Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Recommendations and Tips

Unlike the steam carpet cleaning method, encapsulation cleaning is an interim method. The process itself is simple: you just need an encapsulating chemical to spread all over the dirty carpet, brush it into the fibres as much as possible and after a certain period of waiting, extract the residue with a vacuum cleaner. Usually, for working the detergent into the carpet, a bonnet or a rotary brush machine is used. The chemical surrounds the soil particles forming capsules or crystals. This way the dirt is released from the fibres and removed using a vacuum cleaner. As this is only an interim cleaning method, if you intend to maintain the carpet’s cleanliness, you need to regularly perform encapsulation carpet cleaning.

This method is preferred by some companies only for the reason that a very limited amount of moisture is used in the process. This means that people do not have to wait long hours until their carpet dries. It can be used almost right after the cleaning process is completed. Moreover, this method appears to be at a lower price compared to other carpet cleaning methods and most business owners are satisfied with the results.

Keep in mind that the encapsulation cleaning is not intended to be used by private people. It is a method designed particularly for commercial uses. Yet, the business owners cannot rely only to this single method. It is recommended that every 2 or 3 encapsulation carpet cleanings are followed by one steam carpet cleaning for best results.

How to Properly Perform Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning?

This procedure is made by carpet cleaning professionals who adhere to the following steps:

Step 1: The carpet is thoroughly vacuumed first, to remove all the large particles and dry soils that are on its surface.

Step 2: Then, they spray the encapsulate with a pump-up sprayer. It has to be diluted with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 3: Then, a waiting period of about 15 minutes follows.

Step 4: The carpet cleaning professional will use either a grooming brush, bonnet or cylindrical brush machine to work the detergent into the carpet as deep as possible.

Step 5: The carpet should dry and then is vacuumed again. During this procedure, the technician ensures that all the encapsulated debris are picked up and no residue is left in the carpet.

No need to wait any longer to use the cleaned carpet, which is perfect for many industries like hotels, hospitals, restaurants, theatres, etc. This method allows them to quickly refresh the available carpets that are a subject of a high traffic.

Drawbacks of the Encapsulation Cleaning

However, there are two drawbacks that should be kept in mind. First, this method uses a chemical that could affect the health of people, who work or live in those premises. Second, since this method cleans only the carpet’s surface, you should expect that the dirt will appear quite soon again. This means that the encapsulation cleaning method should be done regularly. For this reason, the cleaning specialists recommend to alternate this cleaning method with steam carpet cleaning now and then.

What is the best carpet cleaning company in Lambeth?

It is not an easy thing to determine what is the best carpet cleaning company in Lambeth. The reason for this is because there are so many of them that claim to be the best. Second, you need to consider multiple factors in their comparison to determine the best one.

Obviously, you can hire any of the available carpet cleaning companies there, but if you want top quality cleaning services, you need to consider the following factors before choosing your carpet cleaning expert.

Is their service professional enough?

Since the carpet cleaning industry remains non-regulated, you cannot just hire anyone, who have a carpet cleaning machine, entrusting your valuable carpet in his hands. You have to be sure that this person is indeed a professional and can perform the carpet cleaning flawlessly. You need to get a guarantee for quality upfront. In addition, notice what kind of technique he uses. It has to be professional and of industrial strength. This will ensure you that the work he will do will be professional.

Is the cleaning company certified and insured?

During the cleaning different unfortunate circumstances might happen that could eventually result in losses for the carpet owner, if the hired cleaning company is not fully insured. Ensure that the cleaning company does not utilize the services offered by hired help, but work with fully trained constant team of carpet cleaning professionals. All of them should be certified and insured.

What is the online cleaning company’s reputation?

There is a long list of companies that are reviewed by dissatisfied and complaining customers. You can check the feedbacks for the chosen companies in the following websites: ConsumerSearch.com, ConsumerReports.org or RipOffReport.com. This valuable reports may direct you into choosing the company that most customers are satisfied with. This will limit the risk that you will have a bad experience using that company.

