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Choosing the Best Cleaning Method Offered by the Best Carpet Cleaners

There is a lot of competition in the carpet cleaning industry. Many carpet cleaning companies provide different lucrative offers and customers are confused about what to choose. How can the client pick the best carpet cleaners that are reliable and reputable enough to entrust them the expensive carpets he owns?

First of all, let’s consider the different cleaning methods used by the companies to clean the carpets. The three most popular of them are hot water extraction, dry cleaning, and steam carpet cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction Method

This cleaning method is not much preferred by the clients and there are two good reasons for this. First one is the amount of water used in the process, which means too long drying time. The second reason is even more important. Carpet cleaning companies that use this carpet cleaning method apply a soap that leaves behind as a residue. It is accumulated into the fibres due to insufficient vacuuming of their carpet cleaning machines. They are designed in a way that loses vacuum due to the foam accumulated in the tank. This means that the suction is not effective enough to offer full extraction of the dirt and soap and the dirt soon reappear.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

This method does not have a good reputation all over the internet. The reason for this is the large amount of chemicals involved in the process. Moreover, the method seems to not be very effective for deep cleaning but cleans the dirt only on the surface. This means that all the dirt, allergens and microorganisms that thrive on the bottom will not be extracted. People who choose this service, should be prepared to regularly call the cleaning experts to clean their carpets, as the effect of this cleaning does not last long.

Another concern related to this method is the chemicals used in the dry cleaning detergents. They might cause breathing problems and other health conditions to the pets and kids in the house, as well as to the sensitive people. The one plus is the short drying time of the carpet, which takes about two hours after the carpet cleaners leave the house. Although this method might not be very appropriate for domestic use, many companies that would like their carpets to be ready for the clients use this service. These can be hospitals, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Steam Cleaning Method

Steam carpet cleaning is the best known carpet cleaning method. It does not use any chemicals in the form of cleaning powder as in dry carpet cleaning nor soap as in the hot water extraction, but uses the steam produced by the high temperature and water. This is an eco-friendly cleaning method that removes the hard minerals contained in the water so the clean steam penetrated down to the very bottom of the carpet. A strong suction machine then extracts all the dirt, along with killed mites, microorganisms, and allergens to provide perfectly clean, new-like carpet.

If you are still in doubt which are the best carpet cleaners, pick a cleaning company that uses the steam carpet cleaning method, just like Mvir Cleaning.

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