be improved
  • The life of your carpet will be extended

Let’s take a closer look at the procedure that the carpet cleaning specialists in Kensington perform during their visit:

Pre-vacuuming of the carpet

The initial step of professional cleaning process is vacuuming that prepares the carpet for the further cleaning. Its goal is to remove all the big particles and soil that are on the carpet’s surface to prevent them from falling down to the lower layers and from damaging the fibres. Professionals will use a vacuum cleaner of industrial strength that is much more effective than the one you have at your disposal at home.


The next step includes sprinkling of cleaner that is usually highly concentrated. Its purpose is to break down the dirt that is usually accumulated in the areas of higher traffic. In this step, the carpet cleaning professionals also apply special stain removers that are much more effective than those you can find on the market. If you are concerned about the chemicals used in this process, you can turn to a carpet cleaning company in Kensington that works only with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Such a local company is Mvir Cleaning.

Dirt Extraction

Next, the specialists will use a powerful extraction machine to remove the dissolved dirt from the carpet. This system is so effective, that it is able to clean the very base of the carpet fibres using the steam. The moisture is removed with this extraction machine and the drying process afterwards does not take too long.



This final treatment ensures the great smell of the carpet that already looks like new.

We believe that you already can see the difference between the professional and DIY carpet cleaning and how important professional carpet cleaning is. Should you need professional carpet cleaning services performed as described above, you can contact Mvir Cleaning.


Carpet Cleaning Experts in Croydon

Over the last decades, carpets have become an irreversible part of our indoor possessions. This is not only because of the aesthetic reasons, but because they provide the needed comfort during the cold days. Since Croydon is in a region where the hot sunny days are not too many during the year, most houses and companies have this valuable asset. However, along with its great advantages, the carpet comes with the responsibility for the owner to maintain it the best possible way.

Since most of the carpet owners don’t have time and energy to do so, they prefer to turn to carpet cleaning experts in Croydon for help. Mvir Cleaning is among the best cleaning companies in the region that provides both residential and commercial deep carpet cleaning.

If your carpet is neglected for a long period, it might be destroyed and you will lose too much money. So it is better to call professional cleaners when you see the first signs of dirtiness, such as soil, discoloration, stains, etc. Remember that vacuum cleaning cannot effectively deal with these issues, so you need the help of professionals.

What will professionals do?

They will inspect the carpet to determine the best cleaning approach and the right solution.  Next, they will apply the solution on the carpet and leave it there for some time. Respected carpet cleaners in Croydon like Mvir Cleaning use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions, so you can be assured that the carpet cleaning performed by this company is completely safe for your health.

Next, they use a special carpet steamer that injects steam to dissolve the dirt and soil and to kill the allergens, mites and other microorganisms, which reside within the carpet. This ensures that your allergy or a breathing issue, if any, will be alleviated.

Then, using a vacuum machine of industrial strength, they extract all the moisture along with the dirt in a container, so the carpet becomes completely clean without any residue.

The carpet cleaning procedure performed by professionals ensures that the air quality will be significantly improved, so you will definitely notice the difference. Moreover, the aesthetic look of the carpet will be completely restored and its premature aging will be prevented. It will keep its cost longer and its lifespan will be significantly extended.

Some Other Benefits of Using Professional Carpet Cleaning

The allergens in the house will be reduced and people with respiratory conditions will feel much better. Professional carpet cleaning has a long term effect especially if a steam carpet cleaning method is applied. The regular vacuuming of the carpet can help you extend even longer this effect, but sooner or later you will have to use these professional services again, simply because your vacuum cleaner is not as effective as the professional one. It can extract the soil and dirt from the carpet’s surface only, while it cannot remove it from the inside.

Professional carpet cleaners in Croydon are well-trained and knowledgeable about any kind of carpets. Also, they can even restore some of the damaged fibres and prevent their further damage.

