What is chem dry carpet cleaning?

Carpet cleaning involves a constant dusting, vacuuming or washing of the carpet and carpeted living surface. This is aimed at getting rid of stains, dirt, and other harmful organisms to create a conducive environment. 

The cleaning process has been available in different methods- chemical carpet cleaning, steam cleaning and simply vacuuming. New and advanced methods have been gaining popularity. One of these new methods is chem dry method.

What is chem dry carpet cleaning?

Hitting the markets in the US in 1977, the chem dry cleaning solution is a process that has been considered to clean carpets well and is safe and non-toxic.

It uses far less water –estimated to be 80 per cent-compared to the normal steam cleaning because the process uses the Natural, a carbonated solution.

How the chem dry carpet cleaning process operates

Chem dry carpet cleaning process produces carbon dioxide (CO2), generating a large number of tiny, fizzy bubbles that soak into the carpet fibre, soften and separate grime, grease, stains and other dirty from the carpet’s fibers, bringing them up to the surface where they are easily cleaned away.

Comparisons between steam cleaning and chem dry cleaning

Steam cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning involves the application of hot water –not steam- with chemicals to remove dirt from the carpet. If a cleaner makes a mistake and uses actual steam with high temperatures, it will damage your carpet by making the fibers to shrink.

What is more, even if it is carried out correctly, you will need a whole day or two for your carpet to dry. Since it involves the application of a lot of water, your carpet obviously retains much of it and if not well dried it would create a favourable environment for mold growth.

Chem dry carpet cleaning

Chem dry carpet cleaning on the other hand does not use a lot of water and your carpet will dry in an hour or so after cleaning thereby reducing the risk of mold growing. Also, dry cleaning process of the carpets comes in handy in instances where fast drying time is important such as in retirement homes and healthy facilities.

Toxic chemicals are never applied in chem dry carpet cleaning and hence leaves no harmful residues. It is, therefore, much friendlier to the environment and cleans your carpet in a much efficient way compared to the other cleaning processes.

It is also easier to carry out dry carpet cleaning than its predecessor technologies.

Skilled staff

Chem dry carpet cleaning is not your everyday process. It is a specialised form of cleaning in which, for one to carry it out, he/she must have undergone some form of training. This means companies that carry out chem dry carpet cleaning have staff who they have trained well on how to apply it. The important part of this is that your carpet is likely to be well cleaned out compared to, say, you were to use steam cleaning, hot water extraction and shampooing. Mvir Cleaning is able to perform professionally all these tasks for you and save you hassles and time.



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