Search for a Company with a Website

Another way to evaluate the professionalism of the company’s carpet cleaning services is by taking a look at their website. You will find not only clients testimonies there, but other important data, such as availability, the cleaning products used, the professional equipment and techniques, the different kinds of services performed, and much more.

What is Their Hiring Process?

By visiting the company’s website or some of their promotional materials, you can see what are the hiring practices of the company. Choose a carpet cleaning company with strict requirements that only professionals can meet. The company should regularly perform some background checks to ensure their employees meet all the standards of qualitative cleaning services.

Although it might take some time, this little investigation will help you avoid many problems. After all, you require the best cleaning service for your expensive carpets and you would like to ensure that you will receive it.

If you have difficulties with finding the best carpet cleaning company in Lambeth, try the services offered by Mvir Cleaning Company, which offers professional carpet cleaning for more than 5 years in this region.


The Best EVER Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution in London

Homemade carpet cleaning solutions allow people to minimize the amount of harmful chemicals during the carpet cleaning process. If you would like to find the best ever homemade carpet cleaning solution in London, try the safe recipes given below. They are very easy to make and require common household products that are ready available in most homes. Moreover, these cleaning detergents are much more cheaper compared to those that you will find in the market. And they are not less effective. Try each of them to consider which one is the best. Obviously, that would be the one that works best for you.

A homemade carpet detergent for your steam cleaner

If you have a portable steam cleaner, you can fill ¾ of the container with the following homemade carpet cleaning solution:

  • a liquid dish soap – 2 tablespoons,
  • white distilled vinegar – 1/4 cup,
  • hydrogen peroxide – 1/2 cup,
  • essential oil – a few drop.

Mix all the ingredients and add the ready mixture into the container. Then, you are ready to clean you carpet!

A homemade carpet freshener

You can use this easy recipe as often as you need, as there is no negative impact on the carpet’s fibres, yet it is very efficient in removing the bad odour. The following ingredients are needed:

  • borax – 1/2 cup,
  • baking soda – 1/2 cup,
  • essential oil – a few drop.

Thoroughly mix them and sprinkle the powder on the carpet, then carefully agitate with a soft brush. Before vacuuming the surface, let it sit for 30 min, so the baking soda could do its magic.

A homemade cleaner for all purposes

This recipe is based on vinegar, as one of the best homemade cleaning agents. You can use this cleaner in the steam cleaning machine, so you don’t have to buy a commercial product. Here is the simple recipe:

  • white distilled vinegar – 1 cup,
  • water – 2 cups.

As simple as it is, it can remove the greasy spots on the carpet’s surface, the bad odour, and also can be used for other purposes, like for kitchen countertops, sinks, bathroom, shelves etc. Do not worry about the smell of vinegar, as it will disappear immediately after the solution dries.



A homemade solution that protects the carpet’s colours

As you know, the carpets become dull over time and their beautiful colours become to fade. With a proper maintenance, this will not happen. This solution allows you to protect the colours of your favourite carpet. What it includes?

  • white distilled vinegar – 1 teaspoon,
  • ammonia – 1/2 teaspoon,
  • liquid dishwashing detergent – 3 tablespoons,
  • tap water – 2 cups.

After mixing everything together to make it as homogeneous as possible, you can use a foaming dispenser to pour it in. If you don’t have such, you can replace the dispenser with an egg-beater and treat it until thick foam is formed. Apply the foam on the carpet evenly, then using a damp sponge blot the area. Let it sit for a few minutes and you will notice that the foam is getting dark and dirty. All you have to do it to remove it and to not leave any residue on the carpet. You will immediately notice the difference between the areas, where the foam is removed. When the carpet dries completely, run a vacuum to finish the cleaning process.


We Visited a Client in Chelsea to Clean His Carpet

To our question “How often do you use professional carpet cleaning services?” our clients in Chelsea have a common answer: “Well, not that often.” Mvir Cleaning serves the region already 5 years and has encountered a variety of carpet related issues. We are going to share here details related to one such visit of a client in Chelsea, who hired us to clean his dirty carpet.

Why Regular Carpet Cleaning is so Important?

