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What are the Chemicals Used in Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Because of the complains that the steam carpet cleaning method uses a bigger amount of water that penetrates deep into the bottom, many cleaning companies started to offer the so-called dry carpet cleaning that requires minimum water. But are there any cons when using dry carpet cleaning? What kind of chemicals are used in the process and are they hazardous? Let us consider these important questions and try to give the right answer.

What is the Dry Cleaning Method?

This is among the most common and popular carpet cleaning methods used by professionals. It is used both for cleaning upholstery and carpets. There are a few advantages that make preferred to the steam carpet cleaning. These pros include reduced time for drying, mould and mildew prevention, colour fading and shrinking prevention, etc. The most significant thing about this method is the limited quantities of water used, although some cleaning companies prefer to use liquid cleaning solution.

How the Dry Carpet Cleaning is Performed?

  • Inspection comes first. Regardless of what cleaning method you choose; the inspection always is the very first step in carpet cleaning. The company will thoroughly inspect your carpet, its condition, the material it is made from, along with stains if any. The specialists will propose the right cleaning method after inspection. They will determine whether the dry cleaning is suitable for your carpet or not. The carpet cleaners will also choose the right approach for efficient stain removal.
  • Next a pre-treatment is done. This includes pre-treatment of stains using some suitable solutions. The cleaners let them stay for a while, to give them a chance to break the bonds and lift the dirt up from the fibres. This will make the stain removal process much easier.
  • Dry Cleaning itself is the third step of the process. The cleaners take the carpet and put it in a big machine made of a stainless steel basket. It holds the carpet while the basket is rotated. At the same time, a dry cleaning solvent is pumped into it. The detergent dissolves and removes the dirt particles and the process ends with filtering.
  • The last step is to dry the carpet by passing a warm air through it. In the process, all remaining liquid is extracted. The carpet will be ready for use within 2 hours.

The quality of this service highly depends on the quality of the solvent used by the cleaning company, as there are many different types of solvents out there. There are a few disadvantages of this method that people should consider before opting for it.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Disadvantages

  • If your carpet is plush pile type, there is a hazard for the powder to get trapped inside. Over time, this powder may start to build up.
  • Another disadvantage of this method is that it causes excessive dust inside the house. That might be a problem for people who are sensitive to dust and those who have some breathing health issues.
  • Finally, this method is known as a surface cleaning method. It means that it cannot properly reach the dirt accumulated in the bottom and extract it from there.
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