Carpet Cleaning Bexley – Get Best Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

There are multiple benefits that both commercial & residential cleaning services in Bexley can provide. They free your time taking multiple cleaning tasks. No matter whether you would like your home or office to obtain perfect cleanness, you can rely to any of the local carpet cleaning companies in Bexley. Mvir Cleaning is among the best cleaning providers in the region that offers a big range of commercial & residential cleaning services. Let us consider some of them below:

Residential Cleaning Services

These include:

  • Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning that eliminates all the harmful microorganisms, which may thrive in your neglected carpet and cause diseases. This method uses steam that penetrates down to the bottom level of the carpet and the high temperature kills them all. Next, the cleaning technician extracts them along with the soil and dirt using a powerful suction machine. Everything is gathered in a container and no residue leaves on the carpet. All you have to do is to wait for a few hours for the carpet to completely dry before using it.
  • Upholstery Cleaning: for this cleaning, professionals also use the steam carpet cleaning method to remove the dirt from the top layers and leave your upholstery well-hygienized and perfectly clean. This procedure will significantly improve your indoor air quality and will extend the life of your upholstery pieces.
  • Stain Removal: The company uses top quality eco-friendly cleaning solutions that can successfully remove the ugly stains from your precious carpet’s surface.
  • Rug Cleaning is also available no matter what kind of rug you have for cleaning. The cleaning specialists will choose the right approach and cleaning solutions to perform it.
  • Mattress Cleaning: People rarely realise how much dirt and dust could be accumulated inside their mattresses and make them unhygienic place for night rest. Let’s add the bacteria and mites that start to live there and feed on that dirt, and the situation will become dangerous for your health. Mvir Cleaning is there to save you from this hazard and to give you your sweet and comfortable sleep back.
  • Curtain Cleaning: Over the time, the curtains start to accumulate bad odour, smoke, and serve as filters that hold the dirty air particles, which makes cause their colours to fade. Mvir Cleaning returns the beauty of your curtains.
  • Oven Cleaning: it is no always possible to maintain the great look of your oven. In that case, you need specialists who will take care of this task professionally, ensuring that you will use a hygienic and perfectly clean oven that will look as brand new. It is a great idea to use this service if you want to sell your old oven, too.

Commercial Cleaning Services

  • End of tenancy cleaning: this service ensures that your house would be prepared for your next tenants. It includes a long list of services that cover all rooms in the house.
  • Commercial carpet cleaning: your business image is important, so this service is necessary for companies who have carpets in their offices. On one hand, the clean carpets will make a great first impression on your clients; on the other hand, the commercial carpet cleaning will improve the health of the employees.

Do not hesitate to contact Mvir Cleaning, when you need any of these commercial & residential cleaning services in Bexley.





Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Professional in Bromley

What is better DIY carpet cleaning or professional carpet cleaning in Broomley? It depends on multiple factors that include your preferences, budget, the kind of the carpets, their size, etc. Yet, hiring professional carpet cleaners have multiple benefits that exceed all the advantages that the DIY carpet cleaning provides. In order to compare them, let’s consider both below.

DIY Carpet Cleaning in Bromley

The reason why some people prefer to clean the carpets on their own is mainly because of the cost of these professional services. People prefer to save their money, especially if they have more carpets to clean. They prefer to hire a cleaning machine for a day to perform the cleaning on their own, so they choose a cleaning solution from the market to clean with.

The problem appears when the person is not experienced enough in this job and makes some mistakes that may cost him much more than he was going to pay to the local carpet cleaning company. Such mistakes may include:

  • Choosing of inappropriate carpet cleaning solution
  • No experience working with a bulky carpet cleaning machine
  • No knowledge on the specifics of the carpet
  • No experience in the amount of water that should be used in the cleaning process

All these mistakes result in destroying the carpet and great money loss. If any of the above-mentioned points applies to you, it is recommended that you hire local professional carpet cleaners in Bromley like Mvir Cleaning instead of doing DIY carpet cleaning.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Bromley

Professional carpet cleaning in Bromley is not only going to save you much time and hassles, it will also leave your dirty carpets at professional hands. The cleaning professionals will inspect the fabric and will choose the most appropriate cleaning solution to clean it. Since these companies usually work every day, you can schedule their visit to the most convenient time for you. You don’t have to be engaged in the cleaning process, as they will come with everything necessary to complete professional carpet cleaning.

