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The Challenges Before the Sofa Cleaning Wandsworth

There are some differences between carpet cleaning and sofa cleaning Wandsworth. The latter one can be quite tricky if performed the wrong way. Some people or even cleaning companies find out that cleaning solutions offered at the market may leave pile damage or colour bleed after the cleaning procedure. This makes them to not offer upholstery cleaning services, especially if the sofa is not made of a man-made fibre.


So if you live in Wandsworth and you are looking for a professional upholstery cleaning services, you can turn to Mvir Cleaning company that is in this business from several years. Their cleaning technicians have experience with multiple fabrics and know what approach they have to take in each specific case. They offer a guarantee for excellent cleaning results and use only organic cleaning solutions that do not harm your health neither pollute the environment.

Yet, the company provides people with some useful upholstery cleaning tips that those who would like to try on their own may follow. In fact, they can save you a lot of hassles and make the cleaning process more enjoyable. Let’s take a look at them below.

Do not rely on labels

Contrariwise to the common believe, you should not get advices from the labels. After all, the manufacturers are not professional upholstery cleaners and they might leave a misleading information that may eventually ruin your sofa.

How to approach each specific fabric?

Almost all fabrics can be cleaned with water except for a few that include silk and cotton velvet. You can make a small test to ensure your sofa is wet-cleanable. Try a small invisible area and see whether there are colour bleed or pile damage. If the pile looks good after watering, you can go on with the wet cleaning. On the other hand, if it looks crushed, probably it is a cotton velvet and you cannot clean it with water. People often take acrylic piles for cotton, so this test will show you the true.

If your sofa is made of flat weave cotton, you may need to perform a test for colour bleed. The dyes of this fabric are not so stable, so if they bleed, you may need to stabilize them with an acid rinse and only then apply wet cleaning.

How to start?

Prior to testing, you need to thoroughly vacuum the sofa to remove all the solid particles, soil and dust. After as much of the dirt as possible is extracted with a vacuum cleaner, you can apply a dry solvent on the upholstery surface. Carefully rub it down to remove the excess water after the cleaning and greasy soil.

Next, use a mild fabric cleaner that is alkaline and of a great quality. If the fabric is not too delicate, you can brush this cleaner into. If it is delicate, just spray it on and leave it that way for 10 minutes. You can use some water to extract it from the sofa. Yet, abstain from over wetting.

As a final step, you can again spray some dry solvent to accelerate the process of evaporation.


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