7 Questions to Ask Carpet Cleaning Services

7 Questions to Ask Carpet Cleaning Services

There is a reason why your carpet looks so dull. The discoloration occurs when the dirt is built up because of long neglecting of the carpet’s condition. To determine the right carpet cleaning company to use, you need to ask them some questions. The answers to these 7 questions will show you which one of all of the carpet cleaning companies in your location to choose.

Question #1: How long are they in the carpet cleaning business?

It is much more advisable to choose a cleaning company that has been in the business for 5 or more years rather than one that is just recently established. The reason for this is that they would not have the required experience. A company that operates from 10, 20 or more years would have a depth of knowledge about all kinds of carpets, cleaning materials and techniques that should be applied in each specific case. The more company operates the more customers are happy with its services.

Question #2: What proof of satisfied clients can they provide?

If they can provide you with a list of customer testimonies along with contacts, you will be able to call these people even if you do not know any of them personally. You can ask them about the quality, the price, attitude and punctuality these carpet cleaners provide.

Question #3: What kind of cleaning techniques the company uses to ensure the best cleaning results?

The more cleaning methods the company uses the better, as this means that you can choose from different options. For example, steam carpet cleaning offers deep cleaning with long-lasting results; while the dry carpet cleaning is able to clean the carpet’s surface with a minimal amount of water, so the drying time is significantly reduced. In order to develop, the cleaning company should use the most modern technology that is intended to provide the most effective cleaning.

Question #4: What kind of cleaning solution do they use?  

One of the biggest considerations are whether the chosen chemicals are safe for the clients. Today, there are too many non-toxic eco-friendly cleaning solutions and there are even companies that make them on their own. To ensure your safety, choose a company that will use only such cleaning solutions.

Question #5: Do they offer a guarantee for the services?

This is important question if you do not want to pay double more money in case the carpet is not cleaned as per your expectations. Choose a cleaning company that gives a guarantee but ask them upfront what exactly is covered by their guarantee.

Question #6: Do they offer free quotes?

A company that can give you an idea of the overall costs they are going to charge you can save you much trouble. Before you start working with a certain cleaning company, make sure that you get the final cost from them. This will allow you to compare the prices of different carpet cleaning companies and choose the most affordable from them.

Question #7: Do their professionals are fully trained?


This is quite important, as you do not want to entrust your valuable carpet, into inexperienced hands. Ask the company to show you certifications and credentials of the carpet cleaning technicians, so you could be sure of the great quality they can provide.

Tips for Carpet Cleaning DIY: Make Your Own Solution With Household Products

Tips for Carpet Cleaning DIY: Make Your Own Solution With Household Products


Not all people in the UK have enough budget for professional carpet cleaners. They prefer to clean their carpets on their own, but the carpet cleaning solutions sold in the market might be expensive. Moreover, they might be packed with chemicals that can jeopardize people’s health. For this reason, many of those who make DIY carpet cleaning, prefer to search for recipes on how to make such cleaning  solutions on their own. There are many such recipes online, but those that are made with household products are the best. They usually contain no hazardous components and are quite affordable.

Below, we are going to present you one such recipe shared by a professional carpet cleaning company that operates in the UK. It is called Mvir Cleaning and is a reputable carpet cleaner to whom you can entrust your carpets. And the best part is that they can clean your carpets at affordable rates.

Cleaning Solution With Household Products

To make the cleaning solution, you need the following ingredients: household ammonia, vinegar, and a common dishsoap. It is advisable to also use a soap dispenser, or another container that can produce foam. The goal is that there would be foam on the carpet instead of a liquid, so the dispenser would be very efficient.

To make the cleaning solution, you need to mix 3/4 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of dishsoap, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, and a half tablespoon of ammonia. Careful steer the solution and pour it in the dispenser.

Next step would be to spray the foam all over the carpet’s surface, especially on the dull areas. Using a brush or sponge work the foam deeper into the fibres, then take a white towel or cloth and take the foam away. You will see that the white towel turns to black. The dirt from the inside of the carpet get in the towel, while the carpet becomes clean.

DIY Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning Solution

There is one more cleaning solution you can make at home instead of buying the popular Rug Doctor cleaning solution.

