What Chemicals Are Used To Clean Carpets?

There is a great variety of carpet cleaning products available today. However, not all of them are safe and efficient. There are many cleaners that are not appropriate to be applied by home owners for DIY carpet cleaning. That is why it is good to get some information about different types for cleaning products before opting for particular one.

Different types of carpet cleaners

Mvir carpet cleaning experts reveal that there are two types of cleaners – for common use and ones intended specifically for deep carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaners are also divided into residential and industrial ones. The industrial carpet cleaners are stronger, as the carpets are much tougher compared to the ones we have at home. The residential ones are carpet shampoos and spot cleaners that have to be sprayed directly on the spot and leave it. You can just rinse the spot with a plain water afterward to remove the solution.

Bonnet cleaners and carpet shampoos

Most people prefer to use rotary bonnet cleaners and carpet shampoos for their carpet cleaning tasks. However, the specialists advise to not overuse these products. They can damage your expensive carpets and lead to a big money loss. When you have to use products like this, you need to strictly follow instructions written on the label.

Spot removing cleaners

Be aware that some of the spot removing cleaners are not appropriate choice for your carpet. The chemicals that they contain are too harsh and can bleach the colors and damage the fabric. Additionally, there are cleaning solutions that have very strong odors that might cause allergies and asthmatic problems to some people. Children and old people are especially prone to those hazards.

There are also carpet cleaners that produce fumes. They can affect human health leading to long-term health consequences thus should be completely avoided.

Repellent carpet cleaners

Another popular choice of the users is repellent carpet cleaners. Unfortunately, they also contain quite a big amount of dangerous ingredients, such as the strong chemical perfluoro-octane sulfonate that removes the stubborn stains from the carpets.

DIY carpet cleaning with the most common carpet cleaners available in the stores can be dangerous due to the different chemicals people are exposed to during both the process of their application on the carpet and during their drying.

The consequences of these chemicals

Although the indoor air is polluted by the dirt and harmful microorganisms that are accumulated in the carpets, the cleaners can pollute the air even worse. The researches show that some of these chemicals may even lead to conditions with lethal end, such as heart ailments and cancer. So if you intend to apply them on your own, always wear protective gear.

The best option to choose when you have a dirty carpet at your home is to call a carpet cleaning company in your region that is reliable enough and uses eco-friendly products. Such UK based company is Mvir Cleaning that serves London and all the surrounding towns. It provides premium quality cleaning services with completely harmless eco products and methods to ensure both cleanness of your home and safety of the entire family.


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