In fact, he decided to call us only after he noticed a visible layer of debris and dirt on the carpet’s surface. It was obvious that no carpet maintenance was performed. We explained the client that this visible part of dirt covers a layer of invisible hazards. They include dust, bacteria, allergens, mites, etc. that can significantly deteriorate the health condition of everyone who lives in that house. The proper maintenance is not consisting only in taking off the shoes before stepping on the carpet. It should be regularly vacuumed several times a week.

Health Improvement

After our explanation, he understood why his 10-year-old son has recently caught a persistent dry cough that is exacerbate at night time. We were sure that his condition will be significantly improved after our cleaning work. In fact, our carpet cleaning services could eliminate his cough entirely, as we use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions and a steam carpet cleaning method that eliminates the mites and allergens without any chemicals.

Improved Appearance

After that we started the process of cleaning itself. Our super powerful vacuum machine helped us extract all the debris, dirt and other smaller or bigger bits that were built up on the carpet’s surface over time. The appearance of the carpet was immediately improved, but this was only the first step of cleaning. There were still stains to remove and the carpet still emitted a bad odour.

We applied our eco-friendly cleaning solution on the carpet and took our bulky steamer. The hot water completely eliminated all the harmful microbes and bacteria in the lower layers of the carpet. Moreover, it was able to dissolve the dirty particles stuck to the lower parts of the fibres. That is why, the steam carpet cleaning is considered the best method of all available professional carpet cleaning methods today. It provides deep cleaning that cannot be achieved by other known methods. The entire carpet was washed by the injected hot steam. We then used a vacuum machine that gathered the entire residue, i.e. the dirty water, in a special container.

Improved Smell

That was the moment when the smell of the carpet was completely changed. It started to emit fresh smell, like that the new carpets emit.

Stain Removal

But we still had to deal with all sorts of stains that were spread at different places on the carpet’s surface. We had to treat them one by one with a special eco-friendly stain remover and then apply the vacuum cleaning all over again. We told our client that he needs to treat the stains as soon as they appear to prevent the likelihood of having permanent stains.

After completing our work, our client was more than happy. He told us that he will recommend our carpet cleaning services to all his friends and relatives.

Best Carpet Cleaning Kensington for Commercial Cleaning Purposes

If you own a business in Kensington, sooner or later you will come to the point to consider the local carpet cleaning services. You simply cannot have dirty carpets as they will present to your clients the quality of your own services or products. On the other hand, clean and well maintained carpets will speak of your reliability as a business partner and will attract both the clients and partners instead of repelling them. However, to achieve that result, you need to search for the best carpet cleaning Kensington. Let’s consider below how to find such a reputable carpet cleaning company.

Top level of cleaning

Search for a company that provides the highest possible level of carpet cleaning. This is not possible for companies that do not have the latest equipment, techniques and the right training. Moreover, they need to apply only eco-friendly cleaning solutions to not endanger the health of all who work in the premises. It is necessary that the chosen cleaning agency applies the steam carpet cleaning method, as it is considered the best of all due to its multiple benefits, especially the deep carpet cleaning effect.

So when you are searching for a carpet cleaning company in Kensington, ensure they apply the steam carpet cleaning method, have the necessary training, the latest technologies and equipment, as well as the most qualitative carpet cleaning solutions, which are eco-friendly.

Tailored Carpet Cleaning Services for Different Sectors of Industry

This is another important factor to search for. It is essential that the professional carpet cleaners have a specific cleaning approach to different industries like leisure, hospitality, industrial sector, retail, and other professional sectors, as all of them have different needs. The commitments should be arranged in a way that would cause a minimal disruption to the business. That could be the day off when the company is closed. This means that the chosen carpet cleaning company should be available at that day. So, prefer a carpet cleaning company that works 7 days a week, as they will be always available to make the job in your most convenient time.

Search for a Cleaning Company with a Website

In the modern world we live, we simply cannot imagine the life without the Internet. From there, we get detailed information about everything we are interested in. A reputable carpet cleaning company in Kensington should have its own professional website with all the services and techniques described there along with the prices. People can read the testimonials from the previous clients, contact details, and some other specifics related to their work. A company without a website simply cannot stand out above the competition.