To prepare the solution you will need 1 gallons of hot water, two tablespoon of non-bleach laundry detergent, like Tide, 1/4 cup of cleaning solution like LA’s Totally Awesome Orange All Purpose Degreaser & Spot Remover, and 1 scoop of oxiclean, like LA’s Totally Awesome Oxygen Orange Base Cleaner.

Shake the mixture up and you can start applying it on your carpet. To do that pour the solution into the reservoair of your carpet cleaning machine. For better results, you can use the same solution for pre-treatment of the stubborn stains and spots. Just spray the solution over the spots and use a clean cloth to remove them.

You are ready to use the machine with the carpet cleaning solution inside. This will allow you to cover a big region at once. This solution smells fantastic and it does a great job cleaning the carpet.

Who are the best carpet cleaning company in London

Who are the best carpet cleaning company in London?

There are so many different carpet cleaning companies that claim to be professional and the best in London that it is really confusing when it comes to choosing the best of them. There are too many factors to take into account when you make a comparison between these carpet cleaners. Although you can hire the first cleaning company you meet, if you would like to get premium quality services, you need to make careful research before choosing the one.

Choosing a company with their own professional website

Today’s business world is unthinkable without online presence. There are so much things to learn about a company by visiting its professional website. You can get acquainted with the specific cleaning techniques and equipment they apply as well as the cleaning solutions they use. You can also find out more about the training they have undergone and their experience working with different kinds of fibres. Usually, the clients are able to write their feedbacks on the website, so you can check them as well. But be aware of many fake feedbacks left on the professional websites, so you can ask the company to provide you with the contacts of their previous clients and call them yourself. Yet, it is advisable that the chosen carpet cleaning company has its own professional website because of the information you can find in it.

Is the cleaning company really professional?

Are they really professional? You need to be careful when choosing the cleaning company because this industry in the UK is still non-regulated. Not everyone who has a carpet cleaning machine is a professional. Professionals would always provide you with a guarantee for quality. If the carpet cleaning company doesn’t provide such a guarantee, better stay away from them.

The reputation of the company

The Internet allows us to build or destroy someone’s reputation. There are different websites that offer a list of companies that people are dissatisfied with. When you choose your cleaning company in London, you can check those websites for reviews to see the experience that other customers have had it with the specific carpet cleaning company. If the other customers are happy with the results, the chances are great that you’re going to also be pleased with their work. Such websites to check are RipOffReport.com or ConsumerReports.org.

Certification and insurance

Misfortune could always happen, but you can protect your money and property if the chosen cleaning company is fully insured. This will guarantee that in case of damaged property or carpet, the insurance company will pay you for all damages. Moreover, the cleaning team you’re going to hire has to be fully trained and to have experience with all kinds of carpets.

Ask your friends and relatives

The most effective way to find the best cleaning company in London is to trust the opinion of your friends and relatives who have already used such a company. They can recommend you the cleaning company they are most satisfied with and you can learn from them about their work, relations with the customers, punctuality, and much more.


If you are still searching for a professional carpet cleaning company in London, to which you can entrust your valuable carpets, turn to Mvir Cleaning company that will never disappoint you.


carpet cleaning chelsea

The Best EVER Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution in Chelsea

The Best EVER Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution in Chelsea

There are multiple benefits of making homemade carpet cleaning solution compared to buying one from the market. Firstly, the ones you will find in the market are packed with so many chemicals that it is hazardous for your health to use them at home, especially if you have children or animals there. Secondly, the homemade cleaning solutions are much more affordable, as they are made of common household products that all the housewives have at home. Among the other benefits are the ease of application, their effectiveness, etc.

Today, Mvir Cleaning company, which operates Chelsea and its region, reveals people how to make cost-effective and efficient homemade carpet cleaning solutions. All of them are great, so try them to your carpet to find out which of them is the best for your case.

The Best Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution for carpet’s colour protection

To prevent the colour discoloration that happens overtime, you can create the following carpet cleaning solution:

Mix together 1/2 teaspoon of ammonia with 2 cups of tap water, add 3 tablespoons of liquid dishwashing detergent and 1 teaspoon of white distilled vinegar until it becomes homogeneous.

