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Why to Choose End of Tenancy Cleaning Greenwich?

Your would-be landlord has demanded and made you pay a two-month’s rent in advance and a deposit for the dream apartment you are moving into. You are running low on cash as you plan to move out of your current flat.


The cash deposit your current landlord is holding will be of great help if you were to lay your hands on it. Yet, the landlord expects you to carry out a thorough end of tenancy cleaning before he gives you the money.

The surest way you can get the deposit is to hire a professional to carry out for you an end of tenancy cleaning Greenwich.

Less stressful

Moving houses is a very taxing, tiring and stressful exercise all rolled into one. What with ensuring all your household goods are well loaded into the vehicle relocating you? Then, the backbreaking job comes of you arranging or overseeing the arrangement of your belongings in the new house. Adding the end of tenancy cleaning of the house from which you are moving out of is torture.

Nook and cranny

You have lived in the flat for five years you are moving out of now and you know it inside out. There are rooms or areas of the house such as the bathroom and toilets where you often struggled to clean. It is also true that there are areas that you did not clean often or even clean at all. Mvir Cleaning professional will clean every nook and cranny of the flat during end of tenancy cleaning Greenwich.

Tenant or landlord, you are welcome

Are you a tenant, a property owner or an estate agent? You need end of tenancy cleaning Greenwich so that the house is in pristine condition when the next occupant moves in.

Work best with little or no supervision

You are busy or you have another engagement elsewhere? You have no need of being present or supervising a professional cleaner as he/she carries out an end of tenancy cleaning. Their staff are not only thoroughly vetted before recruitment, they are fully insured. They will pick up the keys to your house or flat from your estate agent, clean the house/flat and drop them (keys) off at the agent.


The professional cleaners have done the job for years enabling them to understand their customers’ expectations. This way they have set standards of cleanliness and hygiene for their staff to match or exceed whenever they clean a property.

Flexible working hours

Professional firms have adequate staff to carry out end of tenancy cleaning Greenwich around the clock-they can organise the cleaning from early mornings to late evenings and weekends.

Stain cleaning

Chances are that your long stay in the flat, house or property has created stubborn stains in some rooms or parts of rooms. Professional cleaners have special cleaning agents suitable for different types and kinds of stains. They will effectively deal with any of the stains in the property during the end of tenancy cleaning.


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