Performing Specific Tasks Like Stain Removal

Professional carpet cleaning company will definitely have a vast knowledge of different cleaning methods and tricks. They will know how to remove the stubborn stains and will be able to offer a range of other services. These could include mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, etc.

If you are still in doubt about which carpet cleaning company in Kensington to choose, we advise you to call the local Mvir Cleaning professionals.

Upholstery cleaning in Lingfield, RH7 postcode area

Carpet Cleaning in Croydon – Local Carpet Cleaners in Croydon

People in Croydon, who want to ensure that their carpets will preserve their great look for a long time period, need to take a proper care of them. However, among the best things they can do for their carpets is hiring local carpet cleaners in Croydon. They are experienced enough in their work. They know the best way to keep the carpets great looking and completely clean, so you can fully entrust them this task.

The Need of Professional Carpet Cleaners

Some people think they could save their money by performing carpet cleaning on their own, but this is a myth. No matter how hard they try, they lose too much time and money, if something is made the wrong way. The fact is that the carpet cleaning specialists will achieve results that are impossible for the non-professionals to achieve.

Even so, there are certain duties that the carpet owners indeed should do and can do to keep their valuable carpet for a longer period. Yet, they have to call the local carpet cleaners every now and then in order to get complete and professional cleaning. Often the local carpet cleaners in Croydon offer additional services. These could be mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc. This enables their clients to take advantage of them in a single visit.

It could be confusing when you need to choose a particular carpet cleaning company in Croydon, as there are many of them. It will be easier for you to choose, if you know a bit more about the different cleaning methods the carpets cleaning companies use. While there might be companies that offer two of these methods, most of them are specialized in a single one. Let’s consider them below:

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This is a method that is good for the carpets that should be used immediately after the cleaning, so there is no waiting period for the carpet to dry. The carpet is treated with dry cleaning detergents and then is vacuumed. One of the biggest drawbacks of this method is that it is unable to remove the dirt from the bottom of the carpets. As a result, it reappears soon again. This means that professional dry carpet cleaning should be performed more often than the steam carpet cleaning.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

The cleaning experts mix carbonated water with a carpet cleaning product that is spread over the carpet in the form of mist. Then a rotating buffer machine is used to treat the carpet. Just like the previous method, it cannot impact the bottom part of the carpet that remains dirty.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

This method is based on hot water that is injected into the carpet. This allows the steam to penetrate deep down the fibers to loosen and dissolve the dirt. Additional cleaning solutions are used to completely remove the dirt and to kill the bacteria, mites and other harmful microorganisms. This is the best known method of all and it is worth to hire a company that offers it. Moreover, it is best to search for carpet cleaning experts, like Mvir Cleaning, who use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Mvir Cleaning Offers Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning Services

Spring is the best time to start cleaning your carpets that have accumulated a lot of dust, dirt, and soil over the winter. Moreover, all these become a potential hazard for people’s health. If you reside in London and vicinities and do not know where to turn for professional carpet cleaning help, Mvir Cleaning is your best decision.

Benefits Offered by Mvir Cleaning

There are multiple benefits that Mvir Cleaning can offer to the customers. They include:

Deep professional carpet cleaning that leaves no dirty corners or residue on the carpet. All the stains will be treated with appropriate cleaning solutions. The best thing is that they do not use any harmful detergents that are full of chemicals. All the cleaning solutions they apply are eco-friendly, as they take care of their customers’ health. Not only their clients will not be affected by the cleaning, on the contrary, their health will greatly benefit of the carpet cleaning procedure, especially if they currently suffer from allergies, asthma, or other lung related conditions.

Mvir Cleaning applies the steam carpet cleaning method. It is the best possible cleaning method known in the cleaning industry. The reason for this is that it is a green method that leaves no residue behind and offers deep and long-term carpet cleaning.

The carpet cleaning process

The process of professional carpet cleaning takes about 1 hour. It consists of several steps that the cleaning technician performs.