Then pour it into a foaming dispenser to make dense foam. After that you are ready to apply the foam evenly on the carpet. Allow it to sit that way for a few minutes. You will see how the foam obtains dark colour because it starts to attract the dirt. Then, it is a time to remove the foam entirely and to allow the carpet to dry. The final step is vacuuming the entire surface and your carpet is ready to be used again.

Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution if You Use a Steam Carpet Cleaning Machine

To make a cleaning solution for your steamer, make a mixture of 2 tablespoons of a liquid dish soap, half a cup of hydrogen peroxide, a quarter cup of white distilled vinegar and add a few drops of an essential oil for a pleasant aroma. Then, fill about ¾ of your steamer’s container and clean the carpet. This mixture will perfectly substitute for the commercial cleaning solution without any adverse effects to you or to the carpet.

Homemade Carpet Cleaning Freshener

To make a solution that can be always applied without any negative effects on the carpet, mix equal parts of borax and baking soda and add a few drops of essential oil of your choice. After mixing them thoroughly, spread this powder on the carpet’s surface and agitate with a brush to help it enter deeper into the fibres. The mixture should sit there for 30 min, then you can vacuum your carpet. You will notice that your carpet not only smells but also feels like brand new after applying this freshener.

Hopefully, these three recipes have helped you clean your carpet. In case you simply have no time to do this work on your own or you find some stubborn stains that you cannot remove, you can turn to Mvir Cleaning for professional carpet cleaning.



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Searching for the Best Carpet Cleaning Croydon

Searching for the Best Carpet Cleaning Croydon


Croydon is considered a great place to start a business and many business owners already know that. Most of them are able to find a niche that serves the needs not only to the local community, but nationwide. Yet, all business owners know that the cleanness of their company’s building is very important for the impression that their brand could have on the visitors. The unclean premises would definitely drive potential clients and partners away from them, so they strive to take adequate measures to maintain utmost cleanness.

One of the first things that a newcomer would see when he enters the premise is the carpet. If it is dirty, the whole office will look that way. Not only it will bring a negative impression of the business, but also can endanger the employee’s health and performance. This is why it is very important to find a professional carpet cleaning company in Croydon and let them complete their work.

What criteria to look for when choosing a carpet cleaning company for your Croydon business?

Top Quality Services

The carpet cleaning company you select to clean your commercial carpets should provide top quality. This means that they should offer the following:

  • They are a cleaning company with experience.
  • They have a professional cleaning equipment and the latest technology available in the industry.
  • They have eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are both safe and effective.
  • They offer the steam carpet cleaning method as it is considered the most effective cleaning method known so far.
  • They work every single day including the weekends, as most business owners do not want the carpet cleaning to interfere the normal business work and prefer to hire carpet cleaners during the days off.
  • They stand behind their claims for quality by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Custom Carpet Cleaning Services

There are so many different businesses in Croydon that require different cleaning approaches that it is a great advantage to find a cleaning company that knows how to meet their specific needs. Whether it comes to hospitality, leisure, medical care, retail, or industrial sector, the carpet cleaning agency should know how to provide perfect cleaning with a minimal disruption of the work. Moreover, the specific industries have their requirements for carpet cleaning. If it is a hotel, a dry cleaning method might be used, but it cannot be implemented in medical care centres, kindergartens, schools, and similar facilities. Steam carpet cleaning is recommended to be used where there might be people with health issues or children.

Stain Removal Services


It is important that the carpet cleaning agency offers stain removal services. Often in offices and another business environment stubborn stains might appear. The carpet cleaning experts should know how to remove them without causing a damage to the carpet’s fibres. The office will obtain perfectly clean look only if such ugly stains would be removed.

Choosing the best carpet cleaning Croydon could be really a challenge considering the big number of available carpet cleaning companies but we recommend you to turn to Mvir Cleaning professionals, who will perform commercial carpet cleaning the right way!