When choosing your carpet cleaning company, choose the one that works with eco-friendly cleaning solutions only. That will ensure that everyone, who lives in your house is completely save. Moreover, professionals should also apply a steam carpet cleaning method, which provides deep cleaning for a long-term effect. It is enough to call the professional cleaners to clean your carpet once per year to ensure the good hygiene, as long as you maintain the carpets with regular vacuum cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaners come with their professional equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products. They provide a guarantee for full customer satisfaction that ensures clients they will receive perfect cleanness in their home. Along with extracting the dust and dirt from the carpet, the steam carpet cleaning method kills the mites, allergens, and bacteria from all the levels. The stains are also removed, so when professional carpet cleaning is completed, the carpet will look like brand new with an extended life.

Best Carpet Cleaning Solution in Lewisham

Although professional carpet cleaning in Lewisham is very popular, there are still people who prefer to do it on their own. The reason for this is obvious: they want to save some money, as the carpet cleaning services are not that cheap, especially if you have to clean multiple rooms. That is why, people who are on budget, prefer to perform this work on their own. Mvir Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning company in the region that advises the customers who prefer DIY carpet cleaning on which is the best carpet cleaning solution in Lewisham.

A list of the best carpet cleaning solutions in Lewisham

The list of good cleaning solutions in Lewisham is quite extensive, but we have listed here 4 of the best carpet cleaning solutions in the local market. We preferred them, because all of them are green products that do not harm people, pets or environment. Green cleaning products have become a trend in the modern word in the common goal to prevent the global warming and to save the earth. This urged the manufacturers to make these green products as efficient as those that are full of chemicals.

Moreover, these products are children and pet friendly and do not trigger any deterioration in the health condition of people with chronic illnesses. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Begley’s Household Stain & Odour Remover

With a great combination of essential oils and enzymes, this solution emits an aroma with a therapeutic effect. All the other ingredients are plant based, so you can be sure in your safety. Moreover, this clearing product is great not only for cleaning carpets, but all other hard surfaces in the house. If you have a pet, you will not regret to use it. It will remove the stains that your pet has left and will deodorise the area, being completely harmless for your favourite animal.

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

This is a carpet cleaning solution, which has baking soda in its base. It has to be sprinkled over the surface and left to dry completely. Then, you can vacuum the carpet to remove the dried baking soda along with the attracted dirt. This solution provides one of the simplest methods to clean your carpet on your own without too much hassles and it effectively removes quite a big portion of the dirt and dust. It will help in removing some of the stains, too.

Better Life Stain & Odour Eliminator

This is a great stain removing solution that serves as a botanical deodorizer, too. With its help, you can remove pet and food stains from the carpet’s surface. But it is also effective in laundry, furniture and sports gear cleaning. If you have blood stains or other tough stains on the carpet, you can try this solution.

Biokleen Carpet & Rug Shampoo

Along with carpets, this effective based-on-plants carpet cleaner allows you to clean pads and backings. It is concentrated 3x in one pack, which reduces the expenditure of valuable earth resources like electricity, fuel, etc.


Who are the best carpet cleaning company in Richmond?

If you reside in Richmond, you probably wonder which of the multiple carpet cleaning companies is the best for you. If you do some online research, you will come across a big list of carpet cleaners that include London Carpet Cleaning LTD, Roger Garrett, Mvir Cleaning, Carpet Bright UK, etc. Let’s determine here to which of them it is worth to turn to.

How to recognize professional cleaners?