  • The first one is vacuuming your carpet with a powerful vacuum cleaning machine. This way, all the soil and dust, accumulated on the carpet’s surface is removed to prevent its falling down to the carpet’s bottom and eventually deterioration of the fibres.
  • The second step is spraying the carpet with eco-friendly cleaning solution that causes no allergies or any adverse effects on people, babies or pets.
  • Then, the process of the steam carpet cleaning itself begins to dissolve all the dirt that is stuck in the fibres. Moreover, the hot water injected inside the carpet washes the dirt from the very bottom of the fibres and eliminates the mites, allergens and other living microorganisms that emit bad odour and may harm your health. All those are collected along with the dirty water in a container leaving the carpet so clean that it looks like brand new.

The carpet cleaners take care of the fresh aroma too. They significantly improve the air quality of the entire premise.

A guarantee for professional service

Mvir Cleaning offers a guarantee for 100% satisfaction to the customers, so they are ensured that they will get what they deserve. The company works every single day, which is very convenient for people who prefer to take advantage of these services during the weekend.

When the carpet cleaners complete their work, the client will need to wait for about 4 hours for the carpet to dry completely before using it again. Professional cleaning offered by Mvir Cleaning saves you much hassles, time and money, while guarantees perfect cleanness. It successfully extended the lifespan of your carpet and enhances its beauty.

Time-Limited Sale Price

Only now, Mvir Cleaning provides a great promo price for spring season of 10% off for carpet cleaning over £70. Take advantage of it now!

How Do I Make Homemade Cleaner for Carpet Cleaning Machines: Carpet Care & Cleaning

There are many ways to do a carpet cleaning solution on your own, but we will discuss a few of them here that I consider the best. If you intend to apply DIY carpet cleaning using your carpet cleaning machine, then this recipe would be of help. To make a carpet cleaning solution, you need a liquid dish soap and hot water.

How to make a homemade cleaner for a carpet cleaning machine?

So let’s start with preparing the solution. Take a bucket and add a few drops of your dish soap there. Then, fill the entire bucket with hot water. Remember, do not pour too much soup, as it will result in much residue in your carpet later. A few drops are enough. After adding the water, you will see that lather is formed on the surface. Now, you are ready to pour this solution into your carpet cleaning machine and clean your dirty carpet.

Ensure that you run the machine several times over the places that are a subject to high traffic or look too dull. After you complete the cleaning, use a powerful vacuuming machine to remove all excessive moisture and residue from the washed fibres. You can use fans and air conditioner as well to accelerate the drying period.

What about the bad odour?

In case, you have completed the above instructions, but you still notice that there is bad odour that the carpet emits, you can do the following: combine some white vinegar with hot water in a ratio 1:5 and clean the carpet. Obviously, it will obtain the smell of the vinegar at first, but as soon as it dries, the bad odour will be noticeable no more. The vinegar is the best known household ingredient that combats the bad odour and refreshes the entire carpet.

How to deal with the stains?

There could be some places on the carpet that cannot be cleaned neither by the soap solution nor by the vinegar. What to do in such a case?  To deal with stains and spots, the baking soda should come into play. Actually, there are a few options to proceed.

Option #1: it is usually applied for fresh stains. If you or someone else at home spills something on the carpet, take some baking soda and spread it directly above the spillage until there is a dry soda on the top. If it continues to absorb moisture, keep adding more and more dry soda until the top is completely dry and let it stay until the stain dries. Then get a vacuum cleaner and remove the residue.

Option #2: If you have to deal with an old stain, you can pour some Hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain. It should start fizzing. Let it complete the process, then use a dry and clean cloth to remove the excess moisture.

Attention! Always try that method on an invisible place first to avoid any discolouration or ruining the fabric.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning in Sutton is Important?

Sutton is a great place to live in. There are many companies and businesses that you can take advantage of, including carpet cleaning companies that provide professional services at great prices. And if you are still in doubt why professional carpet cleaning in Sutton is important, let’s consider the answer to this question below.

There are two options for carpet cleaning: DIY carpet cleaning and professional one. Although it is obvious that the latter is much more convenient, there are still people who opt for DIY carpet cleaning. Their biggest goal is to save money, but the experience shows that often that doesn’t happen that way.