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Carpet Cleaning in Bexley – Local Carpet Cleaners in Bexley

Carpet Cleaning in Bexley – Local Carpet Cleaners in Bexley


One of the best things you can do to keep your indoor air clean is to hire local carpet cleaners in Bexley. The reason for this is that the carpets we have in our houses start to emit bad odour over time if they are left improperly maintained. The dirt they accumulate becomes a food for various bacteria and allergens that start breeding inside the fibres.

As these microorganism’s feed on dirt and soil, they start to emit an unpleasant odour that can cause health issues to all people who live there. Moreover, each time you step on such a carpet, these microorganisms are released into the air making it even more contaminated. That is why, calling professional carpet cleaning services at least once a year is a must. And if the traffic on the carpet is high or if you have little children or pets in house, you need professional carpet cleaning once every six months.

Why it is preferable to call cleaning professionals instead of DIY carpet cleaning?

There are multiple reasons why calling cleaning professionals in Bexley is a far better option than completing the cleaning on your own. Some of these benefits include:

Professional vs. household cleaning equipment

With your household tools or machines you simply cannot achieve the results that professional equipment could achieve. While some people would rent a carpet cleaning machine for a day or two, this is very inconvenient option, because of the following cons:

  • Renting a cleaning machine costs money and you have to clean your carpets really fast to not exceed your budget.
  • There are specific skills and knowledge you need to know before you can operate such a machine. People who are completely inexperienced end up with low back injuries.
  • You need to place the proper amount of water otherwise you will over wet your carpet and it might become a place for mould to grow.

Time consuming work

While the professional carpet cleaners in Bexley are so experienced that they could perform such a job for an hour, you will need a few days to properly complete the task on your own. Moreover, there is a high risk of carpet damages because of your lack of experience in choosing the right cleaning solution for the specific fabric.

Professional cleaning solutions

Another plus of using local cleaning companies is that most of them use non-toxic cleaning solutions that are harmless for people or pet’s health. If you prefer to clean the carpet on your own and you buy a common cleaning solution from the market, it will probably be packed with chemicals, which can seriously endanger your health.

Perfect cleaning results

Obviously, by hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in Bexley, you can expect to get the perfect cleaning results, which you cannot achieve by yourself. The best part is that they offer a guarantee for quality, so they can redo the work for free in case you are not fully satisfied with the results.

If these facts are enough to convince you of using professional carpet cleaning service in Bexley, turn to Mvir Cleaning for help.

Deep steam carpet cleaning in Clapham South, SW11 postcode area, South West London

We Visited a Client in Kensington to Clean His Carpet

We Visited a Client in Kensington to Clean His Carpet

Although the professional carpet cleaning is affordable and does not take more than an hour, many people in Kensington neglect to do it and call the carpet cleaning professionals only when the situation with their carpets cannot be worse. It’s a pity that they wait for so long before using the professional cleaners. No matter how experienced they are, the cleaning experts cannot perform miracles on the damaged carpets. On the other hand, the regular usage of local professional carpet cleaning services would guarantee that the life of your carpets would be significantly extended, which means saving thousands of pounds.

Mvir Cleaning serves the region of Kensington for more than 5 years and our team has seen multiple cases of damaged carpet fibres that could be prevented if the carpet’s owner called us a few months earlier.

Be aware that the fibres of the carpet are mostly damaged by the following ways:

  • When the carpet contains soil that is not removed on time, it gradually settles in the bottom of the carpet and these microscopic particles with sharp edges start to tear up the fabric with every step you make on the carpet.
  • The stains and spills began to deteriorate the fabric.
  • The cleaning that is done wrongly would also cause a damage to the fibres. If you are not sure what kind of cleaning solutions to choose, better call Mvir Cleaning to clean your carpet or you may completely ruin your carpet.

So, we got a call from a client in Kensington…

Unfortunately, that was a carpet of the worst condition we have ever seen. Although the client didn’t remember the last time it was cleaned, we believed that it was never cleaned professionally since he has bought it. And we had multiple reasons to think so. There were visible sights of soil and mud on the carpet, some of the fibres were damaged and torn, there were multiple stubborn stains all over the surface. No need to say what a huge impression of dirtiness the whole room had, which came from this carpet.

Well, the owner didn’t have much hopes about it. He knew that this procedure had to be performed long time ago if he wanted to keep the carpet in a good condition. Yet, he had no money for a new carpet, so he asked us to make whatever we can to make it look a bit better.