Before choosing the best company in your region, let us consider a few characteristics that distinguish professional carpet cleaners from the non-professional ones. Professional carpet cleaning companies in Richmond have in common these features:

  • Great customer support: professional cleaners provide client support by phone, as they know that there could always be some urgent situation that would need their immediate reaction.
  • A guarantee for quality: each professional company stays behind their services providing people a guarantee that they will be completely satisfied by the cleaning. If not, the company will redo the work.
  • Professional carpet cleaners take care of the health of their clients that is why they do not use chemicals in the cleaning process. There are so many eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions available today, which are very effective, that it is not worth of choosing a company that uses chemicals.
  • Their staff is certified, licensed, insured and well-trained, so they can handle carpets of any kind, no matter what specific cleaning approach should be taken.
  • The company applies the steam carpet cleaning method, which is known to be the most effective one, providing deep cleaning of all the carpet’s levels.
  • The company is available every day, so if you need them during the weekend, they could be there for you.

Why Mvir Cleaning?

Your chosen cleaning company should comply with all these points, otherwise you should choose another one. If you are in doubt of which of them to choose from the long local list, we propose you the Mvir Cleaning Company. This company has a great reputation among the local customers and serves both private people and commercial clients. This professional carpet cleaner provides a wide range of services that include rug and carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stain removal, oven cleaning, curtain cleaning, and end of tenancy cleaning.

If you have stains on your carpet or mattress that are caused by specific food, juice, coffee, blood, ink, vomit or urine, Mvir Cleaning technician will apply the right technique and cleaning solution to remove both the stain and the bad odor. They use eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions that are not less effective than those packed with chemicals.

Their heavy-duty professional steam carpet cleaning machine features an industrial strength, so that you get the best possible cleaning results whatever cleaning service you need to order. The professional staff is even ready to apply end-of-tenancy cleaning that includes a long list of services. This package will prepare your house for the next tenants, who will hurry up to move in your beautiful clean house before someone else.

The Best EVER Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution in Fulham

Although most people in Fulham prefer to use the services of professional carpet cleaning companies in the region, there are still some people who are on a too tight monthly budget to pay for professional cleaning services. They prefer to complete the whole difficult process of carpet cleaning on their own to spend less money. That is why, they search for an effective homemade solution recipe that will not only help them do the job the best possible way, but will also save them more money on expensive carpet cleaning solutions.

The use of homemade carpet cleaning solution has one more great benefit – you don’t have to add chemicals in it. This means that the cleaning will be done with natural ingredients and will not trigger any adverse effects on your health. As one of the most reputable carpet cleaning companies in Fulham, Mvir Cleaning shares with us the recipe of the best homemade carpet cleaning solution learnt from their practice.

In order to prepare it, you will need the following common household ingredients: baking soda, white vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide.

Applying a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar

When you have to deal with a carpet with stubborn stains, make a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. Before applying it directly on the carpet’s surface, test its effect on an invisible spot to ensure that it will not discolour the fabric. If no bad reaction is observed, you can proceed with placing that mixture on the spots. Spread the mixture with an old toothbrush that will help you carefully work it into the fibres.

You can leave the paste that way for some time to completely dry before you vacuum it. If the stain is not completely gone, you can repeat the procedure several times until the desired result is reached.

Applying hydrogen peroxide

If the stains are caused by chocolate, coffee or wine and are stubborn enough to not get removed by the described above recipe, then hydrogen peroxide should come into play. You can simply put it directly on the spot and it will start fizzing. Allow it to finish that process and then using a clean rug, dab thoroughly the stain. Again, you can repeat the procedure multiple times until the stain disappears.

If nothing helps…

Stain removal is a very hard process and requires patience, persistence and hard efforts. Unfortunately, there are stains that people cannot lift up without professional help no matter how hard they try. If that is the case, you can call Mvir Cleaning. They are available every day of the week, so you can hire them in the most convenient time for you.