Problems with the DIY carpet cleaning

There are serious drawbacks that make DIY carpet cleaning less desirable and chosen option by people in Sutton. Which are they?

To start with, DIY carpet cleaning takes days. Imagine how much money you would earn, if you take that time to work on your business projects. We can count all these money as a direct money loss. But this is not the biggest problem, as there are some other issues that can lead to even a bigger money loss.

Most people who clean carpets on their own are inexperience and have no knowledge of how to do it the right way. They either choose the wrong cleaning solution, or use too much water during the cleaning, which may ruin the carpet. Then, they will have to give a fortune to buy a new carpet.

Additionally, many people rent a professional cleaning machine for a certain time to help them perform deep carpet cleaning. They have to spend some money for using these machines, but the problem is that this equipment is too bulky and difficult to operate by people who have never done that before. As a result, there are many injuries reported after trying to use such machines at home, especially during the cleaning of stairs.

If for example, you overwet your carpet, the mould will start to form and the carpet will become hazardous for your health. You will have no other choice but to deposit it and eventually buy a new one.

Professional carpet cleaning

All things consider, the risks of DIY carpet cleaning are too big to save a few pounds more. That is the reason why the professional carpet cleaning in Sutton has become much more popular than before. People prefer to have a full peace of mind and entrust their expensive carpets to professional hands.

The carpet cleaning company will have trained, certified, and insured cleaning technicians, who will know the right cleaning approach that should be taken for each specific carpet’s type. They will complete the entire work providing you with a guarantee for quality. Moreover, they will use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that would impose no danger to your kids, pets or environment.

It is definitely worth to use professional carpet cleaning services. Mvir Cleaning is among the best cleaning companies in the region that offers a number of cleaning services you can avail of.

Carpet Cleaning Experts in Surbiton

Carpet cleaning experts in Surbiton should be called always when you have any of the problems below:

  • Your carpets and upholstery look dull and unpleasant because of the dirt, dust, and grime accumulated on their surface.
  • Your inside air doesn’t smell good and fresh.
  • There are stains and spots on the surface of carpets and/or upholstery.
  • You cannot sleep well at nights, as the mattresses are dirty and smell badly.
  • You or any other family member got an allergy or another breathing related health condition.
  • You would like to improve the look of your carpets and upholstery and extend their life.
  • You would like to create a healthier home atmosphere.

In case, one of the above applies to your case, you definitely need the cleaning services of the experts in Surbiton.

Things to consider before you choose your cleaning expert?

There are cleaning companies that offer a broad variety of cleaning services, while some others are specialized only in one or two cleaning services. Obviously, you would prefer the one that can offer you several services instead of one. For example, they can clean your carpets, mattresses, upholstery and oven in a single visit, or they may provide almost complete house cleaning through the end-of-tenancy service. So, before you hire a cleaning company in Surbiton, ensure they can meet all your demands and needs.

How to understand whether the chosen local cleaning company is professional?

To answer this question, let’s consider the following four criteria that should be found at the right carpet cleaning experts.


You need to understand whether the chosen cleaning company has provided an extended cleaning training to the staff. This is very important, as you will have to entrust your expensive carpet to them and would like to ensure that they are not going to ruin it.


You need to ensure that the carpet cleaning technicians you choose are certified to perform these services. This consideration is equally important as the one above for providing a flawless and smooth customer cleaning experience.



This is the third must-have that your chosen carpet cleaning company should have. You can directly ask them whether they have all these documents to ensure that in case of an accident, they will take the responsibility and you will don’t have to pay from your pocket for their mistakes. In case they are insured, you will have a full peace of mind, as you will get a refund from their insuring company.

A guarantee for quality

Before you hire a certain carpet cleaning company, ask them whether they provide a guarantee for their services and opt only for companies that offer such a guarantee. In case, you would like to see better results after they have completed the cleaning, you can take advantage of this guarantee and make them redo the work without additional charges. All companies that stand behind their service quality will offer such a guarantee.

Mvir Cleaning is among the best Carpet Cleaning Experts in Surbiton that you can entrust your capers, upholstery, and mattresses.