We started the work…

Instead of an hour or so, we spent 3 hours cleaning the carpet over and over again in order to remove the dirt and dust from each layer down to the very bottom. Well, our efforts made a huge difference, but we still had a lot of work ahead. Next, we started to remove the stains as much as possible. Some of them fade and others were completely removed by our eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Then we applied our fibres restoration procedures. The whole work took more than 4 hours, but the results were rewarding. The client was so happy with the result that he paid us a bonus for the brilliant work. After all, we literally saved him thousands for a brand new carpet.



Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Recommendations and Tips

Unlike the steam carpet cleaning method, encapsulation cleaning is an interim method. The process itself is simple: you just need an encapsulating chemical to spread all over the dirty carpet, brush it into the fibres as much as possible and after a certain period of waiting, extract the residue with a vacuum cleaner. Usually, for working the detergent into the carpet, a bonnet or a rotary brush machine is used. The chemical surrounds the soil particles forming capsules or crystals. This way the dirt is released from the fibres and removed using a vacuum cleaner. As this is only an interim cleaning method, if you intend to maintain the carpet’s cleanliness, you need to regularly perform encapsulation carpet cleaning.

This method is preferred by some companies only for the reason that a very limited amount of moisture is used in the process. This means that people do not have to wait long hours until their carpet dries. It can be used almost right after the cleaning process is completed. Moreover, this method appears to be at a lower price compared to other carpet cleaning methods and most business owners are satisfied with the results.

Keep in mind that the encapsulation cleaning is not intended to be used by private people. It is a method designed particularly for commercial uses. Yet, the business owners cannot rely only to this single method. It is recommended that every 2 or 3 encapsulation carpet cleanings are followed by one steam carpet cleaning for best results.

How to Properly Perform Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning?

This procedure is made by carpet cleaning professionals who adhere to the following steps:

Step 1: The carpet is thoroughly vacuumed first, to remove all the large particles and dry soils that are on its surface.

Step 2: Then, they spray the encapsulate with a pump-up sprayer. It has to be diluted with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 3: Then, a waiting period of about 15 minutes follows.

Step 4: The carpet cleaning professional will use either a grooming brush, bonnet or cylindrical brush machine to work the detergent into the carpet as deep as possible.

Step 5: The carpet should dry and then is vacuumed again. During this procedure, the technician ensures that all the encapsulated debris are picked up and no residue is left in the carpet.

No need to wait any longer to use the cleaned carpet, which is perfect for many industries like hotels, hospitals, restaurants, theatres, etc. This method allows them to quickly refresh the available carpets that are a subject of a high traffic.

Drawbacks of the Encapsulation Cleaning

However, there are two drawbacks that should be kept in mind. First, this method uses a chemical that could affect the health of people, who work or live in those premises. Second, since this method cleans only the carpet’s surface, you should expect that the dirt will appear quite soon again. This means that the encapsulation cleaning method should be done regularly. For this reason, the cleaning specialists recommend to alternate this cleaning method with steam carpet cleaning now and then.

What is the best carpet cleaning company in Lambeth?

It is not an easy thing to determine what is the best carpet cleaning company in Lambeth. The reason for this is because there are so many of them that claim to be the best. Second, you need to consider multiple factors in their comparison to determine the best one.

Obviously, you can hire any of the available carpet cleaning companies there, but if you want top quality cleaning services, you need to consider the following factors before choosing your carpet cleaning expert.

Is their service professional enough?

Since the carpet cleaning industry remains non-regulated, you cannot just hire anyone, who have a carpet cleaning machine, entrusting your valuable carpet in his hands. You have to be sure that this person is indeed a professional and can perform the carpet cleaning flawlessly. You need to get a guarantee for quality upfront. In addition, notice what kind of technique he uses. It has to be professional and of industrial strength. This will ensure you that the work he will do will be professional.

Is the cleaning company certified and insured?

During the cleaning different unfortunate circumstances might happen that could eventually result in losses for the carpet owner, if the hired cleaning company is not fully insured. Ensure that the cleaning company does not utilize the services offered by hired help, but work with fully trained constant team of carpet cleaning professionals. All of them should be certified and insured.