The company assures that they use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions that do not cause allergies, breathing issues or other health problems. They will apply the most modern and successful method of deep steam carpet cleaning paying a particular attention to each spot. They will help you return the beautiful look of your carpet!

We Visited a Client in Hammersmith to Clean his Carpet

There are many businesses and private people in Hammersmith that need regular professional carpet cleaning. Mvir Cleaning is there to meet their needs and resolve their carpet cleaning problems. We will share with you information about one such visit of a private client in Hammersmith that we recently did.

Benefits or Hiring Mvir Cleaning

There are many carpet cleaning companies in the region, but the clients called us because of the benefits we provide. Here they are:

We offer very competitive prices for the carpet cleaning companies. That definitely attracts people who are on a budget, yet would like to keep their house mite and bacteria free.

We work every day of the week including on weekends, which was very convenient for our client, as he was busy in all the work days.

We offer a guarantee for a full customer satisfaction, which gave him a confidence that he will not spend his money in vain. In case, he was not completely satisfied, we could redo the work to achieve his full satisfaction.

Our client had an allergy, so he was very worried about using chemicals in the process of carpet cleaning. We assured him that all our cleaning solutions are entirely eco-friendly and no chemicals are included in the cleaning process. Moreover, carpet cleaning will have a very positive impact on his health and is able to greatly alleviate his disease. The reason for this is that all the disease-causing microorganism, germs, and allergens will be killed with the steam carpet cleaning method and they will be extracted from the carpet together with the dust and dirt.

We have experienced, trained and knowledgeable carpet cleaning technicians who know what cleaning approach should be taken in each specific case. Since there are different kinds of carpets, determining the right cleaning solution and method is essential for both its proper cleaning and preservation.

Mvir Cleaning Goals

We have five main goals that include:

  • Full customer satisfaction
  • Removing the allergens and mites that deteriorate people’s health at home
  • Returning of the great and beautiful carpet’s look by removing all the dirt, soil, and dust along with the nasty stains
  • Extending the life of the carpet
  • Preserving the environment by using eco-friendly cleaning solutions

All these benefits combined explain why the customer chose us for his carpet cleaning task.

The Cleaning Process Itself

On Sunday morning, we went to the client’s address with all our machines and equipment. We did an inspection of the carpet’s condition first and then started the work. The cleaning process consisted in three stages that took about an hour. The first stage was pre-treatment. It consisted of thorough vacuuming of the carpet and sprinkling an eco-friendly cleaning solution to dissolve the dirt that was stuck inside the fibres. The second stage was applying the steam cleaning method using our professional heavy-duty steaming machine. And last, we extracted all the residue and moisture from the carpet along with all the dirt. The carpet was completely clean and the client was very happy. He noticed that the air quality of the room significantly improved.


Best Carpet Cleaning in Wandsworth

Carpets are an irreversible part of our modern homes. Not only they have a high aesthetic value, but also their practical features add to the comfort of everyone who lives in that house. However, along with the valuable asset, we get a responsibility of its regular maintenance. Otherwise, the carpet can become dangerous for your health as it may become a source of disease-causing bacteria, mites, and allergens. DIY cleaning is not enough to prevent their thriving and breeding. Once per year, people need to hire professionals who will perform the best carpet cleaning in Wandsworth. Let’s look at some reasons why hiring professional carpet cleaners is necessary.

Reason 1: Unclean carpets cause various issues at home.

Apart from an anaesthetic look and deprivation of value, neglected carpets can cause allergies and respiratory conditions. They also deteriorate the indoor air and their life is shortened, which leads to financial loss.

Reason 2: Steam carpet cleaning as the best carpet cleaning method.

The benefits of steam carpet cleaning approach are multiple. The process itself doesn’t take much time, but it guarantees a long-term cleanness of your carpet. The steam that comes from the carpet steamer penetrates deep into the fibres and cleans the soil and dirt that can be stuck there. This ensures a thorough and complete cleanness till the very bottom of the carpet. Moreover, the harmful bacteria and mites are killed by the high temperature. A powerful suction machine is used to extract the entire residue along with the moisture. It takes about 4-5 hours for the carpet to dry completely after the cleaning procedure.