What is the online cleaning company’s reputation?

There is a long list of companies that are reviewed by dissatisfied and complaining customers. You can check the feedbacks for the chosen companies in the following websites: ConsumerSearch.com, ConsumerReports.org or RipOffReport.com. This valuable reports may direct you into choosing the company that most customers are satisfied with. This will limit the risk that you will have a bad experience using that company.

Search for a Company with a Website

Another way to evaluate the professionalism of the company’s carpet cleaning services is by taking a look at their website. You will find not only clients testimonies there, but other important data, such as availability, the cleaning products used, the professional equipment and techniques, the different kinds of services performed, and much more.

What is Their Hiring Process?

By visiting the company’s website or some of their promotional materials, you can see what are the hiring practices of the company. Choose a carpet cleaning company with strict requirements that only professionals can meet. The company should regularly perform some background checks to ensure their employees meet all the standards of qualitative cleaning services.

Although it might take some time, this little investigation will help you avoid many problems. After all, you require the best cleaning service for your expensive carpets and you would like to ensure that you will receive it.

If you have difficulties with finding the best carpet cleaning company in Lambeth, try the services offered by Mvir Cleaning Company, which offers professional carpet cleaning for more than 5 years in this region.


The Best EVER Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution in London

Homemade carpet cleaning solutions allow people to minimize the amount of harmful chemicals during the carpet cleaning process. If you would like to find the best ever homemade carpet cleaning solution in London, try the safe recipes given below. They are very easy to make and require common household products that are ready available in most homes. Moreover, these cleaning detergents are much more cheaper compared to those that you will find in the market. And they are not less effective. Try each of them to consider which one is the best. Obviously, that would be the one that works best for you.

A homemade carpet detergent for your steam cleaner

If you have a portable steam cleaner, you can fill ¾ of the container with the following homemade carpet cleaning solution:

  • a liquid dish soap – 2 tablespoons,
  • white distilled vinegar – 1/4 cup,
  • hydrogen peroxide – 1/2 cup,
  • essential oil – a few drop.

Mix all the ingredients and add the ready mixture into the container. Then, you are ready to clean you carpet!

A homemade carpet freshener

You can use this easy recipe as often as you need, as there is no negative impact on the carpet’s fibres, yet it is very efficient in removing the bad odour. The following ingredients are needed:

  • borax – 1/2 cup,
  • baking soda – 1/2 cup,
  • essential oil – a few drop.

Thoroughly mix them and sprinkle the powder on the carpet, then carefully agitate with a soft brush. Before vacuuming the surface, let it sit for 30 min, so the baking soda could do its magic.

A homemade cleaner for all purposes

This recipe is based on vinegar, as one of the best homemade cleaning agents. You can use this cleaner in the steam cleaning machine, so you don’t have to buy a commercial product. Here is the simple recipe:

  • white distilled vinegar – 1 cup,
  • water – 2 cups.

As simple as it is, it can remove the greasy spots on the carpet’s surface, the bad odour, and also can be used for other purposes, like for kitchen countertops, sinks, bathroom, shelves etc. Do not worry about the smell of vinegar, as it will disappear immediately after the solution dries.



A homemade solution that protects the carpet’s colours

As you know, the carpets become dull over time and their beautiful colours become to fade. With a proper maintenance, this will not happen. This solution allows you to protect the colours of your favourite carpet. What it includes?

  • white distilled vinegar – 1 teaspoon,
  • ammonia – 1/2 teaspoon,
  • liquid dishwashing detergent – 3 tablespoons,
  • tap water – 2 cups.

After mixing everything together to make it as homogeneous as possible, you can use a foaming dispenser to pour it in. If you don’t have such, you can replace the dispenser with an egg-beater and treat it until thick foam is formed. Apply the foam on the carpet evenly, then using a damp sponge blot the area. Let it sit for a few minutes and you will notice that the foam is getting dark and dirty. All you have to do it to remove it and to not leave any residue on the carpet. You will immediately notice the difference between the areas, where the foam is removed. When the carpet dries completely, run a vacuum to finish the cleaning process.