Reason 3: Steam carpet cleaning extends your carpet’s life.

We all know that carpets are expensive accessories that we should invest in. As a result, we need to take a proper care of them in order to keep their good look longer. There is no point to change carpets every other year only because we cannot maintain them properly. Professional carpet cleaners will help you return the new look of your carpet and greatly extend its life and value.

Reason 4: Professional carpet cleaning successfully deals with the stains.

Stains can literally spoil the beauty of the carpet. No matter how hard people try to remove them on their own, often they make the situation even worse. The stain penetrates deep into the fabric and cannot be remove from there unless a professional takes care of it. Professional carpet cleaners will choose the right cleaning solution based on the carpet’s type and will apply the right cleaning technique to remove the stain without ruining the carpet.

Reason 5: Eco-friendly professional carpet cleaning approach.

The era of cleaning solutions packed with chemicals is in the past. Today, more and more companies tend to replace the chemicals with eco-friendly cleaning solutions that will make no harm to people or pet’s health nor the environment. These green cleaning solutions are as effective as the chemicals but without any adverse effects.

If you are searching for a professional carpet cleaning company in Wandsworth, Mvir Cleaning is the best solution.

Carpet Cleaning in Wimbledon – Local Carpet Cleaners in Wimbledon

Hiring local carpet cleaning services in Wimbledon is very important for both – private people and companies. It is essential for the private people to keep their carpets clean at home to ensure a clean and healthy indoor atmosphere for everyone who lives there. On the other hand, business people have to maintain their commercial carpets clean, as they represent their business to the clients. This makes professional carpet cleaning in Wimbledon in demand.

What Professional Carpet Cleaners Can Do for You?

Hiring professional cleaners at least once per year for private customers and twice per year for commercial ones is necessary for maintaining a good indoor hygiene.

If you are a home owner, you would greatly benefit from these services. Professional carpet cleaners will perform steam carpet cleaning that consists in several steps: pre-treatment, steam carpet cleaning, extraction, and drying period. You can be sure that your carpet will be completely dust and mites free after their work and there will be no residue left on the carpet. This guarantees a long-term cleaning effect of this procedure, when it is performed by professionals.

Businesses like restaurants, hospitals, hotels, cinemas, theatres, barber’s shops, etc. will also benefit of professional carpet cleaning services in Wimbledon. Since their carpets are a subject of higher traffic, they will become soon dull and unpleasant, if no special care is taken about them. In order to keep them up to the standards, hire professional carpet cleaners that offer a steam carpet cleaning method.

Why dry carpet cleaning method is not recommended?

Although there are many companies out there that offer dry carpet cleaning method assuring their customers that it takes less drying time after which the carpet can be used again, this cleaning method has a very short-term effect. It cleans only the surface of the carpet and the dirt and dust accumulated deep in the carpet soon reappear again.

Why the steam carpet cleaning method is better?

In contrast, the steam carpet cleaning method indeed takes more time for drying, but it is worth of choosing this method, because it cleans the entire carpet down to the very base. The steam used in the process eliminates completely all the mites, allergens and bacteria that can cause allergies and diseases. It also dissolves the stuck soil, dirt, food particles, etc., so the suction machine used afterwards can easier extract them. The carpet at the ends looks and smells like new and gets back its representable and beautiful look.

When you choose your carpet cleaning professionals in your region, ensure that the chosen cleaning company uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This will eliminate the chance that the carpet cleaning will have an adverse effect on your health or on the surrounding environment.

One of the best carpet cleaning companies in Wimbledon that offers both private and commercial carpet cleaning is Mvir Cleaning Company. They are experienced in this industry, use only green solutions and work every days of the week, including the weekend.